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    My favorite carry is a Smith and Wesson M&P 45 that I bought off of a cop. He sold it because he hated the crappy trigger pull. I put in an apex and there is about 1/8" total trigger travel, crisp reset and a 4# pull. Alien gear tuckable holster.
  2. The bear I got last September was with 30-30 barnes. I thought the massive cavity would have facilitated more expansion than I got. Broadside double lung and clipped the aorta... animal still went a quarter mile. Exit wound was a bit smaller than a dime. These lead free bullets seem to need a lot of velocity to expand. Also, these e tips need a 9" twist or faster to stabilize. I'd like to see more manufacturers offer faster twist rates.
  3. I finally have dialed in on an accurate load for my sons' Ruger American in 243. 22" barral 1:9 twist. These bullets do not look like the original e-tips I tried out a few years ago, as these have what looks like a crimp groove, but it's seated way out in front of where a 243 neck would have to crimp (that is if you crimped a 243. I seated .005 off the lands. For this rifle with this bullet is at a COAL of 2.695" Off of sandbags at 100 yards it's holding about 0.4" groups. For grins and giggles I stretched out this load out to 750 and 900 yards to see if the ballistic software would be accurate for elevation and weather conditions. The ballistic coefficient of .403 seemed to allow the software to predict the trajectory pretty accurately...accurately enough for gong hunting at the range. I tested up from a minimum load of 39.5 grains of IMR 4831 up to 43 grains, and settled on 42.5 grains with a MV of 3115 ft/sec average with a 10 shot extreme spread of 25 ft/sec. 43 grains averaged about the same but the spread opened up to about 70 ft/sec spread (although no describable pressure signs I decided to back off a bit so as to get a more consistent velocity) SAA brass with Remington Lg rifle primers As a bonus, this round hits damn near nuts on with my 87 grain v-max load that has about the same muzzle velocity. My son and I were both hitting the 750 yard gong with both loads pretty consistently. We have found our lead free deer load in this caliber. Hope this helps anyone looking for a lead free load other than Barnes.
  4. I've been tinkering with an airforce condor. R&L built it, put a super seer on it so the trigger pull is very nice. The valve from Doug Noble really kicks up the power. 257420 with a 40:1 mix, 69 grains cast as a hollow point from Arsenal molds, hollow pointed by Erik Ohlen. 1050 ft/sec impacted at 50 yards into milk jugs, blew up first jug and captured in third jug. I'm liking this boolit, and this air rifle. I'm thinking squirrel, turkey and coyote
  5. LOL, It won't be sitting on the wall. I'll use it for club 22lr events. As far as hunting in Commifornia, once my son gets drawn for his junior hunt we will only be hunting out of state. If DFG wants my hunting dollars in exchange for their lead ban, they can screw themselves with a flaming cactus, sideways.
  6. Froze the barrel, and heated the receiver so the pieces mated up more easily. Otherwise the fit is so tight you have to beat the receiver pretty hard.
  7. I have been so happy to FINALLY see 22lr on the shelves consistently that I decided to build a target Ruger 10/22. I bought a cheap stainless 10/22 from big 5 and gutted it down to the receiver. I got all the parts from Tony Kidd, polished the inside of the receiver as the original action was absolutely gritty. Parts: 20" target crown bull barrel .920" diameter that went in without a hitch (froze barrel overnight and heated receiver at 250 drg f for an hour before assembling and leveling. Kidd Charging handle, rod and spring. (Made mistake of putting on light spring and had some stovepipes, which went away when I switched to the standard tension spring) Kidd 2 stage trigger with 1# pull (8 oz on takeup, and another 8oz to get the trigger break) Scope is the Nikon BDC 150 rimfire 4-12 power Stock, Boyd's ss Evolution The accuracy at 50 yards is excellent. It took 1 magazine to sight in for a 50 yard zero with CCI standard velocity 40 grain round nose. The first 10 shot group was about .40" center to center.... then the wind kicked up, lol. This gun seems to like the CCI stuff and the Wolf Match. I have not yet tried any of the premium ammo. The only problem I had after the spring tension issue was dealt with were problems with failure to feed, with the bolt sliding over the rim and bashing the middle of the brass. The factory 10 round mags were actually hanging down on the front end by 1/16th of an inch. When I took the stock off, I noticed the trigger group is not parallel to the bottom of the receiver like it is on my old 1976 ruger. The rear holes were drilled a bit too high so the face of the trigger group allows the mags to droop. To solve this (as there is no way in hell I'm going to bother sending an otherwise accurate shooter back to ruger with all these mods on it) I employed the 10 cent solution of shimming things up with Gaffer's tape (like duct tape but leaves no residue when removed. Several hundred rounds fired with no more malfunctions. I do not know if this issue of poor adherence to tolerance has caused this mag issue for anyone else, but if your 10/22 is malfunctioning in this manner, this is worth a try.
