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  1. DirtyDave

    nonlead slugs?

    I used to have a rifled barrel for my mossberg 500. The Win XP3, Remington Copper, and Federal Trophy Copper all shot about a 2" group at 100yds
  2. All my rifles wear USO! LR17 will do what you need, but I'd say the ER25 would be better @ a Mile. You can always turn down the 25x to 17x, but not the other way around If you make it to the SHOT Show in Vegas next month, you can buy a USO for cash at the show and haggle a better deal.
  3. DirtyDave

    My New Road Trip Rig

  4. DirtyDave

    maps that show water sources?

    Just to clarify further, this does not mean ALL WATER. Only applies to Man Made Guzzlers and tanks intended for wildlife. Natural water sources (springs, creeks, lakes, ponds, etc) and man made tanks/lakes/retention ponds are perfectly fine to hunt on/near.
  5. DirtyDave

    Low Mass bolt carrier on the way.

    Never looked into the LM BCG's. Now I'm thinking I might go that route since my next build will be an AR pistol
  6. DirtyDave

    F/S Ruger M77 Tang Safety 6mm Rem

    Nice! I love the 6mm Rem, if I didnt already have 2 6mm's i'd get on this.
  7. DirtyDave

    Cheap hunting varmint rounds

    Nothing wrong with mexican match ammo. I used to do it all the time with Russian 7.62x54r in my mosin.
  8. DirtyDave

    Shipping ammo?

    Yeah, USPS flat rate boxes.
  9. DirtyDave

    bowfishing in so cal

    Lake Cachuma
  10. DirtyDave

    Bottom feeders

    Carp were made to be shot. My favorite way to fish
  11. DirtyDave

    .224 53 grain VMax

    You probably wont notice a difference between the BT and FB. The advantage of a Boat Tail will not be apparent at the ranges that most people kill coyotes. Never had a gun that didn't like Hornady bullets. V-max is about as perfect as you can get for a Coyote bullet. Pick one, sight in, kill coyotes
  12. DirtyDave

    My New Road Trip Rig

    Very nice Chuck
  13. DirtyDave

    This is some serious quail hunting!

    Hunting and Hunting Vehicles are big business in TX. The rigs are not used for shooting quail from the vehicle. See the Dog Boxes? They are used to spot coveys or just move hunters to areas known to have coveys. Hunters pay big bucks to quail hunt for a weekend ($3500+). They want to ride in style and comfort on an all day outing. They find the birds then get out with the dogs and hunt them just like anyone else would. There are idiots in every bunch, so the guys that are ground pounding quail on the roads are going to do what they are going to do. That is not what the rigs are built for though. High Racks and Top Drives are different and are made for shooting/shining Hogs and Coyotes
  14. DirtyDave

    16 or 20inch upper for AR15 as predator rifle

    I used to have the RRA Predator Pursuit 20" upper. I miss that upper, should have never sold it, but needed cash at the time. The RRA 20" Coyote upper looks good too, but I prefer to not have a Muzzle Break I'm using an 18" 6x45 now and love it. These guys have good prices on uppers http://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Complete_AR_15_Uppers_s/127.htm http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/catalog/category/view/s/barreled-upper-assemblies/id/4220/