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    I am into foraging of all kinds. Hunting for game is just one aspect. Every time I am out in the back country I am looking for edible, useful and medicinal flora and fauna. I am also constantly working on survival skills. Hunted as a boy for squirrel, rabbit and some upland birds. I am a farmer by trade and I work for an organic farm founded on ethical work practices.
  1. BearWhoHunts


    My buddies and I have hunted in one of the toyota 4wd vans and they are great. It handles better than all of our trucks and there is space for everything. The only problem is all the other hunters flag us down to have a look. There is also a removable sun/moon roof on his so you can stick your whole body out of the top which is handy for all kinds of things (hanging food, climbing trees, elevated viewing, etc). We all beg him to bring it everytime we go hunting. Three guys on a bench seat in a little toyota or 4 dudes in a jeep is a lot less comfy than the van. If I find myself an affordable toyota 4wd van I am going to scoop it up. Rumor has it you can switch out the engines for a propane forklift motor - how cool is that? Also, the van gets comparable gas mileage to the toyota 4x4 with a 22re. The major downfall is the fact that the engine is hard to access.
  2. BearWhoHunts

    optic choices

    Get the binos - some nice ones with a warranty and good glass. I use mine several times a day and am going to get a smaller pair in the same model (right now it is Eagle Optics Rangers 10x50). I do not leave home without them - but my spotting scope has been in the same box since 2 x-mas's ago. It has a niche but it is a much smaller one than the binos.
  3. BearWhoHunts

    Very rare Springfield Armory 50-70 trapdoor pistol

    My goodness that thing is awesome. Thanks for sharing such a cool piece of history. Bear
  4. BearWhoHunts

    Black Palm

    Those black palm calls are by far the most lovely I have ever laid my eyes on. Thanks for the eye candy Ron. Bear
  5. BearWhoHunts

    Do you seperate

    I just got into it so I keep them separate for most of my calibers. My uncle is getting me into loading and for him it depends on the calibers. Some of the guns that he shoots seem not to mind and others are a little more picky. It also depends on the purpose. If it is for plinking - as long as it cycles it is good to go. But for hunting or target shooting he is quite specific. When I get the luxury of having 5 gallon buckets of sorted brass under my work bench (as my uncle does) I am sure I will be as picky as I feel like .
  6. BearWhoHunts

    Need help on a set of reload

    Dave-I am glad it worked out for you. Good luck with the bench and enjoy your new hobby. Bear
  7. BearWhoHunts

    Need help on a set of reload

    dlburns- Reeds is a lil indoor range now but they still have more reloading stuff (bullets and powder) in their shop than anywhere else that I have found. I am down in Santa Cruz so I dont explore the bay much and I assume there are other shops in our area with a decent selection. Markleys down in Watsonville has some but from the display I was checking out at Reeds I would say they have Markleys beat.Have fun reloading!Bear
  8. BearWhoHunts

    Need help on a set of reload

    dlburns - Go check out reeds in San Jose. I was in there for a transfer a few weeks ago and I was amazed at all the reloading stuff they had. The staff was really cool too. If they don't have it I am sure they would gladly order it for you.pig hostile- There are a lot of kits out there to get you started. Single stage is slower but it will teach you the fundamentals. Steer away from the progressives until you are proficient. I have some family and friends that started on a turret press. They just removed the index bar and it was a single stage. Once they were a little more comfortable they put it back in and were cranking away!I still use my single stage for my rifle ammo. My 38's and 357 are being made on the turret. If I am going to be hunting or doing some friendly competition (that I really want to win) I will still work up my loads on my single stage so I can take my time and concentrate.
  9. BearWhoHunts

    Looking for scope!

    I have been meaning to get a Hawke for some time now. Maybe on the M77/357 I have been eying.I am currently shooting on a Vortex Diamonback 4-12x on my .308 and I love it. Affordable and clear. Better than a lot of my more pricey scopes.Good luck!
  10. BearWhoHunts

    New 2012 Fishing License

    I was getting my gear together this morning to go out for some fly fishing and it donned on me that I need a new one! I told myself that I would do it later and just sat and enjoyed my coffee and paper instead. Going to grab it tonight and try to get some steelheads before I go out for dogs and birds this weekend.
  11. BearWhoHunts

    Time for change

    I had the same problem with my .308 after putting on a new scope. Now its back in order. At first I just thought I was fatigued at the end of the day that is why I was getting fliers but for once it wasn't my shooting just my mounting!!
  12. BearWhoHunts

    my new paintjob

    Every time I see one of those great rattle can jobs I look at my beater 870 and say "Your time is coming my friend."Lookin good and welcome to the forum!
  13. BearWhoHunts

    question on the foxpro vest

    Filson makes some great stuff. I inherited my grandpas Filson field jacket and love it. I just hope that someday I have a lady that will look over my shoulder and get me some things off my wish list!!
  14. BearWhoHunts

    Shooting Sticks or BiPod?

    I have used both and they both have their pros and cons outlined above. About a year ago I ran into a hunter with Stoney Point Steady Stix and he let me give them a try for a bit. I loved them so much that I got myself a set and they work pretty darn good. I have had a leg slip but it was on wet rocks. User error. If I ever break the pair I have I will not hesitate to get myself another and I am giving at least one out as a x-mas gift this year!
  15. BearWhoHunts

    Favorite Handgun

    My favorite for sure is my S&W model 19 6 in. I have a 66 in 4 in but I shoot the 19 way way better and it was my first revolver. Dad gave it to me for my 24th birthday. It is also a great back up for my 1894c. My .22 of choice is a toss up between my High Standard double nine and my ruger mk11. I shoot better with the mk11 but I always carry the double nine in the field. It is great for nailing the coons that kill my chickens, ducks and trash.