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  1. handgun

    Hearing Protection While Hunting

    Lately I have heard alot about damage from high decibels (sp) from behind the ear, something that the combo of plugs AND muffs can help prevent.This information was presented by a military pilot, avid hunter and gun sporstman, who is now all but deaf.
  2. handgun

    Pickled Eggs from my chickens...

    SJ, I can be at your house in about an hour and I will gladly pay $10 for a dozen of your finest pickled gems!!! maybe you need some yard work done???
  3. handgun

    Who makes best trigger for AR's

    I like the fact that you started your post with "I have recently bought several ARs."
  4. handgun


    Sweet rifle!! Good paint job.
  5. handgun

    My "new" Johnny Popper

    Nice score clampdaddy!!! She is B E A U tiful.gmoney yours looks good too but "slighty" modified...
  6. I hate to be the one asking dum-azz questions BUT...is that slate call for turkeys? Do you make calls other than predator calls?
  7. Holag - I agree w/ Karl, I just put that Hawke scope on my 30-30 and it works great. Not to mention great customer service and personal attention.
  8. handgun

    Strange Pic

    My vote is the Confederate soldier.
  9. handgun

    Darton Maverick XT Purchase

    I am gonna sell all my guns and go for archery, THANKS Desert Dog!!! When and where is the first lesson??
  10. handgun

    New Reloader

    I just bought an RCBS starter kit on ebay, it should be here in the next few days. My lovely wife expressed that the recently accuired glazed look in my eyes is very disturbing. She knows that this look means clinical obsession. All I can say is I am glad that around here (on this site) I am among friends.Here is to the next thousand rounds of hand loads!!
  11. handgun

    Looky what I ordered.

    I am keeping "Elsie" safe and sound for you, when you are ready!
  12. handgun

    Looky what I ordered.

    Clamp, are those fluid steel barrels, Ever thought of having the REAL thing?...Damascus!!!! Either way you got yourself a couple good looking boom sticks!!
  13. handgun

    308 or a 30-06

    First of all I vote .308.Secondly, 300 yards on a rabbit and 600 to 700 hundred yards on bigger game? I am calling BS. I think you might be exagerating slightly...
  14. handgun

    Good News and Bad News

    Regarding the Leverevelution from Hornady? I did read your post and will pick some up and let you know my results.
  15. handgun

    Good News and Bad News

    On the Members forum I posted pics of my 30-30 with its new Hawke HD IR. I zeroed it in this last Tuesday and love it. Does the elusive hat come with that model? :smiley_turkey_pop_up_log:ps. maybe Shooterjohn would move my post from the Members Forum to the scope & Optics form?