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  1. I have an X-bolt in 30-06. I love it. Its really light great for carrying but it definitely makes recoil a little more stout. its really accurate! my only complaint about the gun is the coating that came on my composite stock turns purple if you get any oil on it.JW
  2. I think your right about the rack. One trip I had my 10/22 in one of those and after we rode around all day and when we got back to camp I looked through my scope and all I saw was black! I think the vibration broke somethin in there. It was just a cheapy tasco scope and it may not happen with a better quality scope but I could see it throwing the scope off. As for your question I now use a gun boot and it has worked well. I have mostly used it for my shotgun but the few times I have used it with a rifle it hasnt seemed to damage anything. The only complaint I have is that it makes it hard to get on the quad on the side with the boot.JW
  3. Hope you didnt use up all the Boolits
  4. Im only 21 but mine is about the same age. My uncle gave it to me a few years back and he bought it when he was 15. There's no tellin what he shot with it but so far with me it has taken a spring turkey, Squirrels both ground and tree, a bunch of cotton tails, and more starlings than I can count. Im a huge fan of mine.
  5. I love my 391! That would be my choice. I use it for everything. I have never had any problems with it at all. Never even handled the I-12 so have no opinion on that one.JW
  6. Handload 150 grain Barnes tipped tsx for deer and 180 grain tsx for elk.
  7. JRW

    Hunting Knife

    The wyoming knife is great for field dressing game. I use mine for everything from Deer to rabbits.
  8. 100 grain thunderheads
  9. Congrats! looks Very nice.
  10. The only clearance it will give you is in the wheel wells to allow you to put bigger tires on your truck. As you are literally lifting the body of your truck off of the frame you will have a space between them that can make it easier to work on things like the tranny and transfer case. On the other side of that coin everything that is attached to the frame will not be moving up with the cab. the radiator and fan will be lower than stock so there will not be quite as much cooling air blown on the engine, also coolant lines may have to be lengthened. Your tranny and T/C will now be farther away from the cab so if it is a manual your gear shift and 4 wheel drive selector lever will now be lower in the cab and you will have to reach lower or lengthen them. You will have to make your battery cables longer cuz your battery box is probably attached to the fender and will be moving up. Post body lift there will be gaps between the cab and your bumpers as they are attached to the frame, you can get brackets that move them up but then they loose strength and wont do what they are intended to do. I have also heard of them actually tearing out of the body of the truck if used in hard core wheelin. Nice Camo Job! JW
  11. JRW


    I was driving from Sonora to my parents house today and I started thinking about the new 20 gauge that i'm pickin up on friday, and I started pondering the differences between the 12 gauge and 20. It came down to chokes. I was thinking would a 20 gauge with a modified choke throw a tighter pattern at a given distance than a 12 gauge with a modified choke at that same distance? Obviously there are more pellets in the 12 gauge but I was thinking that the 20 with its smaller diameter barrel might throw a tighter pattern. I guess my question is, is a modified choke in a 20 gauge the same diameter or smaller than a 12 gauge with a modified choke?
  12. Nice! Love the stock.
  13. JRW

    Turkey ???

    IMHO I would say probably not. Although it might work sometimes I dont think that it would be fair to the animal or your little girl to shoot one in the body and have it run away possibly to die later. I would say stick to head shots. Just my :two-cents:By the way I commend you sir for taking your little girl hunting
  14. I put a bushnell Banner on my savage .17hmr. Mine is a 4-12 and is really nice but they make a 3-9 also. For about 90 bucks i dont think you can go wrong.
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