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  1. must be free since no price is posted
  2. I have used many different tools for the primer pockets and found the best. Fast and easy to use was the Dillon Super Swager. I had a bunch of rem nickel plated brass that also had staked primers. When I RSO and pick up once fired brass I just run all of them thru the Dillon. Much easier than trying to look at each piece and decide if it is crimped or staked or not. Good luck Tom and stay safe---Doug
  3. Get treated corn cob and every load of brass put a dryer sheet(used is fine) that is cut up into 1/4ths in with it. Toss the dryer sheet every load and put another one (cut up) in. My media lasts for a very long time cleaning many 1000's of rounds.
  4. A Leupold 3.5X10X40 is one of the best choices for a hunting rifle. Actually the best. Works up close and way out there. If it is a heavy barrel squirrel shooting rifle then more power is better and you can select other brand since it is a fair weather rifle. The companies put "tactical" on all sorts of products(including scopes) because it is the way to sell more to the, usually, younger crowd that thinks the latest fad is so important.
  5. Thank you Johnny. He had a long(almost 92) and full life. I really do not know about factory ammo because I never buy any. Braz is a good guy so if I can help him I will.
  6. Do not know about a 35-06 but I have a lot of data for a 25-06 over my Chrono and for accuracy If factory ammo I would get ammo loaded with 100gr Nosler PAR or 100gr Swift A-Frames or Scirocco bullets. If hunting in a no-lead zone I would load 80gr Barnes TTSX or buy the factory Barnes ammo with the same bullet. Depending on what you want/need I could help you out with it since you treated me so well when I needed it. I have not killed anything with your call yet but now that my dad has passed on I will have more time for myself. I hope to get to hunt more. PM me if you want data or ammo
  7. Good luck with your project and shooting
  8. John---Not a personal attack. I do not even know him. If he chooses not to use their product that is fine with me. To cause others not to due to mis and incomplete information just does not seem right to me. NO MATTER who is giving it. If you actually read and thought about my post. my post you would have seen that I was just trying to give all the facts about Barnes and other companies that have screwed us and even not just in Cal. Putting out only a small part of the story is not very fair especially for people who do not know anything about it. I do not think anyone that an answer to the mis and incomplete info is an attack on a person. YES sometimes I am not PC or as tactful as others. But I try to be honest and straight with my posts. John maybe they should have changed the name. They did not but they also came out with a much better product and we should hold any of that against the NEW people who had nothing to do with what happened before they bought the company. Much like I pointed out in my 1st (deleted and above) post. Should Ruger, S&W and the many other companies that have wronged us at one time or another have changed their names also? Maybe or not. I am sorry if you felt it was an attack and until you are better and we talk I will no longer post/visit the website to make things easier on you. I hope you get well soon and Take Care. Oh and you brought it up not me. I tried to make a nice post this time to not stir the pot. To repeat I do not even know him and have no personal beef with him ---I just have a problem with anyone who only gives one side of a story that is hurtful to someones livelihood or a person. Take Care and speedy recovery John---Doug
  9. Thanks. Hope you do well in A zone----Doug
  10. Well said. There are plenty of other firearm and firearm related companies that have screwed us for their own good yet we keep using their products. We would have a very limited number of companies we could buy from if we boycotted all of the guilty ones who still have the same owners. Let alone the ones that that have changed ownership but keep the same name like Barnes did. Follow 4 simple rules and you will find the Barnes bullets will be super accurate, have good terminal performance and not foul the bore excessively. I have loads for them for 44mag,454casull, 257R, 25-06, 257W, 6.5X55, 264win mag, 7-08,308win, 30-06, 300win mag, 338win mag and 50BMG. I also have loads for the VG bullets in 223 and 204R. They have worked well here in the USA and in Africa taking quite a number of animals. Truth be told I mostly prefer Swift bullets or Nosler Partition for larger game and Hornady 55gr SX bullets in my 223 for ground squirrels. Now that we will need to get away from the lead type bullets I have tried the GMX but it did not shoot well in my 308 caliber rifles/pistol so I went to the Barnes. Problem solved. The Nolser E-tip are like the older Barnes X-Barnes except with a harder alloy. They have the same problems with pressure spikes, must be loaded to lower specs and in some cases expansion problems that the Xbullet did since they are the same design. So I did not use them. I used the old Barnes X-Bullets bullets before the Ca thing years ago and they were hit and miss as to working well in different rifles. Shoot-it----When you load some 100gr bullets I would like to compare them to my 6.5X55 over my chrono. I may get a 260 for my grandson(due in Nov) and granddaughter(2 years old) since getting and building a 257R for each of them like I did my daughter will be just too expensive.
  11. I see Bass Pro has them and they are close. Thanks everyone for the help. Once I buy a new tin of them I will find my old ones.............never fails
  12. I am in the middle of the central valley but thanks for the info.
  13. Thanks for the info. I do not keep up with the airgun stuff like I do the rifle/pistol stuff. I will look for them if I cannot find the ones I have. Only need 5-10 for a few opossums in my yard. Every few years I get some that move in.
  14. I guess that is what I will do. Wish I could find the original box of them I have somewhere. Thanks for the help
  15. Any good places to get 5mm pellets. I have an old air rifle that is a 5mm(20cal) that still works great but I cannot find my pellets for it. I looked at Dicks since I drove by there to go to a computer place today. All they have are 22cal and 177.
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