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  1. Hi everybody just wondering if someone knows where to fill a 4500 tank around temecula, i used to do it in sport chalet but they are gone now , Thank you in advance
  2. ill try tomorrow i went to a couple of the FD and they just say n, thank you
  3. here is my valve http://gallery.me.com/vhag/100066/DSC03128...=12499480790001
  4. my scba tank got home today so i took it to sport chalet to get it filled, and they say i need a adaptor, i took it to a fire department and they refuse to get even close to it, well how you guys got the 4500 psi fill and where, do you guys have a adapter? what kind? where i can get it ? i live in oceanside and your help would be much appreciated, thank you
  5. congrats rich next month you'll get 1st, keep the good shooting, and get another day at the SDPD range so we can do some practice,
  6. is a rock mount bipod, very solid
  7. actually i been talking to joe brancato and i am going to have a talk with him tomorrow and see what happen
  8. i like to get a 4500psi one because my 3000psi only fill my guns to 2800 like 3 times and then star going down
  9. i want to buy one if anybody have one for sale or know somebody let me know, thnk you
  10. johnfor some reason when i put the html code with the insert images it won't let me, thats why i just post the link to it, thank you very much
  11. i just download the document straight to my comp and work good
  12. cant get the page either, i can't believe how quiet this rifle is and accurate, i don't have a chrony but i am thinking on getting one to tune my airguns,
  13. yeyyy brown santa deliver one hr ago put the scope and is ready to shoot here are some pics
  14. i got one .22 coming on next tuesday, can't wait to have it on my hands,
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