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  1. Sounds like me at the bar in the old days 😂. The one that keeps surprising the Hell out of me is that 3-9x Redfield on your Tikka! I just wish it had a little more magnification. Certainly great for coyotes, but them squirrels are a little small for my blind eyes lol.
  2. Run away from the BSA. For a great price try this. I bought one a couple months ago for my new 17hmr but ended up putting it on the .264LBC instead. I've never been a huge fan of illuminated reticles or exposed turrets, but the turrets are solid and the kind that have to be lifted to adjust. The illuminated reticle ended up being nice for night hunting with the .264. It's decent glass in a 30mm tube, and although I've had no problems, Primary Arms is lifetime warrantied and well known for super fast shipping and excellent customer service. I just bought another one last week (couldn't pass up a $100 refurbished) for the new .458 SOCOM. https://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-4-16x44-illuminated-mil-dot-scope-pa416x
  3. I love your little yellow fishing buddy. Gotta love labs
  4. Bisley


    Somebody's eating good tonight!
  5. Never a problem. Again though, this is just what has consistently worked for me, hope the same goes for anyone else. Also, you will love those bullets if they work for you. They are like high speed lasers lol.
  6. Big Fish, I have only used Re19 for the GMX and H4895 for the 60gr Sierra HP's. But if it were me, according to the Nosler info and knowing lead free likes to be pushed a little hard, I would start with like 48 or 49grs of IMR4350 and play with the COAL if I were doing it. Then dial in the powder charge. I have always tried to use CCI primers solely because they were the one company that never gouged us during any of the reloading shortages. But I have heard nothing but good about those Federal primers. Don't know if that helps any? Best of luck.
  7. For the 06 I would recommend a gilded metal bullet myself. A lot tougher, but still expanding, not to mention it is a much harder alloy than pure copper so no more I'll effects of fouling than with normal lead core bullets. A 125-150gr bullet lead free bullet will do anything you need. I had great luck with the 125's and Varget in the 06. You just need to find the right seating depth. And since I am only using pure copper when there are no other bullet choices, I am using the 55gr Nosler Lead Free Ballistic Tip made from gilded metal in the .243 as well. I had zero luck with them at first, but I was using Hodgdon loading data. The Nosler load data was much more Stout and gave me exceptional results across the board which I don't usually see in lead free bullets. You can see it all for yourself. Before I couldn't hit the ground if I shot straight down. I was using H4895. You can see the drastic difference. Here's a pic of the Varget load. Check out the difference as well!
  8. What are your intentions with the .243 and 06? I have played with both. Varget seems to get along very well with my 06 as well. Can't help you on the other part. I will quit hunting/shooting before I send one b....s bullet down my barrel, sorry. Way better options from WAY better companies.
  9. Since there are no real "predator" lead free bullets for larger calibers (what I wouldn't give for a 110gr Nosler Lead Free Ballistic Tip in .308) I have been somewhat forced into using the copper Lehigh Controlled Chaos bullets. I would much rather use gilded metal bullets, but beggars can't be choosers. Anyway, these are the frangible 115gr bullets. I loaded them to the COAL recommend on their site with Varget since my .308's love the 110gr V-max and Varmageddon with that powder. Turns out it LOVES these bullets. The middle load of 48grs has four shots because I could feel the rifle slip as I pulled the trigger on the second shot. And yes, that is three shots in 1/2"! Even the 47gr load is right at 1". Now it's time to get down to business with it....
  10. Earlier in this forum I told of how and why I wanted/needed to cut down 120gr GMX bullets in 6.5 down to 100grs. Long story short, the 120's are designed for .260 and 6.5 Kardashian speeds, not Grendel speeds. I noticed after miserable results that I had used the powder that shot best with 120gr pills (CFE 223), not the powder that shot best with the 107gr SMK's it likes (H335). Here is the setup I used for cutting them down. I hacksaw them off and then use a fine file until the scoring is gone. They came out to 103grs +/-. This time I loaded three different charges and was very, very pleased with the outcome. The hottest load came in at right about 3/4" at 100 yards. For a moderate range hunting rifle this is totally acceptable, and then some. I may not have a lathe, or other expensive equipment, but I do have creativity and a little bit of skill (or luck). Never be afraid to try!
  11. They are beautiful rifles. I now have my dad's 80's vintage rifle, an exact clone too yours. Be sure and check the serial number for the trigger recall!! Many will claim BS but I have an uncle who he and all three kids watched it go off on its own. Luckily mine was not in the recall.
  12. I know this is an old thread, but I thought I would give a little recent findings. I took a chance on a $130 Andersen .243 barrel for my AR. It's a 20" 1-8 twist barrel. I had no luck with the 55gr Nosler LFBT bullets as well and was hoping for better luck with this one. I used the Hodgdon reloading data before but decided to use the Nosler data this time since they do make it after all. There was about a 3-4 grain difference in data, with Nosler being the hotter load. Turns out they really do know what they were talking about. I still had to play a little with seating depth, but the results were spectacular! You may want to give it another look. You should hear these things whack both the cardboard and the bushes behind it. Can't wait to see what these inflict.
  13. Bisley