  8. Since I posted this data over on Ruger Forum I've also tried this bullet cast out of 15:1 with enough 2400 to drive it to 1390 from a 5" barrel and 1800fps from the marlin. If you have a .357 Marlin it might do well with this 358156 bullet. For anyone here who reloads or casts for the .357mag/38 special the 358156 bullet might be a great all around bullet for your needs. It’s what I find myself using for most of my 357 needs, and even some of my 38 special needs (I have a version of this mold that drops a bullet with a plain base) My molds can drop this bullet with a flat point, the penta point that really is not that deep of a cavity, or with a DEEP hollow point spud. The bullets tested were with an alloy of wheel weights +2% tin air cooled and sized to .359 (as the same alloy sized to .358 tended to lead my revolvers barrel). The bullets are 151 grains after they are sized, lubed and gas checked. The lubricant is bees wax, lard, Johnson’s paste wax and enough Vaseline to make it sticky and flow nicely through the lube sizer. There was no leading in my revolver, or my Marlin 1894. Everything below 1200 ft/sec only expanded to .40” with about 12-14” penetration, while the rounds between 1200-1300 ft/sec went between 14-16” and expanded to .50” diameter. The slower rounds could have benefited from a softer alloy or deeper hollow point, but would most certainly sacrifice on penetration. The bullet on the bottom of the picture below was traveling 1600 ft/sec from the 18” Marlin and penetrated 17”, with a recovered diameter of .50” though it shed a lot of lead for a recovered weight of 114 grains. Below are the results of this round with some jacketed bullets recovered from shredded rubber mulch. I KNOW… it’s not ballistics gel; but it’s cheap, reusable, and I find it to be a useful tool to compare bullet performance. Expansion in this media is not as consistent as it is with ballistics gel, as some bullets, such as the Barnes (top of picture at 1550 ft/sec), and the Federal HST (bullets in the middle of the picture) tend to get clogged with material… though I RARELY see the Barnes get clogged like the round pictured here. These 147 grain HST’s were only hitting 930 ft/sec out of my M&P Shield, and perform much better than this when run through my full size CZ75B… which I did not have today. The 90 grain .380 FMJ on the middle far right and far left, fired out of my little Sig penetrated 16" lol With this alloy/bullet/hollow point combination an impact velocity of 1200-1600 should give a nice balance of penetration and expansion. If I were using this bullet on pigs, I'd opt for a flat point. Here is my cheapo testing set up (until I get the time and refrigerator space to whip up some ballistics gel), if anyone is interested. Here are the results from the final load work up: Load data is 2400 powder (about 0.3 grains less than the maximum load outlined in Lee's Modern Reloading Second Addition) The bullets ran 1375 from the revolver expanded to about .5" with 14-16" penetration. The rifle rounds went to 17 to 19" and expanded about the same but shed weight from 151 grains down to 115 grains... great jack rabbit or coyote fodder The micro-groove rifling of the Marlin had no problems with the lead boolits...the solid version should be great on hogs and deer at close ranges. Too bad it will have to be out of state before too long.
  9. I have solved this problem by going back to leadded bullets for everything, as a protest. Screw these jackasses in Sacramento. 711 proves (as if we needed more proof) that the origional lead ban had NOTHING to do with protecting the condor, and had everything to do with eroding the second amendment.
  10. Ok...just snapped a cell phone pic of the rifle, as my camera bateries were dead. Off the bench with surplus Greek M2 Ball ammo at 100 yards, the thing groups way better than I was expecting to see with iron sights. Came up 2 more clicks and one click to the right for windage and she's zeroed for 300 yards. 32 shots and one failure to come into battery (I guess I need to lube her up a little better next time)
  11. My CMP Special Grade M1 finally arrived on Friday. Kind of weird that the CMP doesn't need to go through an ffl 1k rounds of M2 Ball arrived a couple months ago (Greek surpluss, non-corrosive) Time to field strip it, and lubricate it...pictures to follow. I have 5# ea of Varget and IMR4064 and plan on loading up some Commifornia legal 150 grain Nosler e-tips and keep the pressures within M2 specs. (got a ported gas plug as a little added insurance from bending the op rod) Absolutely excited!! I really want to go piggie hunting with this beast, just for grins and giggles.
  12. Since I am usually going after pig or deer when I whack most coyotes, my sidearm is geared more for piggies, deer or bear. Here is my usual rig (though I usually only carry one speedloader of the LBT boolits...er...um...Barnes...boolits...yeah.... Barnes.) The LBT are 185 grains over 15.8 grains of H-110 and chronograph at 1250fps I have yet to recover one of these from a pig.
  13. I am very happy with the gun. With the red dot nuts on at 25 yards and 250, a bit more than 3" high at 100 yards....yep...she's sighted in.
  14. Got a Smith and Wesson M&P-15 flat top with forward assist. She's sporting a Burris Speed Dot. Finished my year end paperwork/billing and all that stuff early so I went out to zero in the red dot. The gun was 950, and the red dot, and raised mounting scope was another 200 bucks. The way prices are going up again, I'm happy I got it when I did. Coyotes and squirrells are NOT going to be so happy
  15. Yeah, it's a Kamado (out of business). The stuffing I just cook it til steaming (it's pretty much vegies with enough eggs to hold it all together. I went 200deg f, then I ramp it up to 250. So far r hours and counting. I'll go to internal temp of 170. It's slow cooked so it will be like "pulled goose"Collecting the goose/bacon fat below.
