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  1. whatjeffhunts


    Looking for a H&R Tamer 20ga single shot shotgun. If anyone has one they wanna get rid of or know someone let me know. Very important. Thanks -Jeff
  2. whatjeffhunts

    Binocular decisions

    I just bought a pair of Vortex Viper 10x42 and have used them successfully this season. Wanted the razers but they were a few hundred more. Honesty my eyes could not tell the difference between the $600 vipers and $1100 razers. The vipers have amazing low light capability, and you cant beat the Vortex warranty.
  3. whatjeffhunts

    Ruger American

    Im thinking about getting the .308. Normally hunt with my 300wm but want something lighter and less expensive to shoot.
  4. whatjeffhunts


    What I did personally is I bought a Smith and Wesson M&P-15 Sport for $600, then started adding upgrades and additions as I discovered what I liked and what works for my system.
  5. whatjeffhunts

    got my sheep!

  6. whatjeffhunts

    Yellowfin tuna in SoCal...

    What boat/company did you go out on???
  7. whatjeffhunts

    Decided on new safe

    Installed the lights, and started putting some stuff in it. Going to finish filling it this weekend in the mornings as my garage is probably pushing 110+ during the afternoons.
  8. whatjeffhunts

    Decided on new safe

    Well I decided on my new safe. I bout a superior safe from Bulldog Tuff Safes in Warren, OR. I have been researching going on 5 months, and after looking at dozens of options, reviews, specs, etc. decided on Superior. What you get for what you pay for is outstanding. American made, more steal then other American made safes, excellent fire rating and warranty. The things that sold me the most on the Superior Master 25 which I purchased is it comes standard with a door organizer, a double 12" led light bar, ac power outlet, 10ga steel body and a 3/8th inch plate steel door. I also opted for the standard S&G dial lock for reliability. Awesome safe at 850lbs, just a little hard to move. I am still setting it up, but here is a pic right after delivery. Will post more pics once its all set up. Specs: Continuous welded 10ga steel body 3/8 inch steel door with a 10ga back 1500 degrees for 90 minute Door organizer Light bar AC outlet S&G dial lock 850lbs
  9. whatjeffhunts

    Best Mid-Priced Scope for 5.56 ?

    I am a big Nikon fan.
  10. whatjeffhunts

    New 270 Ruger American

    Nice rifle. Hopefully will be getting one in .308 soon.
  11. whatjeffhunts

    July 4th Baby Backs

    Man I bet those were good!
  12. whatjeffhunts

    M&P Shield .40

    Top photo is with the flush fit mag. Bottom photo is with the extended mag. Its the .40 so the flush fit is only 6+1 and the extended is 7+1. With the 9mm you get 1 extra round per mag, plus all the other benefits of having a 9mm; less recoil, less wear on gun. I have a small wiener though so I had to get the .40. Actually I got the .40 because every time there is an ammo scare 9mm for my other guns is impossible to find, but walmart usually has .40 in stock, so more a purchase of convenience.
  13. whatjeffhunts

    M&P Shield .40

    My new baby!
  14. whatjeffhunts

    Glock 22

    https://www.facebook.com/stagestopgunshop?fref=nf Atwater Gun Shop. You can get the gen4 in a single shot exemption then convert it legely to standered 22.
  15. whatjeffhunts

    M&P Shield .40

    I was surprised at the feel too. I have medium/large hands and it feels and points really well. I am going to put Talon grips on it though, even in the store is was a little slick.