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  1. I know all of the gunsmithing that needs to be done to make a barrel work. I have a couple that i have done already one is a hart and the other is a lilja both are great just so long of wait times i wanted to see what everyone else was using. Hart did the barrel on my 300 win mag and i couldn't of asked for a better job but 9 to 10 months that is a little long to wait
  2. Thank you that is what i was looking for
  3. The rifle didn't cost me anything so I am money ahead now it came as a barreled action so I have to do a stock any way.the 700 is a good action but this one is just sitting here and one thing i will never sell is a gun.
  4. It is 223 but it is a light barrel and i want to change the twist rate
  5. It is going to be .223 just want a heavier barrel on it then I have now and as far as rusty goes he will not work on anything of mine ever it takes him 5 to 10 years to do anything
  6. What is everyone shooting and why there are so many manufacturers out there it is hard for me to decide which one to go with I have a howa action
  7. Who makes that one the only one i can find online is a vortex one for $500+
  8. thank you for the info how are you guys doing it i have always just used a socket and a propaine torch for 223.
  9. Has anyone tryed annealing big cal. brass like 300 weatherby? Im just trying to get longer life of my brass.
  10. I looked at that but wanted to hear from someone that has used it
  11. Ok thank you guys I found some and just didnt know so I thought I would ask
  12. Has or does anyone use 4064 in a 223
  13. Hog you are right about that I have one at a gunsmith up here for 5 years now and still haven seen it I need to find a good one and that's why I'm asking I don't mind the waiting as long as it is good work and they tell you up front about the wait. It's the guy that tells you we will get right on it that is an easy fix and now it's 5 years later
  14. Thank you all for all of your input I will do some research on the people you have suggested
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