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    bass fishing

    Nice job. Never tried crappie. What caliber did you use?
  2. Thanks John. They work amazing, even with sweaty hands in 103 degree heat. VZ Operator II grips. Oh, I also had to purchase a new crib for the girl. I couldn't bring myself to buy anything but leather for her
  3. Thanks. If you knew the, for lack of a better word, infestation, where I take most these rabbits you would never believe it. Not uncommon to see dozens and dozens in the roughly !/2 square mile I like to hunt in. On a good day I'm lucky if i even get a shot at one of every ten I see. And the .308 is fun, but the 45gr Lehigh Controlled Chaos in the .22-250 makes the .308 look like it a BB gun. Tried it once, just once, literally split in two! I went to the furniture store too. Needed something to break up the solid black look. Extremely comfortable and will much better with sweaty palms in the desert heat.
  4. Bisley

    cz bobwhite

    Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Have you considered the possibility of a Cortisone shot? Some will find it lasts a short while while other last forever. I am going on three years for a wrist I could not even tie my shoes with. I know the 12ga is a handy little scattergun, I can only imagine how quick that 20ga handles!
  5. That's worth it just to not have to mess with all the prep work. If it were me it would be more like $1000/120 prepped cases lol.
  6. Well, I took your advice as an excuse to get out for the day. Spent the entire day yesterday upgrading the bike trailer so I could shoot/ride today. It was worth it!!! After cleaning the Kimber up on Wednesday and giving her a good oil rubdown she didn't have one single hiccup today. She definitely has an affinity for Longshot and Unique powder behind 185gr FP Xtreme copper plated bullets. With the 6gr load of Unique being my go-to. Very mild and comfortable, not to mention I can keep 5 rounds in the 2" targets when I do my part. And it hits exactly to where I like my POI to be. One thing I have to keep reminding myself is that the softer I hold, the better I shoot. And the less recoil I feel. If I hold it just this side of dropping it the bullets holes stack on top of each other at 15 and 25 yards, shooting freehand. It's like she can will the bullets to hit. Absolutely amazing. Now, if I can just remember that when the adrenaline is pumping I'd be golden
  7. Well, I finally went out to pick her up yesterday. Short version, I am totally enamored and in love!!! Why oh why did I wait so long??? Long story, I learned a lot. After leaving work, driving 140 miles, and waiting in line to get in (riot/looting prevention), we had under a 1/2 hour to shoot. This thing is a Cadillac! Unbelievably smooth, and recoils lighter than my Ruger P89 9mm does. I didn't realize the 1911's I shot were 4" aluminum frames pistols. I was not ready for the luxury of the 5" steel frame and slide pistol. As far as flinging lead, what's to say? The first shot caught me by surprise since my only two auto pistols are a 25 year old S&W 410 SA/DA 40cal and the Ruger SA/DA P89 9mm. After pulling table legs for trigger so long a REAL trigger is amazing!!! And every pull of it produced a 7/16" hole directly above the sights. And with the super smooth cycling, follow up shots were almost too easy. While pulling it straight out of the box and throwing rounds downrange is not ideal, I had no choice. I had one or two stovepipes, but I was also shooting reloads for a caliber I have never owned, and didn't even have a firearm to check them with. I can live with a couple of hangups under those conditions. I also was shooting the two 8 round extra Kimber mags I ordered. I don't think I could be more happy. And it was worth the drive(s) dealing by with the great folks at Second Amendment Sports in Bakersfield.
  8. Bisley


    Or what I call "mag fillers" with lead on top........ I just didn't want you to get frustrated without warning. They are extremely tough, and would most likely punch right through with little expansion think skin like coyotes. That bullet would actually be better off on pig or deer.
  9. Bisley


