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  1. Seeking Good Archery Hunting Supply

    As far as pro shops go...riverside archery is hard to beat go see wally, dona, or travis and they will get you taken care of.......and i probly shouldnt tell you about this but.........archerytalk.com is the best thing for ANTHING that has to do with archery......i could tell you things ive boughen off there and the prices ive boughen them for and you would probly call me a lier!!!
  2. Do it right do it ONCE.......sworo...lica...just my 2 pennies
  3. Hi, I heard your good company on yoter hunts, just sit there let everyone else shoot, let me know if you ever want to go one a hunt....LOL....sorry coulnt resist...LOL

  4. No e-callers for me just seems like anyone can sit down push a button and wait to pull the trigger....Id rather use my hand calls and call nothing in all day(which has not happend in a looong time) then use some call that some guy sat down in front of a machine and hit record button and recorded a sound that i can make myself... but hay who can blame him with all the lazy Americans now I would laugh my azz off all the way to the bank too!!! just my two cents but to all there own