    Pattern test

    Oh wow, a spanner wrench! Definitely old school. Haven't seen that on a choke tube since I changed the choke in my grandpa's (now mine) old Winchester 1400. Definitely Vise-Grip time lol. Want to really be impressed, take a hammer to that stuff. It will still look pretty much unscathed. Unbelievable how hard it is!
  14. Bisley

    Pattern test

    I've actually done it with the rim of the base from another shell. Not my preferred method, but damned if I'm gonna be shown up by an inanimate object.............again. If it's an extended choke tube sometimes you can get a key to fit across the slots. Get the feeling I've forgot mine too once or twice?
  15. I have always been a die hard .22mag fan but because of the lack of quality, or rather accuracy, of the lead free I was kind of forced into the .17hmr world. I know they tend to shoot very well with the lead free. I also had the chance a while back to shoot a friend's and was very surprised by it. It took a long time but I finally pulled the trigger (pun intended) on a Savage 93R17FV. It is the synthetic stock heavy barrel model. I couldn't pass it up when I found one brand new for a steal at under $200. The only thing I don't like about it is the low butt stock for a cheek weld. Luckily I had an adjustable cheek riser available from a Stevens .223 I ended up putting a Boyd's thumbhole stock on. So all I had to do was put on the Primary Arms 4-16x44 scope on it this last Monday when I picked it up. The wind kept me from too much shooting today. It also kept me from hunting unfortunately . But I did get a little done out around 70 yards and it showed terrific potential, and in 10-20mph winds and with lead free to boot!
  16. Had the same experience ordering some SAM1 wads from them. Which is why BPI is my go-to unless I absolutely, positively, must use them. I do not mind waiting, I just want to know ahead of time. Not asking too much I don't believe. Over a week just to put shot, or a bag wads in my case, is absurd. Which is why I kind of have to bite my tongue when little shops bitch and moan about larger retailers. Another one to be aware of is SSS (Sharp Shooter Supply) the dedicated Savage parts hole in the wall shop. I watched Shoot-it get strung along for weeks waiting for a spring and an extractor. It was painful to watch. I couldn't imagine being on his end. Especially after I ordered mine a week before and got it quickly. Again, a simple notice ahead of time would have made a world of difference.
  17. Bisley

    Light 223

    You may also want to try Trailboss, but it might be too slow for what you want. Yet another option is reduced loads with H4895. This is straight off their website.
  18. Bisley

