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  1. I have a mint silver and black FX Impact .30cal with a high capacity mag kit, 700mm X barrel kit, comes with hard case. Currently shooting JSB 44.75 pellets at 875fps
  2. Sorry Brant i didn't see your reply. I love it, an amazing gun. I have taken squirrels out to 186 yards so far and managed a 2" group at 204 yards.
  3. CBR400RR


    Had the day off so I decided to go out to the mountains and do some squirrel hunting. The weather was perfect and everything was so green with a light cool breeze. I had two of my longest kills ever at 186 yards and a near miss at 204 yards with my FX Impact .30 cal. I was laying down shooting towards the rock just to the right of the trees on the other side of the field in the first pic which was 186 yards. The second pic is from the rock looking back at the large tree I was laying under. About 25 yards to the right of the 186 yard rock and father away was the one I missed 3 times at 204 yards. I didn't realize that it was a lot windier down at the 204 yard rock until I walked down there to see. I did manage to do a 3" 3 shot group at 204 yards though as the pellets exploded on the rock when I missed the squirrel, maybe next time I will break the 200 yard kill mark for me. One thing that was crazy was at those ranges was that fact that after you pulled the trigger there was a pause, then the squirrel flipped into the air, landed on the rock then you heard the pop from the pellet hitting it. I have my scope zeroed in at 25 yards so to make these shots I had to set my scope to 10x and use 6.5 mil dots hold over for 186 yard shot and 8 mil dots holdover for the 204 yard shot. I will say a squirrel at those distances with 10x looking like a grain of rice.....lol
  4. CBR400RR


    Anyone in San Diego area? I have Wednesday off and want to go hunting or target shooting.
  5. I'm selling a mint like new FX Impact .30cal ST 600mm barrel kit, $300 shipped in the continental USA.
  6. CBR400RR

    New gun

    Anyone know the BC for JSB .25 and .30 cal pellets and what would be the most accurate velocity for them in an FX Impact? I just got a new setup,
  7. I live in Vista now, what FX are you waiting for? I have only been hunting a few times this year, always manage to get at least a dozen or so. I'm getting ready to order a new FX Impact setup to use at next year's Extreme Benchrest competition. Let me know if you want to go hunting, target shooting or if your interested in carpooling to the Extreme Benchrest next year.
  8. Anyone else make it to the Extreme Bench rest this year? I made it to the finals in the 75 yard bench rest. Only the top 40 out of 160 competitors made it to the finals which were shot at 108 yards is what I was told it was lasers to. The wind was bad and I miss 4 targets but still managed 2 10 rings and 1 10X which put my in 7th place I believe. Hope to go back next year and try to do better. Looking to find someone in Southern California to carpool with and maybe share a hotel room to cut down on cost.
  9. I went to Arizona last month and competed in the 75 and 100 yard benchrest match. It was so windy the target frames blew over and mine snapped in half. I managed to get second place in the 75 yard match and just missed 3rd in the 100 yard. Here is my best 75 yard group of the day.
  10. Just checking to see what everyone is up to.
  11. Your screwed, I have 15 airguns and I still need more for some reason.
  12. I'm thinking about getting an Ataman M2R Carbine Ultra Compact Air Rifle, Black Soft-Touch, anyone have one or shot one? what are your thoughts on this airgun?
  13. Sport Chalet, scuba shops or some paintball shops can fill tanks.
  14. That would be awesome, I would love to go to a place that you could camp, hunt and fish. You would not have to hike in with much food
  15. Is there any place in Southern California that you can go camping and also hunt with airguns? I would like to take my kids out one weekend and rough it a little.
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