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  1. What kind of optics, magnification, distance do ya'll air gunners here shoot. More specifically... on breakbarrel/springers.I just bought a Leapers 4-16x50 AO. It's my first scope.I'd like to hear your setups.RWShunter Dave
  2. hi Crazyhorse, i'm David from ontario, california and I just wanted to find some info on field target shooting. if there are groups that meet regularly, etc. any tips? thanks.

  3. one time course(at least until laws change). full day course with lunch break, costs somewhere around 40 dollars i think.days are:1/30/102/27/103/27/104/24/10anyone down?
  4. Ontario, California (where the 60 and 15 meets)i'm down to go plink/ft/hunt. maybe have a barbecue, one night stay or just keep it a simple half day trip. take some reactive targets, some beer, etc. I would rather go as a small to med size group. I'm somewhat noob and my gun is stock, so i'd like to learn about the common tuning jobs and where you guys normally have it done.i know many of our members live in so cal, so hit me up!rwshunter, dave