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  1. Where in San Diego can I go? Any reliable smiths anyone know of?
  2. I picked up an old SxS 12 gauge many years ago. Had it sitting in the closet for years at my family's farm house without ever firing a shot. I dug it out yesterday and thought it might be fun to use it for small games. But it is in very old condition so I would like it checked out before using. Is there a smith in the San Diego area that can do this and how much does it generally cost? The only marking on the gun is Nitro Hunter written on the side. It has most bluing on the outside, one barrel looks good on the inside, the other appears to have an area of pitting in it. I figure the gun is worth no more than $100, so depending on how much it cost to have it checked out, it may or may not be worth it. Is this something I should bother doing? Or should I just go trade it in for a gift card during the next gun buy back program?
  3. Thanks guys. Ok, I guess that pretty much made up my decision for me. Stick with my .22 and 20 gauge for field hunting... LOL.
  4. By the way, does constant velocity always imply consistent POI, provided all other variables are fixed? Is it possible to experience shifting POI even when muzzle velocity is consistent? For instance, the duration of valve opening may vary according to pressure, which affects the rate of acceleration of the pellet in the barrel, such that you achieve a fixed muzzle velocity, but still see shifting POI? As you can tell, I don't have a chrono, so don't know if velocity is the only variable. So far, I have only used PSI as a gauge, and tried to relate it to accuracy. From your experience, do you find that velocity is a good measure? Better measure than going by PSI alone? If so, I might have to invest in a chrono as well..
  5. Thanks for the tip. Might be worth getting a regulator put in then. How much am I looking at to do that and do they last? I resisted because I hear they wear out quickly, and I hate the idea of equipment failures in the field. Now I just reserve the marauder for pesting ground squirrels around my yard adjacent to a farm, and at fixed ranges, instead of taking it out to the field. (when i only have to calculate one variable, PSI, instead of two). Otherwise I love the accuracy on these PCPs.
  6. Nice shooting. My marauder 22 shoots low when PSI is at full. Then POI climbs when PSI drops to 2700, and then POI dropping off again at 2400. The constant checking of pressure to compensate for holdover along with the rise and drop over distance makes it a real pain for hunting in the field. Before I discovered this, I always thought that I had to re-zero it all the time. Turned out it was just a mess of calculation to compensate for the PSI change. Now I just prefer a 22 or shotgun instead. How's the 25 react to PSI change? You think the change in POI might be due to a pressure issue?
  7. Great story. Sounds like maybe pm session would be the thing.
  8. Finally finished my first stock. Bought a used Disco on the Yellow, decide to put a better stock on it. Made by hand tools only, since that is all I have access to. A drill, hand held jig saw, a dremel, sandpaper, and a few hand rasps. Wanted to see if I can make a stock by hand. Was able to pull this off in about 3 weeks. Not perfect, but I was debating on doing this for a while since I wasn't sure if it was possible with limited tools. Tried to find how to do it online, with limited information available (like how to do the inletting). Finally took the plunge just so I can see if it is even possible. Using maple plank from Home Depot $35 Cut 3 identical pieces with hand held jig saw, then glued and clamped with gorilla glue Sanded flush to make a poor mans stock blank Inletted using hand drill, dremel to widen the holes, then hand rasp. Barrel channel made with sandpaper around a toilet plunger handle. Thumb hole made the same way. drill, dremel, then rasp. Then hand rasp for contouring Contouring done. Sanding and finishing. No stains. Finished off with Bisley recoil pad With the gun mounted on. Then I went and shot it: