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  1. Bob, will you post the picture please.



    1. Bisley


      Done, deal my friend.

  2. I was going to PM this, but thought maybe somebody else could possibly use the info? A few things you can do. Either way you will need to make a nice square cut between the highest seat hole and the hole for the front support for the top. Now that it is in two parts you have a few options. You can simply take a 5" piece of 2x2 tube and do what they call a butt weld. No you sickos (Shoot-it, Tom, Yateswell to name a few), NOT that kind of butt weld . You simply butt the two tubes together and weld a seam around it on both the top and the bottom. For what you are doing this will be more than strong enough. I was going to get into full penetration and partial penetration welds (again, NO you sickos!), but that would be total overkill and a royal pain in the . Another option is after you have cut it, get a piece of either 2-1/2 by 2-1/2 by 3/16 thick or 2-1/2 by 2-1/2 by 1/4" thick tube about 6" long. The 1/4c thickness would give you the ideal 2"x2" ID to slip over the 2"x2" tube, however, since the inside corners of the tube are radiused, you might need the extra clearance that the 3/16 walled tube will give . You will have to check and see. When you find the one that fits best simply slide it over the the tube on your bench about 1/2" and weld the 2-1/2" tube to the 2" tube all the way around on both ends like an extension coupler. Oh, just a reminder too, if you do not buy a SEAMLESS 2-1/2" tube, you may have to gringo the seam down flush 1/2" on both sides so it will slip over the 2x2" tube. A third option is if you don't have access to a way to weld it. You do pretty much the same thing as above with a 2-1/2" tube, only you make it 7" long leaving you 1" to slip down. You can then drill 4 thru-holes, one thru-hole left to right and another under it going front to back. Do that on both top and bottom of the coupler that way when you tighten them down you should have zero movement in any direction. I prefer either of the welded procedures myself, but I have welders though. If you need any material, PM me and I'll throw it on a truck yourental way. A n do as always, if you need more detail or something cleared up just let me know. Good luck. Let me know how it b turns out.
  3. Already got it figured out . I will explain later. Right now Chris is driving me and my truck over the Grapevine . You need to figure out how high you want it and give me the OD of the tube as well as the the tube thickness.
  4. Definitely the option if I don't have the mobility after surgery
  5. Classics (bolt actions) are not an option at the moment. For quite some time now I have had to hold a bolt gun with only my middle finger and my thumb. I've been doing this since mid September. And while I did manage two coyotes like that, it hurts way too much to keep doing it. Hopefully when they fuse my wrist I can grab them again. If not, I can literally only hold the straight pistol grip with my whole hand. This is why besides just being plain hideous, these new featureless stocks are actually 100% useless to me at the moment.
  6. I agree, those featureless stocks hurt.....
  7. I know I may sound cruel about the posts of these new featureless stocks, I just hope the OP's know I mean NO disrespect to them. I can't say I don't mean what I say about I them, just that I'm sorry if they take offense to it. To me at least, having to combine and make this Look like this Is like turning this Into this Sure, you could try to use your imagination and pretend. It might even be just the slightest bit fun, but you would NEVER EVER be seen in public with it, nor admit to even having it
  8. What did you do to him to deserve that? Leaving that on the porch is even worse than leaving a flaming bag of dog poo on the porch Damn, just when I almost got the stink off my screen. Now the flies are circling around it again I won't even start on the "South San Francisco California" on the package label....
  9. Wait on it! I had a wonderful and informative conversation this weekend when a part time gunsmith that knows many of the top tier manufacturers asked what my plans were. We were both in agreeable to wait on the Supreme Court first, but even if that isn't done in time, there are already some even better modifications that have been made to some of the already creative ideas. Do yourself a huge favor and hold out for just a little bit longer. You're still not breaking any laws for quite some time. Not to mention they STILL have determined EXACTLY what will be legal and what won't.
  10. If a buddy of mine were to show up with that I would call the Police myself and have him arrested for indecent exposure I didn't know AR stood for Awfully Repulsive? I just opened that link up to look at it again and I saw a skunk running away holding its nose I've been scrubbing my screen for 10 minutes and I still can't get the stink of that thing off of it. I apologize to all the owners of the Thordsen stocks. I said nothing could ever be that ugly. I was wrong I don't think it's for me
  11. Post a close up picture of how the top is attached to the center pot. I have several ideas how you can do it depending on how it is mounted. Basically you will use a smaller pipe or tube as a coupler to add another length of the same size pipe/tube as the center one.
  12. I don't know if it was a compliment or an insult (I know I just don't want to admit it) but he told me my truck drives much better than it looks like it would.
  13. If anyone can understand that, you know it is I. Wait until you see Chris! He's as tall as I am now & is driving on a permit now . I took him out in my truck for the first time yesterday. Still doesn't seem like it has been that long! I really feel old now
  14. Sounds like a challenge to me