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  1. Bisley

    Went featureless and loving it!

    ,It was explained to me by a couple guys that know much more than I that the theory is that crush washers or heavy tightening can, not always does, but can cause a stress point on the end of the barrel. I will say that it has worked well for me using Loc-Tite.
  2. Bisley

    Went featureless and loving it!

    I have yet to see a civilian use for a flash hider as well. Maybe, just maybe on an AR pistol, but even that is iffy. Oh, in case you haven't, don't forget a dab of Loc-Tite on your thread protector. I use that and just hand thread my brakes and thread protectors on. It keeps any unwanted pressure points in the barrel . I do that for all, bolt and autos.
  3. Bisley

    Went featureless and loving it!

    You really need to learn the facts before making certain statements. This kind of misinformation is how so many rumors and falsehoods get spread. No wonder nobody can figure it out, with all the misinformation. Flash hiders, NOT muzzle brakes are a "feature". Brakes have NEVER, EVER been considered a "feature". The common A2 "bird cage", flash suppressors, and flash hiders are all "features. Muzzle brakes and compensators are, and always have been 100% legal. Some say it's splitting hairs, but it really is no different than saying "AR" stands for Assault Rifle, when it really stands for Armalite Rifle.
  4. Bisley

    Went featureless and loving it!

    That is not entirely true John. They have TRIED to change them. With the right part there is no need for eyesores unless wanted . All these (plus a few others ) will still be 100% legal well after July . And still shoot every bit as good. Man it was nice to have a couple Saturdays off finally!
  5. Bisley

    Broken brass

    I have had many splits between the shoulder and the case mouth, but never had one pull off. But I've also been shooting the same 200 cases or so more times than I care to admit, and I don't anneal. I think you might have turned a nut loose in front of the press.........
  6. Bisley

    Must Have!

    You are spot on about the mag release. I tried the fin grip, but my wrists don't turn freely enough anymore to grip it comfortably. I thought the MEAN Arms loder would cure everything, but soon realized the unloading sucked, not to mention I shuddered at the thought of it automatically charging after loading, especially with all the new shooters and kids I like to take out . So I bought the JT Hellfire kit for my guns and told myself that is my last effort. Spent too much $$$ on guns that were already legal. If this doesn't make them happy I will just be a criminal. Hell, I would have more rights then than I do now .
  7. Bisley

    Must Have!

    I have the MEAN Arms loader, as well as the Juggernaut Tactical Hellfire pin. That is my rifle in the first post. TheThe MEAN Arms loader is about as quick as a mag swap, just takes up more space. If you order the Juggernaut Tactical pin order it through Buckeye Tactical, no tax, free shipping, & very fast delivery.
  8. Bisley

    Must Have!

    I can mail it to you if you want to try it out. Wouldn't be no problem at all
  9. Bisley

    Must Have!

    Seen it? Hell, I have it Loading is easy, and much like a lever action rifle, you can't be gentle with it. Unloading still sucks, that is why I went this route
  10. Fortunately I have not lost the desire to hunt, but I have almost all but lost the desire to just go punch paper though. Doesn't make sense to shoot lead at paper only to have to re-zero with lead free. And I damn sure don't want to punch paper with expensive lead free unless it is done during load development. When my life slows down for a minute or two I am going to order and cast some of the lead free ingots to see what happens. We shall see......
  11. Bisley

    CVT or gear?

    You call that "real world" experience SJ? You are definitely white the busy guy, and a stand-up one at that . I had a CVT drive in my Yamaha quad, before my drunken brother rolled it down a hill , and it only got wet and failed me one time and it was kind of my fault. I had a gentle roll over about a half hour before that and the vent tube came off allowing water to get in. Even at that the fix was easy, pull the plug, let it drain, ride some more. I am more worried about water seeping into the crank case or differentials than I ever am about the CVT belts. I have always thought of it this way, why push more levers or pedals than necessary this day in age. When I was young I loved the 5 speed in my 5.0 Mustang. Now that I'm older every vehicle is an automatic transmission WITH AIR CONDITIONING .
  12. Cool, thanks, I'll have to give it a try
  13. The Velcro did work OK? I had started to do that first, as it would be much easier, but I just wasn't sure how well it would hold it. A few modifications may just be in order.....
  14. Bisley

    Must Have!

    It is actually better than bullet button!
  15. Bisley

    Must Have!

    I try not to review products since we all have our opinions, and they vary quite a bit. I could not help myself though when it came to this. This is "THE" thing to have for the new stupid laws. I got an e-mail advertising it last week, ordered it when I got home, and received it today. It works exactly as advertised. You really have to see it in person to know how great it works. It is actually easier than a bullet button! The only drawback is that you lose the bolt hold open. A small price to pay for not having to put a God awful grip or stock on it! Already ordered more! Hellfighter California Compliant AR Mod Kit: Mag Magnet And here it is installed.