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  1. Buddy of mine just bought one of these and it looks interesting thought I would post it up since I had never heard or seen it before. https://www.botach.com/hera-arms-cqr-ar15-m4-featureless-stock-california-version/
  2. Well after still having mutliple FTEs I changed out to a wolf buffer spring but for some reason I am getting a lot of gas in my face. Maybe the spring isn't as strong as I thought it would be? I also changed out the extractor (NFA replaced it free if charge) and it is still having a lot of FTEs. Im changing out the magwell adapter next and will also add a spacer to the buffer and if that's doesn't fix it then I may need advise on a good local smith.
  3. What are they munching on? Thanks for sharing.
  4. Looking real good. Make sure to post pictures when you are done with it. Im sure your wife will love it.
  5. I was able to get to the range the other day and shoot the 9mm after a few adjustments. I must say it was shooting much better then before however it still was having failure to eject issues. I am having a new extractor sent to see if that fixes the issue. I added an FRS15 stock to it and its a funny looking AR. I preffer having the standard collapsible and pistol grip but with so many malfunctions I want to make sure I can remove the magazine easily and safely. I am very happy with the accuracy as I am able to repeatedly place rounds were ever I want within 25 yards. I will eventually take it to an outdoor range and stretch its legs out and see how she performs. I did notice that the 115gr PMC rounds dont eject as well as the Remington 115gr and 147gr do. Perhaps they have a little more power or maybe I was experiencing some magazine issues. Time will tell but I think some 9mm FMJ +p rounds will work superbly. I will post any changes and advances here so maybe someone will have an easier time with building their 9mm. Eventually need to get some freah meat with this little rifle.
  6. Thats great! The water in that country really brings the animals in. I have been reading on the public guzzlers and the lack of funds here to repair/maintain them and the effect on the wildlife. Really amazing what a little water can do.
  7. I have had a few different Nikon scopes and been happy with them. Clarity is great, BDC works for me on my 30-06 tika t3 lite. Never had any zeroing issues and I have taken, goats, deer and pig from 300 yards and closer. Good scopes just find what you like. I use a 3-9x40. I had a 4.5-14x44 but I sold it with a gun it was on. When I was working at Turners many years ago I was comparing the glass on similar priced scopes, nikon had the best clarity side by side. If I recall I was looking at Leopold and maybe another company. Scope was $500 or so and serves my purposes. Good luck with your search.
  8. Well I think it was the ejector. I put a round in the bolt face and it seemed to be holding it ok. The extractor pin is still chipped but I was asked to just clean and lube it and give it another chance as they believe "it happens sometimes as the sealant changes color days after... processing." I then checked to see how the ejector was seating on the bcg and it was way off, well it was about 1mm off. Not a big deal till I checked how much space on the cartridge I had to eject the spent case. Took a few pictures and sharpied the portoon of the shell that gets hit to get ejected. Measured that and it was 3.08mm at its talest and 1.06mm at its widest. That 1mm gap was a massive difference. I hope its fixed now. Will need to take her to the range. Hopefully the minor tweeking resolves the problem. Im no gunsmith but this seemed simple enough. Will keep you poster
  9. Once I get the kinks out of it and duck season is over I imagine. Lol. Its been a long time since I have chased any critters. School and family have taken over all of my time. If all goes as planned I will be done with school in 7 months and then hopefully I will have more play time.
  10. I blame Bisley and his posts. lol I built another AR however this time I decided I wanted a short range plinker. I went with a Aeroprecision lower, matrix arms 9mm side charging upper, Matrix arms 15 inch keymod front grip, KAW valley linear compensator, New Frontier Armory 16 inch 9mm 1:10 twist match barrel, New Frontier Armory ramped BCG, KAK magwell adapter, RRA mag latch and a CMMG LPK. I took it to the range and it really was a lot of fun to shoot. I unfortunatly had multiple FTE's and from my internet searching I have come up with a few things I need to check. One the extractor pin seems to be chipped so I will need to replace that, two the ejector pin needs to be bent into place to fit the BCG better, and three magazine lips need to be adjusted and four the buffer/spring need some playing with. I honestly think that with the new extractor and modified ejector I should be OK so I will play with those first and hopefully it will be a reliable little rabbit thumper. I have not seen anyone here post on a 9mm build so I figure I would post up and see if you guys have any other ideas on getting the FTE gremlins out of this build. Happy hunting!
  11. I know there is a lot of info out on Optics but Im trying to make sense out what type I would like to use. I have a RRA 20in predator persuit 1:8 twist match barrel in 223 wylde and I plan on using it for hunting and long distance target shooting. I think 3-9x40 is to small for its intended purposes and believe a 4-14x44 or similar is ideal. I have a nikon BDC scope for my 3006 and a fixed 4d for my 22. I was thinking of using a mildot reticle however nikon uses moa turrets and mildots in their scopes. Which from what I understand poses a problem? Then I see fist and second focal plane scopes and that futher adds to the confusion for me. What are you guys using on your long rane ars? Any recommendations or things to stay clear from? Thanks guys.
  12. For steel use an improved for lead use a modified. Try them like Bisley mentioned and see how they react in your shotgun. Let us know how it works out for you.
  13. I always had good luck mayching my broad heads to my fletching with my arrows. It wmade a big differance for me. Shoot your bolts and see how accurate they are and then you can decide to tune them or not.
  14. I will look into the nissan. FORD you mean, Found On Road Dead aka Fix On Race Day. No thanks. Lol. My toyotas have always served me well. My tacoma and corolla have kept me safe over the last 18 years or so. They have been very reliable, however, Im looking at something new. I feel Subaru is a great alternative but we shall see. If it can hold my decoys and some ducks I should be good. Lol.