  16. Got 2 specs and a snow on the smoker.Stuffing: Sour apples, white onion, dried apricots, bread crumbs, lemons and 2 sticks of butter all mixed together and stuffed into the cavities.Birds seasoned with salt/pepper and poultry seasoning and wrapped in bacon...should be done by this evening!YUM!
  17. That just sucks. Even the "Varmint Grenade" (30 grain out of a 22 hornet) unzipped the belly of a coyote I gut-shot at 150 yards I "mis-underestimated" how much lead to give her I'll be trying the nosler non-lead once I use up the Barnes, as I purchased before I found out how Barnes sold us out with the stupid condor crap.
  18. Have Nosler or Hornady come out with competing designs as reloading components? I have some brass for my 300wsm sized/primed and ready to hand load when they do.
  19. For my 45 colt, I have some Buffalo Bore 225 grains, made by...you know, at a speed stated to be 1500fpsI got them for display, if I happen to be hunting with the game warden. I just feel SO DIRTY stuffing the chambers with anything other than lead...hell, even using a copper gas check feels a little kinky!
  20. Posted over at Ruger Forum too. Wish I had gotten into single actions years ago.I finally got to take my new Ruger Bisley Blackhawk in 45 Colt, with 7 ½” barrel. The gun has a surprisingly light pull….now. Though it was 6# out of the box, with taking one side of the trigger return spring off its “hook” and firing a few dry fire shots while strongly pushing forward on the hammer, it smoothed out the pull and now it breaks at about 4#The finish is nice, and the cylinder carries up nicely, and locks tight. At the range, I figured I’d see how the sights needed to be adjusted, as well as chronograph some home-brew ammo. Ammo:The loading is a 325 grain hollow point or the flat nose version of the same bullet over 13.0 grains of HS-6. From John Linebaugh’s hand-loading data, this is a “middle of the road” loading for “Ruger only” loads. The bullets were cast from an mp mold that is a Cramer style. This allows the pins to be reversed so that a flat point bullet can be cast instead of a hollow point. The hollow points were cast with a 20:1 lead/tin alloy and weighed in at 325 grains, while the solid version was wheel weight with 1% tin added. These were water dropped. The bullet lube was a mix of 1# beeswax, 3 Tablespoons Vaseline, and a tablespoon of Johnsons paste wax.The bullets chronographed anywhere from 1050 to 1150, with the mean velocity at 1120fps. The Bisley grip is VERY comfortable, and the recoil felt negligible. The first group, fired from the bench, was low (the rear sights were at their lowest setting) but tight, the flier above was my fault. After shooting 50 rounds of these plain base bullets, sized to .454” there was some minor leading, which was easily removed with a brass brush/chore boy. Case extraction was not sticky, in the least. Terminal Performance:The hollow points penetrated anywhere between 20 to 24 inches (24” is the end of the trap). The solids ALL penetrated to the steel arresting plate at 24”, with no expansion. The hollow points held together nicely (only occasionally would one of the petals tear off) and consistently expanded to between .75 to .80 inches. Summary: LOVE this gun. Time will tell about whether or not the cylinders will need to be opened up. So far…no major problems with leading or with accuracy…from the gun anyway. The next batch of bullets, I’ll size to .452 and see how well those run through the gun. These hollow point rounds look like the ticket for deer. The solid bullets look good for tougher animals like bear and boar. I will next try out the solid bullets poured with 20:1 and see if they will mushroom a LITTLE, as I’d like SOME expansion on boar.
  21. Wow. I have the Super Nova as my duck gun. Good to hear nobody was hurt and that Benelli made good on the whole ordeal.
  22. Dutchman


    I think it should be standard operating procedure with any 527 to remove the bolt handle when you fill out the DROS and send the handle in for modification. James Calhoon has a fast enough turn around time that the handle should be in your mailbox at the end of the 10 day wait. As my kids get older, I may be buying a few more CZ rifles. It's hard to beat the out of the box quality for the money.
  23. Dutchman


    FINALLY. Got the rifle and scope. Put the scope on and the bolt handle hit the ocular. Sent the handle off to James Calhoon to have it trimmed and re-blued and he did a fantastic job.I sited in the scope with some new loads 35gr v-max over 13.5 grains of lil gun and cci small pistol primer and light crimp. MV = 3100fps with es of 20fps 1.5" high at 100 yards should put me zeroed in at around 150 yards.First group with this load was 11/16" at 100 yards....new gun, new load, new scope. The gun didn't do bad at all for right out of the box, no re-bedding or anything. The Barnes varmint grenade didn't group so well, about 1" (3290fps 30 grain)I think I'll keep her.
  24. Not exactly a leverevolution bullet, but it's my hog medicine when I go old school with my 336. Unfortunately my 336 is in sick bay awaiting a trip to the gunsmith to adjust or replace the carriage.
  25. OOPS. I just ordered one earlier this morning before reading this thread. The web site still shows them in stock. I ordered the 6-24X I hope the web site is correct about the 6-24x
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