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  1. MeMe

    Daughter can shoot

    Files were too large so I made two uploads.
  2. MeMe

    Daughter can shoot

    From the time that she wanted to shoot a paintball gun in the back 4 acres till now. A .22 at 100 yards and hitting a 6" tall steel pig 9/10 times. Then a 3" steel gong at the same distance with a .223. She has been able to shot any gun accurately. I had fired 5 or 6 different loads in my new Glock 22 before handing it over to my daughter. Her first 2 shot with it were were within 2" at 10 yards. Here are the first 10 shots with a Browning Nomad at the same distance before shooting a .40. :) that is at 30 feet and the dot is 2".
  3. MeMe

    Glock 22

    Found one for $583 OTD. HSC, Dros and tax. It is in jail now. Thank You for the help. MeMe
  4. MeMe

    Glock 22

    Thank You Traveler. Those prices are on the high end of the mid point on what I was quoted from 2 places that are not on the available locations for a quote. I am glad that there are people in this site that help others to get the best deal. I love this site!! Meme PS while I was looking at the Glock 22, my daughter was looking at a SIG Mosquito in .22 cal. It had a pink lower. She wanted it. They said no. "You are not LEO!!" She was like, Pink, .22 cal and LEO?? They said it was determined by the Gov't to be a significant change in design and only LEO sale. WHAT!! I asked if I could buy the gun with the grey lower ($90 more) and order the pink lower part from the factory? Answer, Yup!!! Makes no sense. Welcome to Kalifornia!!
  5. MeMe

    Glock 22

    Thank You both for the fast reply. Looks like the local dealer would still be the best bet once I add on the fuel cost to Modesto or Atwater. The Single shot exempt. is $75 to make it a legal 22. Thank You Again for the help.
  6. MeMe

    Glock 22

    Looking for a Glock 22 in .40. Where is the best place to find one in the Sacramento-Lodi area. The 2 places I checked today were almost $100 apart for the same gun. Thank You in advance.
  7. MeMe

    Need a good Gunsmith

    Looking for a good gunsmith around the Sacramento area. I have not needed one for over 30 years and they are no longer available. Any suggestions?Thank you in advance.
  8. MeMe

    17 HMR

    Thank You. I was hoping it would be faster not slower.
  9. MeMe

    17 HMR

    Tried that. No info on velocity, etc for the 17-HMR-15.5-gr-NTX. The 17 gr and the 20 gr has the info listed.
  10. MeMe

    17 HMR

    Interesting, CCI is 16 gr and slower than 17gr rounds.Why?I was hoping for the velocity difference you get between the 17's and the 20's. or about 2800 from the 15.5 gr NTX™
  11. MeMe

    17 HMR

    Where can I find specs for 17 HMR® 15.5 gr NTX™?Velocity?Energy?Trajectory?Etc.
  12. MeMe

    .22 blank or birdshot?

    They are lead #12 shot. If you shake it you will hear the shot rattle around.