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  1. Braz

    Leupold BX-1 Yosemite 10x30 Binoculars

    ill take them. Do you tske psy psl? If so send me info via message so i can get it toyou. Otherwise send me you address and ill send you a check. Will do that anyway if you prefer. Sending message wi5h my address.
  2. Braz


    Actually have furniture in the house and am sleeping here. Just in time too with all the storms. Feels good to know im not going to be forced to deal with the snow. Oll go up once in a while to check the place out and let the dog run in the snow. She loves it. But yhen i csn come back down and be warm and dry with no worries anout what its going to do overnight while im sleeping.
  3. Braz

    She does better than me

    Heck yea, id be happy too. Nice fish.
  4. Braz


    Its all coming together nicely. Going to title office tomorrow to sign and hopefully get keys in afternoon. I have a lof work that needs to be done that i would like yo get sccomplished befor the heavr rains wash me out. Besides needing to get furniture. House is totallyempty excet go kitchen appliances. Lot yo do pre rain. Looks like i will be out of her sway from the dnow this winter. Terrific.
  5. Braz

    daughters first deer

    What a beauty. Hats off to her being able to remain composed enough to make the shot at such a monster. I know it would be difficult for me to do so. Congratulations.
  6. Braz


    Rverything is progressing well. Escrow looks to close end of month. Hope so, snow season is upon us.
  7. You got me. I sure didnt intentionally. I thought i was ordering mags for the 260 remington for the tikka t3. On the front it says 5 round308 winchester/7.62natocompatible with aics spec bottom metal, redilly convertablefollower to incresemagazine to 6 round capicity, paint pen dot matrix. So you tell me what i have. It says 7.62 x51 on the mag itself. As to the price i posted what i paid,.
  8. Kinda left that off didn't I? Bad night. They are 7.62x51. Thanks for catching that.
  9. After getting the tikka 260 I ordered two mags for it. Or I thought that was what I was ordering. I either ordered the wrong ones or midway shipped the wrong ones. I paid $66.40 for the two mags. I don't feel like the hassle of returning them so will sell them here for $45 shipped.
  10. Braz

    New to me rifle

    Still looking for him. He was back today but I wasn't home. He was playing with my free standing hammock. It has been turned over. Not just the hammock but even the stand. Wish I had been here. Maybe he will be back tomorrow.
  11. Braz

    New to me rifle

    Got the vortex 3-22 scope mounted. Got it sighted in. Three rounds inside a four bit piece. Just off a front sand bag. I'm pleased. Sure makes it easier when seeing a deer to jump from the truck and load and be ready. Haven't seen anything but does and one spike. Could not put a fork on him.
  12. Braz


    Well I sure won't overdo moving. I have nothing but clothes to move. No furniture in the new house so have to purchase rverything. Going to be doing a lot of craigslist reading for awhile.but I will buy new mattresses. Damned if I want someone's bedbugs. I prefer my own. Most everything else can be picked up used. Save the money for other things. Like maybe a boat. I'll be pretty close to keswick reservoir. Don't know anything about it but bet it has fish. Of course Shasta won't be too far away either. So a boat goes onto the list of possible purchases.
  13. Braz


    Well I'm no longer looking for a snowmobile. I got the snow problem whipped. After being snowed in the last two winters decided I wasn't going to let that happen again. S I just went out and bought a small house in the Redding area. Doesn't snow much down there so I won't have to worry about it. I was just getting too old and stove up go deal with lots of snow. Just not able to hike around it it much anymore, and getting much more pron to serious health problems. If I have a serious stroke while snowed in paramedics can't get me out very easily. Hence the house. Not fancy nor very large. But will be warm and dry and hopefully I'll be able to get a shop back up and running. So all is going to be good . On a quarter acre so room for my big old dog to run around.
  14. Braz

    New to me rifle

    Now if I can just put mine to the sane test I will be tickled!
  15. Braz

    New to me rifle

    I picked up a vortex 3-12 got it mounted and got it sighted in. Sure nice to have that removable magazine filled up and in my pocket. If I see something while driving around I can bail out and have rifle loaded and ready to go very quickly. Noe to just start seeing some deer. May hav gotten a hot tip tonight. A young fellow got his first ever buck today. Had seen one that got away. But he kept plodding along and this pretty little fork jumped up outta his bed and started trotting away. He made a nice shot and brought it home. Location is just about a mile or 2 from my cabin here. So you can guess where I'm going home be taking a walk. Going to be next week after my brother gets here and goes with me. I don't walk too well anymore and stumble too much when brush is heavy and it has bed. Logged. Exactly this location. Want someone with me for safety! I'm just a wimp I guess. Oh yea tomorrow Friday I go to Redding to meet the seller of the tikka super lite in 300wm. Excited about that one too.