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  1. Fishingjim, try contacting the folks putting this on. I only heard about it through the fairgrounds.
  2. If it rains Saturday no match for me, I melt in the rain, so I'll try for the fairgrounds. Good on meeting up, but it's root beer now. Next they'll tell me no coffee...yeah right that ain't gonna happen.
  3. Hey Tom, it's not until this weekend. Sounds like you survived the winter out there...;>{)) Verne
  5. This will be like the college loan debacle...give money away, prices go up. So let's look at some numbers. Pittman funds to CA in 2012 (latest I could find) were $6.7M. I'm going to be very optimistic here and say they can talk them out of 5%, which is $335K. Hunting licenses sold in CA in 2015 is 278,977, which is the lowest since records kept in 1970. For free ammo at $40/box this would be 8,375 coupons or 6% of the licensed hunters. Good Luck! For the same reason I won't buy Barnes I also won't buy Smith & Wesson. They can look at their bottom line all day long, in the end it's me, the consumer, that makes their bottom line.
  6. Hi Steph, I don't have a line on a truck, however I can recommend a local to me used car dealership that doesn't rip you off. You are across the valley from us, however if you don't have any luck finding something local these guys may get a trade-in that would work for you: Ask for Junior, tell him Verne Terwilliger told you to call. I sold my wife's Murano and my 2005 Tacoma to them and they gave me a fair price. In turn he found me my RAM 4x4, although it took a couple of months because of what I wanted. I see your into gold panning; don't forget to come to Placerville next September for the International Gold Panning Championships. Bring your pan and enter! Verne
  7. Hi ballisticxlr, The ammo boxes are gone. Apologize for not updating this post.
  8. Stick with the 45-70 BP Bisley, that way you kill more with the shock value and besides you'll have the fields to yourself as your BFF leave you alone...;>{)))
  9. I NEED a storage container like that! As the story goes, get the hulls, then the wads, then the shot/powder, primers, then reload, then shoot, then repeat....addiction fixed!
  10. I had posted this over in the Forum for Members section last month with no response, so let's see if it works here. I have a couple of items the Members can have with a donation to Shooter John for the Forum. 1. 3 each, new MTM Deluxe 100 round Magnum Ammo boxes with handles in green. Listed on Midway @ $12.99/each. I ordered the wrong size for my 22-250. 2. Book: Predator Calling by Gerry Blair 2nd edition In good shape. Will throw in a copy of the DVD Coyote Rage, which is 106 minutes long showing 30 hunts on Public Land. I will ship these for free. You decide how much you want to donate to this great Forum and once Shooter John gets the funds I will ship these items to you. First "I'll take it" post here gets it. PM me with your address and I'll get them ready to ship. If you have any questions let me know. Verne
  11. I have Lee, Dillon, Lyman and Redding dies. I use the Lee and Dillon on ammo that is not for accuracy, i.e. cowboy action shooting. I use Lyman for my 38-55's and Redding dies for my 22-250. To me, if I was getting acceptable accuracy I probably wouldn't change a thing. If the rifle is very accurate and I wanted to squeeze as much as I could out of the rifle, then I may play with different dies and configurations, e.g. neck bushing dies, etc.
  12. Tri-tip is a favorite cut, but I would have never thought about corned or pastrami, however Amazing Ribs is a great site; guess I need to explore it more closely. I haven't ventured much passed their Memphis Dust Recipe...;>{))) Verne
  13. Oh yeah the wages! I was working ranches and making $600/month, plus a place to stay though, and was able to save some. Not complaining, it's like looking at an old Sears catalog from the early 1900's.
  14. So, I was pulling all my .224 stuff out to load up some rounds for an upcoming late shoot to Alturas. I came upon a couple of boxes of Hornaday bullets that I bought in 1974 for my 225 Winchester, one box of 55 gr. SP and one box of 55 gr. SP SX. My Savage 112 22-250 likes the 55 gr. bullet so I loaded them up. My surprise was the price tag on the box. Box of 100 was $4.20, from Bridge Sportmen's Center (for those in the central coast area.. ). Midway have these listed for $13.49 - $14.49. Don't ya just hate to be reminded of the "good old days"...