    What are you hunting with a 223 that you need GMX bullets for? They are an extremely hard gilded metal, not copper. If hunting predators, I don't think you'll get the performance you want. I think Lehigh Bullets in 45 or 55gr would be your best bet. I know Shoot-it has dropped a few in their tracks with them. And they are much easier to find a load for (for me) than the GMX. And I'm a Hornady fan!
  10. Thanks John. I can't remember if that's the same one his wife put in her CCW. She enjoyed shooting his full size, but wanted a smaller one to carry. I have always wanted a Colt 70 series or Commander, but am not willing to pay that for a used firearm of unknown background. I don't need ambi-everything as I am who it is being bought for too. This is just a beautiful pistol with a very nice factory trigger, and known to be superb shooters. Just what I wanted. I also really like how the white dot sights stand out on the all black frame. They had one with the tritium sights, but they looked like old faded sights to me in the daytime. Since 99.99% of what I do is daytime, the white just made much more sense. These 10 days are d r a g g i n g on now lol.
  11. After being ridiculed by a friend and his family for yours as being "UnAmerican" for not owning either a .45Auto nor a 1911 style pistol, I decided it was time. I was going to fill both niches in one shot with a used Colt at a local firearms auction yesterday. But after many weeks of thought, and watching these bids skyrocket before the auction was even open, I felt it would be much wiser actually spending LESS money on a new Kimber 1911. The whole full warranty vs. not knowing how a used Colt was treated, plus the fact that Kimbers are known for being shooters, really pushed. Same said friend owns a few Kimbers, as well as his wife (CCW pistol) and he son has one as well. Had the chance to shoot a couple Memorial Day weekend again and never gave a used Colt another thought. Now, as anyone who has tried knows, good luck finding any gun let alone a beautiful new Kimber right now!!! After calling around and looking online for several days I all but gave up . Fast forward to Thursday when I text my buddy at our 9:00 break I'd all but given up, he said he forgot about it and would check the LGS on his lunch hour. Phone goes off at 12:30 with a text saying they have a couple in store. I get a hold of him at 3:00 to let him know I'm on way...... to Bakersfield.......130 miles away!!! Got there at 5:00, met him at 5:30, finished adoption papers at 6:30 and had dinner with his family the rest of the evening before coming home. So Happy late birthday to me (Memorial Weekend) and it will be a Happy Father's Day when I bring her home the week before it. I'll pick it up after work a week from Tuesday and break it in at the range in the store before coming home. A beautiful bouncing baby Kimber Custom II girl Already have a couple hundred rounds loaded ans spare 8 round mags on the way
  12. OK, first off sorry, no pics. W tend to leave the cameras off when I'm with my longtime hunting buddy because of his career and possible political consequences. Anyway, got the chance to check the 45gr Lehigh bullets in the 1-12 twist Remington 22-250 this weekend. They will definitely stabilize. Without any kind of load development we were able to pull off about 1-1/4" 5 shot groups without really trying. I know for a fact this will go sun MOA once the $25 scope that came with it gets replaced. It really is THAT bad. This bullet will make an amazing coyote round in the 250! We were also able to repeat the 35gr NTX load exactly as two weeks ago, which was a left to right string about 1-1/8". Again, this is a load NOT developed for this rifle.
  13. Bisley

    cz bobwhite

    Keep that stuff up there!!! W hit 90 today and that was too hot for this old boy! I doubt you will have a problem. I have both the Bobwhite (SxS) and the Canvasback (O/U) and they both are right on the money.
  14. Bisley

