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  1. Underhood shop light you will all want

    Thanks, Bennie!
  2. Underhood shop light you will all want

    Well, the old method of loading pics didn't help. I am a rookie in posting links, so just go on to Eastwood.com, and look under shop equipment, then onto lighting. They have a video clip on the use of the light. Maybe someone with more saavy on loading vids could post it up. I sure wish I had known about these lights earlier on, as I see the clamping feature as a huge benefit if you crawl attics much. It can stretch out and clamp onto the roof rafters and totally light up the work area. These lights fold up in half, making it so easy to throw behind the truck seat for emergency lighting needs. Comes with both a 120v and 12v charger as well, and can be run full power when plugged in. Thank you
  3. Hey, all. Thought I'd share on a recent find of mine, and I love this thing so much I feel the need to preach its usefulness to all. I recently discovered this company online called Eastwood.com cause I bought their pro brake line flaring tool to redo some brake lines on my Dodge firstgen diesel. While cruising thru Eastwood' site I saw these underhood work lights, that clamp onto the underside of your hood. It is fully rechargeable, and lasts 1.5 hours on high, and up to 3 hours on low. I eventually bought 3 of these things and gave one out as a gift. Ive been reading some of you all's posts, and have seen some complaints about working in the dark. These lights are on sale, and if your patient and target the major holidays you may get free shipping, like I did on the last two purchases. I've seen the corded models like these on Amazon, but they cost way more, and do not have the rotational feature of rotating the lights 180 degrees to point your light like Eastwood's lights do. I've just recently started back on this forum, and have yet to post up a pic. So I'm gonna give it a try.
  4. Need advice on what to buy

    Tom, thanks for the reply and feedback. The Polaris is looking good. I apologize, but I'm having trouble navigating on this site to find and open my PM's. Found and read Shooter John's original post on when he got his Polaris. So, the concern of driving a Polaris with a fused upper and lower back is put to rest, cause SJ has paved the way for me. This'll be good feedback to my wife, as she has it in her head that the Polaris's have an aggressive kick backwards at initial acceleration. This was put into her head by my neighbors, who had a Polaris, one of those purpose built race ones for Sand Mountain. Curious to know, if I end up with a two wheel drive, will I regret that later? Tom, I see you also got a winch on yours- is that also the synthetic cables one like SJ's? Did the both of you have that installed by the dealer, or did you buy aftermarket and put it in yourselves? thank u!
  5. Need advice on what to buy

    Thanks, SJ, and thank you, too, Braz, for the input on the JohnDeere. Seems the JD I believe has an amfibous version, the ones that drive thru water about as high as the door entry. I don't plan on doing any of that, unless a river suddenly appears after a horrendous rainfall, lol. As soon as I'm somewhat healed(guessing 6 months from now)I should be mobile enough after that lower lumbar fusion, to start building that bridge to the island in the pond. I've got some great neighbors, as they recently helped me and my wife out by bringing in their personal earth moving equipment to clean out my recently drained pond. By clean out, I mean cat tails, muskrat holes, you name it. Beefed up the sides, and added more dirt to the island's base. My pond bottom looks brand new, awaiting fill up. I have a friend set up to come dig footings and set some galvanized poles in, and once those bridge supports are in I can start filling up the pond. When I do build that bridge, I'm gonna need to haul a bunch of tools, materials, etc. and the old me would carry that stuff one by one in pieces, then one by one back to the house at end of day. Screw that noise!! My wife sees the value in a side by side, just wishing she realized that value years ago. im pumped up. Can't wait to get mine, whatever it happens to be.
  6. Need advice on what to buy

