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  1. I love Bushnell 4200 series or if less to spend, the 3200 series.
  2. HEY, thank you for this. I'm waiting. As far as the Cooper above. The $1600 price does not mean it shoots better than the cheapest rifle. Esp. at rimfire distances of 100 yards and less with good ammo.
  3. damn, not ignoring, just didnt' think I'd get a reply.Let's go. will give you my days off. cliffcox66@yahoo.com562 760 1075
  4. My debate is, if they shoot the same, then I'd get the CZ.But for almost double, if the Kimber shoots even a little better, I don't mind getting it. Also the Kimber name carries some weight for me.If they're both basically equal in accuracy, I'd get the CZ. But I hear the CZ's have some feed issues and the bolt feels clunky compared to the Kimber.WHICH ONE?
  5. I like the .22 magnum caliber. Ballisticaly it's got what I want for longer range rabbits, ground squirrels.But the .22 Match cannot seem to be matched in accuracy.Can the the .22 magun ever be made to equal the predictable and precise .22 Match?
  6. I'd like to go airgun shooting with you.
  7. Friggn neighbors. If nobody saw you, can't you say it's a nail gun or paint ball or air soft? I know it's and outright lie, but it makes up for overzealous neighborhood nazi's.
  8. Hey, send it to Greg Davis to go through it.
  9. Just got a Daniel Defense Upper. The basic one with the rounded hand guards. Seems of high quality. What's you experiences/take?
  10. I suppose it's a good thing, but I used to be able to rat hunt and mouse hunt a few times a year, but cannot seem to scare up any mice or rats at my home.I sure some will say that there are still rodents around but they're just more awares. But I tried everything. The usual stuff like peanut butter, dog food, cheese whiz, etc. Nothing's biting the satic mouse traps, which tell me they're around at all.Soooo, I have nothing to hunt in terms of rodents at my home. It's one of my most favorite past times.What do you suggest?
  11. That happened to me on a 10/22 that I did a home trigger job on. It doubled and tripled. There were officers there. BUT, there was no arrest. They just said pack it up and get it fixed. Guns go bad if they wear. But that in itself is not a crime.
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