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  1. CA AR's question

    nice...good advise before I purchase my gun. I'm thinking about getting in July as a bday gift for myself. hahaha
  2. CA AR's question

    Hi All, I'm curious what is the difference between the newer AR receivers compare to the older receivers?. I'm looking to find a AR10 receiver soon.
  3. Marlin Model 60 22lr

    Im super excited!!!!.Just purchased a old Marlin Model 60 22lr (made in 1981) for a good price. Although its a used gun, but the owner kept the gun in great condition. I can't wait to take this bad boy out for some predator control, target practice, and hunting. Picking up on March the 6th.
  4. 45 cal

  5. 45 cal

    I will be using for target and home defense only
  6. 45 cal

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting a handgun in the 45 cal. but would like to know which model is most sturdy and reliable?. I've also rented a few handguns at the range and seems to like the fnx model. I like to hear from experiences shooters. Thanks,
  7. Tejon Ranch Trail Cam Video!

    I was curious what happen to the piglet. Did mama or papa came to rescue? cause I saw a big black and a few grunts at the end....overall was a great footage.
  8. Next rifle...help.

    id go with a 308 cause easier to find ammo, legal for all big games in CA, and accurate with low recoil
  9. A few bucks hanging out

    you lucky hunter...hope to see one of these buck late this month
  10. Really nice A-Zone bucks!

    thats a nice wide racks, will be great for a first time hunter to shoot one of these bucks
  11. unique Buck

    you got two bucks on the trail cam. possible full fridge of venison
  12. Confirmation on buck.

    you got a nice forky that is perfect on the fork. Either you harvest or save it, next year he will be bigger
  13. Becareful at the Aqueduct

    safety is priority and i know there's alot of those scumbags looking for a easy way or freeload.
  14. Becareful at the Aqueduct

    yes, he was surely happy to have his gun or else something bad might happen to him. I always tell people to go in a group of 3 people of more to stay safe. But rarely I go solo, (if I go solo, my partner is coming along his name is 38special or 40s&w). lol
  15. Becareful at the Aqueduct

    A buddy told me the story from last week. I though I just want to share with ya. Make long story short. My buddy went fishing at the aqueduct near san luis reservoir and he noticed that a 4 door sedan pull up behind his car. He looked at the car and there was 3 gentlemans (2 looks caucasian and 1 hispanic), 2 caucasian got out of the car and walked towards my buddy. One of the guy say "If you don't want to get hurt, leave all your stuff on the ground and empty out your pocket". My buddy stepped a few steps back and say "WTF is your problem?". One of the white male approached him, and my buddy withdraw his glock 9mm and pointed at him. Both gentleman stopped and apologize and walked back to there car. My friend didn't have the chance to get there license plate number, but he did mentioned that it was dark red sedan, 2 caucasian male in there mid 20's to early 30's (one guy is about 5,9 and the other is close to 6,0).. He say that hispanic would be around 30's also. Both suspects was trashy looking and poor hygiene. I'm happy that he got back home safely. Stay safe everyone.