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  1. I haveboth the 642 and the 442 blue model. Love them very easy to carry.
  2. For me,ill just stick with the good old bolt action or if i think i need more speed fo a follow up shot ill go with y lever guns.
  3. Got a couple pictures of my little bronco 2. Body is strsight but needs pain badly. Had an estimate at masco of $2000. Hey just wanted somp paint splashed on didnt want to but another vehicle. So ive decided todo it myself. Maybe ratyle can or buy aspraygun from harbor freight andhaveat it. Wontbe a pro looking job but ifigure what the hell will look better thsn it currentlydoex sndwill hzve more protection against rust. Bought a roof badket for it offcraigslist. Will helphsuling csmping gear and extrs gas cans. Here is whatshe looks lightright now. Sorry im using my phone and just cant seem to get the correct line on photobucket yo copy over here. Only tried it a dozen times but won't work. Im trying the img line but not working. Worked on another site but not here. Very strange. Wish ihad mycomputer but all I have is this phone. Don't hsve an internet connection for the computer.
  4. Well picked up my little bronco. Seems to run pretty well a few issues that overall are minor. Window on drivers side door doesn't work. A buddy told me you can buy the mechanism to replace existing one and then it should work fine. Electric windows. Havent had the four wheel drive checked yet but will soon. Seems to handle snow ok. Got about 8 inches in my parking space at my rv. It goes right thru it. I do think the rear axel is locking up just fine. Hope the front does as well once I get it working. Rear hatchback door needs adjustment. Doednt always shut off dome light when closed. again an issue that can be easily fixed. Got new tires for it and shop checked all brskes when replacing tires. Brakes are all good. So i'm a happy csmper. Beats the hell outta that $45 a day for a rental.
  5. I was considering getting tjetracs for my wiad but procrastsnated long enoughigot snowed in. Had tohike out and my son drove me to redding to a motel. Ialso rented a car. Damn that's all expensive. My RV was at camping world just south of Redding getting some repair work done. Had another friend with truck drive me to cw to get the RV and pulled it toburney. Where i put itin thecasino rv park. Theyhsve a pretty reasonable monthly rate and z goid restaurant. That got rid of the expensive motel bills now to get rid of the temtal car. Found a pretty decent ford bronco iI. Needs tiresbut otjerwise looks ptettygood. So I grabbed it. Needs a windshild so tje guy idcalling his insirance co tomorrow to have it replaced. Ill put tires on ittogjtaway and have the 4 wherl drive looked at. Didnt seem like tje switches worked wiite right. But figured i can hsve it fixed. Stll will be anle to sell it in spring if iwant for enough tobteak even. Thst will eliminate csre tental costs. My ttuck is sitting in about three feet of snow. Triedgetting it out. But snow is too derp. Just pushing snow withbumper. Then it gets hi-centered. Get some rain and melt the snow and send it all down to the farmers in central calif. they need it and i dont want it. At least i dont have to worty about some theif sterling my truck. Csnt get far with it.
  6. Haven't priced then in town yet but I think I'm leaning yo the tracks. Hot the act already had electric start and reverse. Already licensed of registered what eve dfg it is we do with these things. Also have a parking space for it along my workshop. Extended the roof out. Submachine I would have th o come up with something else. Thanks everyone. I'm really thing about this right now ad I'm snowed in. I wasn't paying enough attention to the weather and it caught me. Is raining now so if it rains hard all night may be tomorrow I can get out. Not too optimistic though.
  7. Bisley. You pretty much nailed it. Additionslly all i have for internet here is my phone. These little keyboards and my fat fingers just don't go well together. The lingering effects of that stroke several years ago effects my ability to proof my typing. I do try to reread it but just read rightt over the errors. It does annoy the hell outta me to post up crap that i know is difficult to read and I do apologize for doing so. I try to get it cleaned up and spellcheck does help but unfortunately it doesn't always highlight all the errors. And having them pointed out to me ad csllvtacyaz did is fine as it highlights to all members the need to take care with your posts. We all benefit with better spelling and non text type of jargon. Thanks guys.
  8. My garmin nuvi tskes me to my front door. I just wonder if those drivers have a gps with them. If i were a driver i would definitely be asking for one. If the company wouldn't give me one i'd buy my own.
  9. Bought one of those s werk ago but they used some drlivery outfit ihsve never heard of. Cojldnt find me. I talked to the guy on the phone the dsy befor christmad snd he said he was just overloafed snd wojld come bzck first of the werk. Well then wd had dnow. With20" on the ground he cojldn't get to me. So yesyerday i got a messsge they were returning it si ill hsve to start sll over agsin. Ups had no problems finding me fed ex is worthless. Have nevef found me. Now this compsny. Not even sure of the nsme. But probably tomorrow ill reorder. I need s new scope snd this looks like a good one.
  10. Thanks for thinking of me but im really not a big fan of pink on my guns. Very nicely done though.
  11. Thanks guys. Comments ate appreciated. As to the amount ofsnow. Several years ago we had measured snow on the ground of 11 feet. Plows dont work as ilive on gravel roads and camp doesntallow any plowing as itfrequently results on torn uproads. John i am looking into tracks for my atv. I wouldnot have anyplan ofventiring awayfrom the camp alone. But i would plan on going with another csmp member with his machine. Two machines increase safety imensly. Again thanks for the comments.
  12. Comd on guys. I need some info. Have alreadyhad about 8-10 inches and eillbegetting morebegore too long. Ineed toget ghe danged thing while ican still drive my truck out. I am thinking thst reverse is pretty important. Electric start would be good too. Never know when i wojldn't be able tohanfle the pull start. Getting old snd losing strength snd an injury in a crash could strand me.
  13. Tell is what did you finally end up doing? If you reworked the knife we would like to see pictures of the finished product.
  14. Man that thing is beautiful. It would sure get me into shooting more.
  15. Ok im considering one. Need it to get from my csbin to the pavement plowed where i csn leave my truck. Also for getting into the back country around here for some indistirbed hunting. Wuestion though. Best brand to get. What things do ineed? Size engine size of track. What else. Used of vourse as new is just not dooable right now. Appreciate sny and sll suggestions snd comments.