    Light 223

    Two words.....Blue Dot. Do a search on here as well as the web for Blue Dot and the .223. I suggest a search because I can't remember weights and charge loads off the top of my head. I did try it also with the 35gr lead free NTX with little luck, but truthfully I didn't put a huge effort into it since the V-max shot so we'll.
  19. Here, this is the whole reason why that particular section is in the regs. Damn, I don't remember it being over ten years ago though! Now I feel even older https://www.outdoorlife.com/articles/mike-schoby/2007/09/remote-control-hunting
  20. This section is all about a company several years back in Texas I believe where they had a rifle mounted to a pod of some kind that was electronically controlled and had a camera on the scope. A hunter from say CA could use the mouse on their computer to aim the device that was set up by a feeder. The out of stater could then shoot these pigs I believe from CA without ever even being in Texas. It was supposedly so those with disabilities could hunt, but it was a gimmick & a lie. That is what that whole section is dedicated too.
  21. I wish I had better news to report . This Saturday was just NOT my day for load testing. I was getting close to finalizing a load with the 22-250. I had a few to retest since it was an ugly crosswind when I tried the other weekend. But none of those promising loads short worth a damn??? I had a single flier on many of the previous loads but kind of chalked it up to wind. Like shooting as the wind stopped or started compare to the other shots. It was like 4 rounds real close and a 5th clear on the other side. But Saturday it was random as Hell. So I gave up and tried the Grendel with the cut down bullets. Very unimpressive. Tried the usual 107gr SMK's it likes and it was shooting just fine. Then it hit me, I had seated them the same COAL as the 120gr GMX because the olgive was unchanged, and that was where it preferred it. What I did do was the same damn powder (not charge weight) as the 120gr GMX . I do not like CFE 223 powder, but I used it just to try because I had it. It only did well with this bullet for me, the other loads preferred either H335 or XBR8208. What I should have done was try the powder and charge it likes with 107gr SMK's. Sooooo, after the cottontail opener next weekend I will cut down a bunch and play more with powder and COAL. I know I can make it work. And I knew it was going to take a lot of trial and error. That is the price you pay when you want everything and wont settle. Oh, and as for the 22-250, well, while I was handling it I heard a distinct metal "clink" sound. Turns out I guess I never cinched down the rings good and tight. I didn't use Loc-tite yet because I wasn't sure if I was going to keep those rings or scope on it. So after a sight in, a couple rabbit hunts, a good squirrel hunt, and more dialing in it had just come loose. Finger tight on the rear one and barely snug on the front two mounts. That would surely explain the randomness. I feel like such a newb . It will get a very good testing again on the 4th of July since I have the day off. Highlight of the day................. after it got too windy to bench test, I got to take one of my often neglected girls out to play. I made sure the .22lr converted AR shot well enough for cottontail opener for the youngest nephew, as well as got the 22-250 shooting close enough to decapitate a jack. But this was the ultimate high. About 20 yards with a 160 year old (design) pistol with Black Powder and homemade cast round balls and homemade felt wads. I can't begin to tell you how good this felt after fighting with modern technology all day. And I can also confirm to you that those shows where they are point shooting these old guns and hitting everything they aim at is a LIE!!!
  22. You're punny I will lengthen the spacer and make some 90gr bullets if I live through testing these. I always seem to get hurt the week before I head out to your place???
  23. I have a 6.5 Grendel that shoots lights out, but with lead free being forced upon us I had a few choices to make. I did not want a pure soft copper bullet from any manufacturer. The two options I was left with we're 120gr bullets from Hornady or Nosler. But I don't care for that weight at the Grendel speeds, especially with a harder gilded metal. So I decided to go all out and take a 120gr bullet and make the weight(s) I want. I started with a clevis pin from work. I then put a 7/64 .277 diameter hole in it for the .264 bullet. I drilled it deep enough so that I could use different spacers for different weights. I then drop the bullet in and hacksaw it as close as possible. After it is cut to length I gently file it smooth. Here is the before and after. They all came out to less than 1 grain difference and a maximum of 0.003" COAL difference. The only problem I did have was the bullet spinning when I saw it. Using clamps with plastic tips worked, but was a pain. It also started to deform the tip. I had a revelation and decided to drill and tap two holes so I could gently hold it in place. It worked perfectly! I hope to try them this weekend. I am not shooting match with these so if I can get anywhere close to 1MOA I will be absolutely thrilled. It may be a total waste of time, but at least I tried. And if it does work out the self satisfaction will be unimaginable. Never be afraid to try...
  24. That's 2.180 knucklehead, NOT 1.80!!! And start with a full case of H4895
  25. I think that's where she carries all that family's "baggage" It's such an appropriate name because they both have the world thinking it can't do anything without them, when in reality it's just 99.9% hype. So many sheeple, so few shepards... I will never forget watching that rifle of his launch a ground squirrel into the next county . I know it will shoot, he just needs to find a load & stick with it
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