    41! Did you say 41!!! Shooter John, may I ask, is this from a previous type of career? Let me guess....ironworker? guess you got me beat. Looking at this whole thing, who wants to beat or outdo someone on surgeries, anyway? You ar quite the stud, and an inspiration to me for sure. My wife is getting upset, tying to be my cheerleader 24/7. If you knew me in my past, my nickname at work by my superintendent used to be "The Machine", lol. Now, I feel like Bill Paxton when he played that whiney soldier in that movie "Alien part 2". As soon as I'm all healed up in about 6 months, I'm predicting, it'll be back on the circuit weight training, juicing, and cardio again. By juicing, I meant vegetable juicing, lol. im gonna take a trip to the Polaris store in Auburn, about 20 minutes from me. I'll look into that Polaris, and also the CanAm, see if the store will let me ride around in their parking lot. John, as far as the maintenance, pretty easy? I'm all about diesel trucks, and do all maintenance on my 3 trucks, so maintenance schedules do not bug me- I actually look forward to them. On these side by sides, are they pretty easy? They've gotta be cheaper to maintain than a diesel truck, for gosh sakes. also, is it wise to keep them covered when not in use, to protect the seats and such? Leaving them out in the rain bad for them? I know, so many questions. Just when I thought I had enough hobbies at 55, now I'm getting ready to start one up with UTV ownership.
  7. Need advice on what to buy

    I had heard about the ground turf feature of the Polaris....it seems each one of these different makes of side by sides have their own special feature. That makes it hard to pick. As far as picking up a used version, what is the cut off in years that you all would stop at, meaning no older than a 2016, maybe a 2002 version, etc. there must be a year, where either make blossomed, and it only got better after that. Hopefully you all understand what I'm getting at. Also, with used, what is considered "a lot of miles" on a machine, when looking at the hour count? I saw one on Offer up, a 4 seater Polaris, with like 3000 hours for $9K, a 2016 model. For the life of me, is that a good deal? Aside from you all' s advice and tips, is there a link to a good read on the comparisons of each? I guess consumer reports probably did a write up on these side by sides. yeah, Shooter John, 32+ years in the unionized sheet metal trade really took its toll on my body. I had my first back surgery in 1992 at 26 years old, second in 2003, a neck fusion in 1998, 3 knee surgeries from the years 2010 to 2013, and like I mentioned a mid back 5 level fusion last September, another neck fusion 3 weeks ago, and in a short while the entire lumbar to be fused. I've been able to bounce back each time, enough to get my credit years in towards retirement, but these fusions are kicking my butt. Currently I'm on a walker, and really trying to think positive on this whole back thing. I went from a burly buffed 245 lb dude to a scrawny, pot bellied fool this last few years, lol. About he only gains I'm making is in the belly area. Ha! My wife is a great woman. She's picked up the load, literally, in making ends meet and holding up the household. She wants to get me one of these side by sides for Xmas, as a gift also for retiring. I think, it's also a form of carrot, to help m think positive towards my health, and being able to walk again. Anyway, sorry about the history lesson, let's get back on track on the side by sides, lol. Keep the advice coming! I really appreciate it. Shooter John, your comment about you plugging away after the surgeries has inspired me! Thanks for the link, brother!
  8. Need advice on what to buy

    I just heard about the Can Am yesterday! I posted this same advice inquiry on dieseltruckresource.com, and a fella on there highly suggested I look at the CanAm. It has a 10 gallon fuel tank, and has 92 horsepower. I guess that's a lot for a side by side? Don't know, and I certainly don't know what Polaris, Yamaha, and Kawasaki rate as far as HP. one of the things I left out in my original post, is the big need for comfort. Come next month, I'll be on my 7th spinal surgery, and this one is a fusion of the entire lumbar area. Last September of 2016 I had the mid back fused, and 3 weeks ago the neck got fused. Can you say 2x4 spine, lol!! Yes, comfort is king here. No way I'm using whatever I end up with as a race/toy, but mainly for assisting me in upkeeping my 5 acres, and the occasional hunt. I also want to be able to accessorize it, money allowing in the future, with a fully enclosed cab, to protect from wind and rain, should I ever be out in that type of weather. Please, keep the ideas coming. What I'm gonna end up doing is put together a spreadsheet, listing down the specs of each model as listed on their websites, and list down the pros and cons that I get from all the input. Nothing beats real life experiences. thanks again
  9. Hey, all. It's been awhile since I've been on this site. I have a question regarding the side by side UTV's. I'm looking to probably get my first one around December, and I've done enough research to narrow it down to either the Polaris Ranger, Yamaha Rhino, or the Kawasaki Mule. Going to be in 4x4 for sure, and gas driven. im open to hearing the pros and cons of each. To be honest, I've only been on a Ranger forum, and seemed there were a lot of complaints regarding the transmissions, warranties, etc. This for sure is going to be a one time investment for me. The main uses for this would be a Lund my 5 acres for maintenance, and the occasional 3-4 times a year hunt trip. Accessory wise, I do plan on hard sides, windshields, and maybe a couple other small upgrades. Again, this would be my first, and am all ears to what you all have to advise me. Thank you
  10. Want info on the Beeman RX1 and R10

