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    Welcome to the forums. I would keep those lips tight on where you see those little piggies. You have probably said enough already. There are wolfs all over here waiting to jump on some public pork. Seems like you have half the hard work done. You have a location to hunt, now just time for the leg work and learning curve. Congrats on your find. I hope you tag one. Id keep this little spot secret. Its not worth blowing your spot to get someone to come out and show you the ropes. You can learn from anywhere, but theres limited places to hunt.
  2. Hunter Dude


    BC9696~ Any update to this story? Did you ever decide on anything? What did you go with? Does it work better or at all?
  3. Hunter Dude

    Where do ya go to sell antique BP rifles?

    I cant wait for the pictures. It sounds like a really neat gun. Especially the story behind it with the notches. It can make your imagination run wild to think about what its seen/done or who it might have killed. Id love to know the full story behind it.
  4. Hunter Dude

    Where do ya go to sell antique BP rifles?

    Craigslist it!! It sounds like a really cool gun. Im sure it has a high collectors value. IIs there anywhere you can get it appraised at? Maybe an antique arms dealer nearby? I think there is one located in the city next to me unless they closed. If you want I can drop by there next time and get their phone number. They might at least know what direction to point you in.On that pawn stars show they always say not to clean the gun. The dirt is worth money.
  5. Hunter Dude

    transporting a handgun

    Your allowed to open carry with your gun on one side and a loaded magazine on the other. I think as long as you do not keep the magazine in the case with the gun you should be in order. Just lock the magazine in your glove box or carry it in your pocket.Baxter has a point as well. Unless your waving the gun around in traffic or its sitting in the front window, no officer should just randomly stop you to check for weapons.
  6. Hunter Dude

    Pig hunting air rifle?? Can it take one down?

    Dont shoot a pig with a BB gun.. Even a high powered air rifle I highly doubt will do the trick. Theres alot of talk about some bullets not even packing enough punch to get through the sholder into the lungs. It would probably be all around better to use a centerfire rifle.
  7. Hunter Dude

    I need a Marine-Sir Yes Sir!

    bc9696 did you find that bag on at a Military surplus supply? If so what is the website? Not looking to buy a bag, just looking for sites to shop.Are there any other good surplus websites like what shooter linked? Any one you either personally favor or have used before?I think this is what your looking for. Its the complete package and listed for $149.00. It would appear from this price that if the bag your looking at has the Bivy, your getting a good deal. If you have to purchase the bivy as well it might just be cheaper to buy the complete package below.http://wardenssupplyco.com/cart/index.php?...products_id=469
  8. Hunter Dude

    humbolt squid

    Ohhh that looks horrible!! Do they do that every time? Might be good info it know incase I ever go squid fishing.
  9. Hunter Dude

    Boots and Big 5

    whatever boot you get make sure they are waterproof and that the tongue of the boot is sewen into the lacing area of the boot. This way the whole front of the boot is waterproof as well and not just the sides. If the tongue moves freely than any water coming over the sidewall of the shoe is coming in. I have a special orthodic for my feet since I destroyed my ankle. I have found that many shoes change once you remove the stock insole and replace it. Sometimes an uncomfortable pair of boots can melt your feet like butter with a simple change. Most of all get whats comfortable. You dont want to regret saving a few bucks on boots when your feet are dying and your a couple miles from the truck.
  10. Hunter Dude


    *Edited* Didnt realise it was airgun.Nice job! Did you keep the pelt?
  11. Man you guys have some talent. Looks great!! Wish I had a quarter of the wood working skills.
  12. Hunter Dude

    Very Cool find...

    LOL $2.00 oh how times have changed. They made beautiful licenses back then.
  13. Hunter Dude


    http://www.rain.org/~philfear/how2solar.htmlThis is one link to a page I saved when I was researching how to build a portable battery generator. It shows the idea of a deep cycle battery hooked up to a inverter and running small appliances. The neat idea is the solar charging system which means pending sunlight you should be able to use the heater each night. Obviously the more you can conserve the power the longer you can use something which is why I think a heating blanket would be better than a portable heater. If your deadset on using a portable heater your best bet would be an electric one.I would start by getting the smallest inverter you need and maybe taking out the fan. Keep it outside at night and maybe the temperature will keep the inverter cool? This will save some the power used by the inverter itself for your heating. If not then I guess get the largest inverter that uses the least power to run. If your interisted in solar chargers GoGreenSolar.com is one of the places I found that I felt made genuine quality charges compared to the 29.99 bass pro shop special. They are on the more expensive side and have some really cool things if you browse around.The charger I was looking at was http://www.gogreensolar.com/collections/so...trickle-chargerIt sounds like alot but really the dimensions of all this gear is quite small. The solor pannel being around 3ft by 1 1/2 ft, could easily store in the backseat during travel and in the sun at camp charging your battery for the next night. Or if you cannot leave stuff outside in your car window charging the battery.
  14. Hunter Dude


    I would suggest getting rid of the air mattress all together. I have a double height queen airmattress that I use in summer. Its just not effecient in winter. The large volume of air that you sleep on seems to sap the heat out of your body, or at least it does to mine. I found that getting rid of the mattress and using a pad helps a ton. The problem is that you loose the bedheight when you go to the 1-2 inch pads so sitting up might be a little harder if you have a belly like me The pads are a little harder than I prefer as well, but its a good trade for body heat. Maybe 2 pads would be perfect. If your issue is one of height you can always get some bricks and a 3/4" plywood and make a raised bed section in the back you can lay your pad on.The other alternatives is to use a battery converter and bring a electric heating unit, probably one of the smaller ones, Im not sure how long you can do it but there are many people who have build little battery generators to run small things out in the field. You might be able to get a few hours of runtime on a heater off maybe a large Boat Marine Deep cell battery. (ive always wanted to try this but never have) Just hook up the converter to the battery and plug in your heater. Or maybe try using a heating blanket instead since those probably use alot less electricity than a heater having to power a fan, You might actually be able to power a heating blanket for a couple days off of a marine battery.
  15. Hunter Dude


    Like stated, stay away from putting a propane heater or even using a latern to heat up your tent. The gasses could kill you and if not will at least give you a nice headache. It sounds like maybe you should lay some carpet under the air mattress to help insulate everything. The airmattress alone probably makes you colder since the large volume of air you sleep on is cold. I normally pack myself with hand warmers when I sleep and it keeps me pretty warm. I put them in my pockets and under my arm pits, and sometimes in my underwear band along my kidneys. You can get large 10packs which have 20 heaters for under $12.00 Im sure there are alternatives to the propane heater, maybe you can rig a setup to a motorcycle battery and run an electric heater off of it for a couple hours. Or even use a larger battery for a longer run time. I think for now your biggest issue is that air mattress. Get a thermal pad or two and see if getting off the cold air helps. Keep a little section of your tent unzipped to let the moisture from your breath out and make sure you do not touch your tents fabric and it should help with the condensation inside. Also make sure anything wet that gets taken off is put somewhere other than the tent. Ie socks, shirts ect..Lastly a good sleeping bad is always nice. My first year snow camping I used all my summer gear and was freezing! Theres a huge difference in a bag rated for 30-40 and a bag rated for -0. Also getting off that cold air in the mattress helps.