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  1. I have a one foot square piece of AR500 that is 1.5" thick. I need to make a stand for it. It is quite heavy. I did shoot it at 100 yards on an inclined bank set up in the dirt. 30-06 barely knocked off the rust. 50bmg AP went about 1/2 the way thru but also moved it about 3 feet up the bank and it is a heavy piece of steel.
  2. docskinner---PM send. I see you are in Concord. I am near and if you ever want to get together to shoot or reload just let me know.
  3. docskinner----I should have been more specific. I meant the same family owns Ruger. Bisley--You are welcome to your own thoughts but it is NOT the same company that screwed us. Just as the other companies are not the same ones that screwed us in other ways. Do you not buy from them also? I have seen troubles with GMX and Nosler also. Any problems with the Barnes TTSX is caused by the reloader and not the bullet. There are 4 simple rules to follow with the TTSX(which most apply to the GMX and Nolser) to have them give excellent terminal performance while also giving excellent accuracy. By your own 1st sentence you show no common sense. If the new owners had changed the name to John Doe or Bisley Bullets then you would buy them, but since the name is the same you will not. Very sad since they are actually better than the GMX or Nosler. This is my last post on this. You can lead a mule to water but cannot make it drink.---No matter how much you explain the facts to it. Someone has to be the spokesman for honest reasoning and I will not be beat down by someone who cannot see the flawed argument he gives. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
  4. Because they(Nosler) do not have the band they say not to exceed the mid-range load for their regular bullets. They are like the old Barnes design and they would have pressure spikes at a lower powder charge. Not so with the new design by the NEW OWNERS and new products of Barnes. These are not the same people who "screwed us". It is not the same company only the same name. Much like the Herters brand is not the same as the one I knew in the 1960 which is now under the new owners. That would be Cabelas and soon Cabelas and Bass Pro. Just like Redfield optics today are not the same owners as years ago when they competed with Leupold. Now Leupold owns Redfield. S&W is not the same company that screwed us years ago also. Ruger is still the same owners/company that pushed 10 round limits years ago and found out that did not fly well with sportsmen. Winchester is not the same owners today as they were years ago when people were so high on their model 70 rifles. Bisley---You really need to get over it since the company you hate is no longer the same company that has the name you hate. Life moves on and you should try to also---But that is just my take on things. This is NOT a put down for you. I just think the whole picture should be put out there for others to make their own choices. I have much data on non-lead Barnes bullets and learned how to make them work well if anyone is interested. I have tested the following-223(VG), 257R, 25-06, 257W, 6.5X55, 264win mag, 7-08, 308win and 300win mag. I am still trying to get the data for 338Win mag. I also have Swift and Nosler data for these if anyone is interested. All data is over my Chrono and accuracy is with the rifle forearm on a sandbag and buttstock in my shoulder. Some days my shooting is better than others but the Chrono data is good. I also have bullets loaded for the 50BMG but have not got around to testing them. They are hunting bullets. Shoot-it also has a good load for the 7Rem mag with GMX bullets. I tried the GMX but prefer the TTSX from the NEW Barnes company. I was not happy with the old company or their product(X-Bullets reg or coated) either.
  5. ^^^ John has it right------------OR------------get out and shoot it up. Then load your non-lead ammo.
  6. Start with a single stage. You will continue to use it even if you get a progressive later. I would get a Dillon 650 with case feeder as a progressive. I have a Dillon 650 and 3 single stage presses. I use the Dillon for 9mm and 45ACP. I use a RCBS Jr for other pistol ammo and small amounts of 9mm or 45ACP. All rifle cartridges are sized on the RCBS Rockchucker and bullets seated on the RCBS Jr press. I use a electronic scale/measure now but for years used a RCBS Uniflow powder dispenser. I batch process my brass(except for the Dillon) and crank out a large amount of cartridges in approx. 35 different cartridges. My 2 Cents
  7. You can get into trouble(pierced or blown primers) if you use pistol primers I a rifle cartridge. Especially mag one and others that are at the top end of the pressure curve. Using a rifle primer in a pistol(except 454Casull) you may have misfires due to thicker/stronger cup.
  8. And here I thought you guys were talking a different kind of headlights---ex-wife
  9. I also want to see them have to pay the hunter for each round they take. The paperwork alone would cost the state a fortune .........and rightly so.
  10. Sorry to tell you but sometimes yes and sometimes no. Best to find a bullet/load combo that works for you and stay with it. Of course many of us test/experiment with other bullets and powders to see what happens. To me that is part of the fun of reloading. Others get one combo and never change. Just depends on your personality.
  11. Glad I could help. I would give up a small bit of accuracy for more speed especially with the non-lead bullets. Speed helps terminal performance so very much.
  12. I have no problem with the 22cal, 25cal, 6.5mm, 7mm, 308cal lead free bullets in multiple cartridges. There are a few things that you need to do differently to get accurate loads. When you do the correct thing I have found them to be as or more accurate than lead core bullets. If you are having trouble PM me and I will give you my phone number so I can walk you thru the different steps. I have loaded but not shot over my Chrono loads for my 338win mag. I have also loaded for my 44mag pistol and it was accurate but I have not gotten around to chrono them.
  13. No not really. The Hornady book calls for a max of 62grs
  14. I have used Win 760/H414(same thing) for ever in my 30-06 with 150gr bullets(partition, BT, Hornady,Speer) and Speer 130gr HP which is my favorite deer bullet. Win760/H414--60grs--mag primer--130gr HP or 150gr Partition. We have killed hundreds of deer and a few pronghorns with this load in a 30-06. Semi-auto, pump, bolt action and single shot. Worked well in all of them.
  15. Looks like it is worth trying both ways