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  1. Have had lot's of Bino's but the best I've owned and have had for 20 years are the Swarovski's. I know I hunted a few times with Rimrock and he tried my Swaros and the next time I saw him he had a pair like mine. I'm tough on equipment and I don't think you can go wrong with them.
  2. John Very Nice. Is it road legal?
  3. Bisley I'm just glad you work the Iron pile and don't do prostrate exams with those hands!! ;-)
  4. Very Nice!
  5. I keep most my toys batteries up with those mini battery maintainers. I make sure the batteries are dated also. Those new tiny little battery jump systems are pretty amazing. I keep one in my truck now. I think I bought it at amazon. I forget what they call it.
  6. I'll be out and will be monitoring 11 unless it gets too stupid. Boat's name is "Hooked Up" out of Monterey. Coastside member also go by Hoagie there. Doesn't look very promising but we'll see.
  7. Yea this new fuel is a problem, they say it starts degrading in 6 weeks. Use fuel stabilizer that doesn't have alcohol in it. I used to fish Melones a lot. This time of year the bite is off and on and the fish are shallow. 49 bridge used to be one of the go to spots. With the Lake so low everything changes.
  8. I've got a Stock 2010 F-150 4x4 crew cab w/the v-8. I have 90000 miles on it. No problems, comfortable, tows boat, dump trailer, etc. real well. Tow/haul button works great for being easy on the brakes. Still on orig. front brakes. Replaced rear brakes @ 80000 miles. It's getting close for its second set of tires by next winter. I have the Nav. System which I like with the blue-tooth that is really handy. I've been riding it hard and putting it out wet for almost 4 years. Good truck and I'll probably get a new one pretty soon. The eco boost wasn't out when I got mine but it's a premium that I don't know if it's worth it. Many of my friends have them and the mileage is not what is advertised. The comments about the turbos on the eco boost motor I believe are valid points. My experience if you leave them stock with no lift kits, big tires, and other chassis or engine aftermarket add on stuff you'll be better of in the long run when it comes to tires, brakes, shocks, and general driving comfort.
  9. Second the surveyor. I have the name of a very good one in your area if you want it. Stay away from I/O's if leaving it in a slip in the Delta. Great looking boat.
  10. We limited quick yesterday North of the canyon and outside the fleet. I think staying away from the fleet and finding a little pocket of fish is the ticket. Blowing today maybe tomorrow. Might fish Thurs. if the weather guesser is right. We are taking out some Disabled Vets. for the Derby on Friday and Saturday if the weather holds. More to report later.
  11. I've had a Rifle Basix on my Marlin for a long time. Well worth it. I had a friend who is a amateur gunsmith put it in and adjust. It works very well with no slam fires as described previously.
  12. Fishing is good out front of Moss for sure. Will be back out again tomorrow. Picked up one today over 30#. BBQ is going.
  13. Yea Graystone I'll do that. Boat's name is "Hooked Up" I'll be out there Sat. with all the Nimrods and till whenever the weather turns bad. I get tired of all the BS on 11 and also monitor 88. Hoagie
  14. Tom I may start in Monterey but I have a fast boat and if I hear the bite is @ HMB and the water is flat I'll be there. I can't trailer my boat but I can be there in a few hours by water. I hear C.S. has a heck of a party up there. Hoagie
  15. Well everybody is gearing up in Monterey, Santa Cruz, HMB and north for the Opener on April 5th. Looking forward to a good year here in Monterey Bay and getting tired of eating fresh King Salmon.