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    Fresno, CA
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    Hunting, (deer, elk, turkey, upland bird) wanting to get into predator hunting, fishing, mules and packing, fly rc airplanes, ride bicycle, both road and mtb. I also, along with my wife , build western cowboy spurs.
  1. GSH

    Kuzach Knives

    Looks like it was made from a rasp, like it.
  2. GSH

    6.5 factory seconds

    I used some seconds in 243 and found that the ogive of the bullets were different which cause the bullet to be seated at different depths.
  3. GSH

    Rem sps vrs the Savage 11/111

    It's VERY important to keep those Rem. triggers clean and lubed.
  4. GSH

    My shoulder still hurts from yesterdays shoot.

    Hey Desert Fox, get up early, an hour or so on your bike pedaling hard enough to cough up a lung and then off to the range. lol
  5. GSH

    Corned Beef & Pastrami

    Looking good sxshooter, Hey John, you should ban people from putting good looking food pictures on the site, makes me hungry. lol
  6. GSH

    Dillion 550B led light mod Cheap!!

    Might have to do that, was considering an upgrade to the XL650 with the powder check, but with the leds and a mirror could do a visual check easier and a whole lot cheaper.
  7. GSH

    Reloading Equipment

    John, have nothing to prove so why would I give you a false time? 3 mins 36 sec, removing powder measure, replacing dies, and the shell plate. Leaves me 1 min 24 sec to adjust the powder charge. If I go from small to large primers, another 3 min,
  8. GSH

    Reloading Equipment

    Hey John, I'll time it and let you know exactly how long.
  9. GSH

    Reloading Equipment

    My Dillon 550 takes about 5 minutes (if that) to change to another cal., using a progressive loader is no more intelligent challenging than a single press, you still have to visually check your powder charge. Once you have it set up you can load a large amount of ammo.
  10. GSH

    Reloading Equipment

    I have a Dillon 550 progressive I use for pistol reloading, does a great job, it would also work for the 5.56 although I don't use mine for that.
  11. GSH

    Triple dog dare

    I have been thinking of buying a long bow and this may be the incentive I need, I can miss with a bow a well and as I do with my AR. lol
  12. GSH

    looking for gun smith

    Give Larry Knight at Discount Gun Supply, 520 W Olive Ave Fresno, a call, having him build me a rifle now, does good work.
  13. GSH

    New rifle

    It's new, I reload, had the Winchester action, have used a mod 70 in 300 win mag for 35 years and like it, never had a problem. my mistake on the scope its a 6.5x20
  14. GSH

    New rifle

    Lets have some opinions on a 6.5x284, model 70 action, 26 inch barrel 1 in 9 twist, topping it with a Leupold 6.5 to 24 scope. all commits are welcomed whether pro or con.
  15. GSH

    "Pressing" question

    If you want to load straight wall pistol, then a progressive press is the way to go. Loading rifle, I use a single stage press, because I want all my powder loads to be exactly the same.