    Thanks, all, for the link to get the R10 fixed. Any thoughts on the RX1 questions?
  11. Want info on the Beeman RX1 and R10

    Got any contact info Rob?
  12. Been lurking on this forum last couple of days and got me all in love again w/ my Beeman rifles. Found all the original literature from when I bought the rifles from Beeman in San Rafael back in 1992. Come to find out, I had my RX converted to the RX1 w/ the special super tune and super gas. Man, I cant believe I forgot about all that. Anyway, thanks guys and gals for getting me back into a hobby I set aside for almost 20 years. My question on the RX1 is barrel swap out. Has anyone done this? Like to jump up from my .20 cal to the .25 if possible, w/ the luxury of swapping back depending on usage/hunting quarry. Seems like undo the linkage and a few nuts/bolts and it could be done unless I am missing something. Second question- anyone pressurize above the factory specs? I do have the pump and guage that accompanies the RX1 and was curious if anyone has done so. Personally, I have never even used the pump or guage. Last question on the R10- my son accidentally pulled te trigger while in cocked position causing the barrel to slam shut and ark upwards. The safety no longer works, and their is a weird abnormal sound to the spring once fired, maybe cracked. At any case, I know these items can be repaired. Where does one send off the german made Beemans for repair these days. Parts available still? Also, Is it possible, outside of the bent barrel, to do the work on the spring and guts myself? Sorry for so many questons, and thanks in advance. BR
  13. M1 Garand

    what does cmp stand for???
  14. Thanks, JBrkr. That's what I figured. With that said, I am curious as to how many members on here have maxed out the available storage space on their digital e-callers. The Fury has the capacity to store 500 sounds. I recently sent back my Fury to FoxPro for the FoxBang upgrade, along with having them load an additional 16 sounds. After cruising through their web's sound files, I realize(remember, I am a newbie) that there are only so many cayotee sounds and distress sounds available; and most were already pre loaded as part of the 100 sounds that came w/ the e-caller. I found myself focusing more on the exotic sounds like from goats, calves, domesticated animals such as kitten screams, and also I added Turkey sounds. What other sounds are available, that are unique? This is more of a curiosity question, because I believe that I probably have actually more than I will ever need. Really, has anyone filled their e-caller w/ 500 sounds, or half that even? If not, maybe I am realizing that I am a victim of a marketing ploy?Understand, that I realize that out there there are die hard callers that only believe in mastering hand calls, and eventually, I want to be one of these people. I have an assortment of hand calls, and I practice as much as I can while dirving to and from work in my 1 1/2 hour commute each way. I felt that an e-caller as part of an arsenal would bring not only variety, but give me a sort of vocal instructor in guidance in making certain sounds with my hand calls.Sorry for the long post covering a lot of areas, Back to the original question: anyone max out the available call space on their e-callers? Thanks in advance.BRagu
  15. Hey, all. My last post a couple months ago was about inquiring about e-caller purchase. I have since got one, and am curious about being able to load more sounds. FoxPro has in the instructions how to do it step by step, but I have two left feet when it comes to attempting to try. I guess in time I'll figure out maybe an easier way, but my question to you all is about being able to load additional sounds into the Fury other than FP's sounds. Can Varmint Al's sounds be transferred onto my Fury? What are other sites than offer realistic sounds? Anyway, for now, just answer the Varmint Al inquiry, please. Thanks- BRagu