    cz bobwhite

    Congrats, you should be very happy. I have it's big brother, the Bobwhite in 12ga. as well. As handy as the 12ga. is I can only imagine how sweet the 20ga. is. Sure hope it brings joy and a smile to you. This is what I have learned to do, especially with my fat sausage fingers lol. The only drawback to the double trigger I had was not the gun's fault. The knuckle of my trigger finger would take quite a beating when I pulled the rear trigger. But, I will honestly admit two things. First, my fingers have been best described as 1/4 pound hotdogs . The other is the fact that I was used to an auto, and our handloads were meant for T-Rex dinosaurs fired out of a mounted gun . When I loaded to a more human spec it was never an issue. If you reload shotgun John, forget about Bismuth check out American e-shot. Uses all lead shot components, and is built just for this purpose. It dropped ducks for me stone cold dead at 40 yards but can be crushed with a pair of pliers. Amazing technology. American E-Shot New! American Shot - non toxic shotgun shells, environmentally friendly shotgun shells, eco friendly shotgun shells
  15. That's funny because I also have a Howa bolt and an H&R stainless single shot. I don't know what your budget is, or how much you do or don't want to spend, but here are a couple nice barrel choices. I can speak personally about this exact barrel as it is what I have on mine. It is also the only one of the three that shoots the Nosler 55gr Lead Free Ballistic Tip exceptionally well. For some reason I cant get the other two to like them. 20" 243 Barrel Rifle Length Gas BY ANDERSON MANUFACTURING I have nothing bad to say abut this. Not a "known" vendor, but one I have ordered from multiple times with great success. The other option would be these guys. X-Caliber Barels Both my bolt action and AR 22-250 have their 1-9 twist barrel and both are absolutely amazing shooters. And they ship ahead of their expected wait times too. Even called me on the first one because they recommend my threads on the muzzle should be 5/8-24 and not 1/2-28. Again, not a bad word to say about them. I would have used them if I hadn't gotten an e-mail at just the right time, and Anderson is a reputable manufacturer. I also can't recommend this enough if you are doing the building. You can, and will, use it for a million different reasons. A MUST have. Wheeler Delta Series Upper Receiver Action Block & Picatinny Rail Vise If you're looking for a lightweight, very reasonably priced, very well built handguard then let me know. I can PM you a few places.
  16. Well I FINALLY got the chance to get out this weekend. Last weekend was canceled as my buddy almost forgot we were set to gout out on the day of his wedding anniversary I will give a little setup here first because it is needed. I was able to try the Lehigh 45gr Controlled Chaos as well as the 50gr Maker T-Rex bullets. The only problem was I did not do it until after 6 hours of shooting in the 95 degree Mojave heat, and 20mph Mojave wind. It was an absolutely perfect day until just about 2pm. We were shooting shotuns shells with pistols under the EZ-Up when out of nowhere a gust blew it over and the wind was coming in. While they grabbed up the remains of the E-Up I rushed to sight in the 22-250. I only had 8 rounds of the Maker and 7 rounds of the Lehigh because my Hornady bullet puller hadn't come in yet and I was killing myself with those long light bullets with the hammer. Anyway, All 15 shots were taken in less than about 3 minutes. The barrel was screaming hot, the bench was shaking in the wind, and I was drained form the heat. None the less I still managed to get both groups in at right at 1-1/4" each. I know for a fact they will both shoot under an inch, actually, well under an inch (maybe half that) if I were smarter and did it under ideal circumstances. I only wish I had the chance to try the 45gr Lehigh in my buddy's 1-12 twist 22-250 . Maybe Memorial weekend? We did however try the 35gr NTX in his 250 with great results. Even with the factory package scope (Remington) that was like looking through a fish bowl his boy managed a sub 1" group with them. Conclusion: The 35gr NTX has shot well in every 22-250 we have tried them, from 1-12 to 1-9 twist. And they have been proven to work fine. The 45gr Lehigh Controlled Chaos has shot excellent in the ,223 and very well in the faster twist 22-250. Sorry I didn't get the chance to try the 1-12 twist........yet If you're looking for a tougher bullet than the frangible Lehigh in the .223 you may want to consider the Maker 50gr T-Rex. it did not shoot the one hole group like the Lehigh for me, but far from not being accurate enough for any hunting a .223 would do.
  17. Why not? I love mine. They are a lot of fun. What are your plans for it? While not the lightest gun you will own, it is not impossible to carry. The only thing you may have to do is play with the buffer weight. Both my .243 and .22-250 were undergassed believe it or not? Had to lighten the buffer. Very easy to do and have not had a problem with either of them. Do you already have a barrel picked out. If not, I have a pair of possibilities for you. I would suggest a 1-8 twit though for heavier weight lead free bullets. But my 1-8 also handles 55 grain Nosler lead free and 60 grain Sierra HP's spectacularly.
  18. I don't know if you've already bought anything Tom, but my RCBS swager came today. After reading this it finally motivated me buy it. The one on my Lyman case prep center gets to my fingers. I don't do enough to justify the Dillon so I bought the RCBS at 1/3 the price and used the saved money to buy the Hornady can lock bullet puller and some collets. Should have bought this a LONG time ago!
  19. Thanks John, I will be ordering one. We must share the same brain, the second bullet I ever pulled had a piece of paper under it for the exact same reason. I know they say you are supposed to hit on wood, and that works for 100gr+ bullets, but if you've ever tried to pull a deep seated 35gr copper bullet then concrete is your friend.
  20. I have considered picking one of those up, but my only concern was knowing if you can reuse the bullets. I'm not worried about precision shooting with them after pulling, minute of rabbit or maybe coyote. At a buck a bullet sometimes it's kind of a requirement for my cheap arse 😇. Are you able to reuse them with that setup?
  21. Bisley

    fur friendly

    I'm currently watching Joe Kidd, and watching Duvall handle that '99 made me think of this thread. Damn!, probably scratch the itch at the next firearm auction........
  22. My fat sausage fingers can only grip .30cal and larger 😛
  23. Yep, Lake City, Perfecta, many Wolf cases, I have cursed them all.
  24. Can you see how worn out the beater end is? Wonder how it got that way?.....
  25. I haven't watched the video lol. Yes, I'm one of those guys, guilty. But I already knew and understood the concept before I bought it. I'll have to watch it when I get home. And don't feel bad, my family always thought my dad and I were crazy because everywhere we went we would check out the cosmetics and structural integrity of the buildings we went into 😁. Nothing wrong with taking pride in your work 👍
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