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  1. Deal! You sing............ And I'll dance lol...............
  2. I can see it now, next year's new feature will be specifically for the karaoke party in the fox hole........... wait for it............. FOX BALLS
  3. You can't forget me, you will need all the help you can get to move that thing. If I do sing karaoke, we will have to hunt. There is no better "animal in distress" sound than me trying to sing
  4. Oh, make no mistake about it, I want to. I just know that once I start I can't stop . And this because ng family friendly, SJ would beat both our tails That would certainly explain the need for four rotating speakers, plus the GPS to get you to the party, and the weather details to make sure your party doesn't get rained out, plus...........
  5. They are without a doubt a stand-up company with tremendous customer service, and no doubt the standard by which others were judged. I will say too that the only reason I got rid of my FX3 was because I had but 1 gripe with it, I wanted to at the very least see the list of calls on a screen, other than that I would have never gotten rid of it. And you are absolutely correct Bob, the prices are much more real world, but like any product, that was to be expected over time surely. But let me ask you this, do you not honestly feel that they would have benefitted better by taking all the money from R&D, new tooling & dies, not to mention all the new molds for this obscene thing and made themselves even more price competitive? This is a niche product that will never pay for itself. This! Yuppies are tech nerds, (most) hunters are simple by nature. Think of all the guys you know that hunt and ask yourself HONESTLY, would any of them buy/use this? None I know. Most people couldn't even tell you 10 sounds they have on their caller, which makes the 1000 just absurd. And I won't even start on the GPS, weather crap, etc. I have no idea what anyone could have been thinking. I find it interesting that instead of making something simple that can pretty much be set down and walk away, they make a machine that has to be unraveled like a jigsaw puzzle, and speakers set in all directions. Sure seems like a lot of movement and noise before making a stand. I could be wrong, but I just don't see people willing to do all that, plus haul around a huge call. We shall see.......... Not even with a 100' pole will I touch that one
  6. I concur, that's why MY table has one. Anyone borrowing this table is on their own
  7. I have always had a deep respect for FoxPro, and their products. I used to use hand calls a long, long time ago, then quit calling, but picked up an FX3 many years later. And I can appreciate the need for new and improved products. But seriously????? I just read today about their upcoming caller, the Aftershock. Apparently only drawings are available and not a finished product yet that was recently released. Supposedly it will have a tripod stand, four rotating speakers, and a GPS. GPS? You're kidding, right? But wait, there's more. It will also have Fox bang, FoxCast, FoxFusion, FoxData, FoxPitch, and FoxMotion. I think it may also have a fox stole, Fox Sports, Fox News, and can dance a Foxtrot. But the best is yet to come! It comes with 100 preprogrammed sounds, and my personal favorite, it can hold up to ONE THOUSAND sounds. So I guess if your first 999 sounds don't lure a coyote in, don't give up, that 1,000th sound is definitely bound to bring him in . Is this really what we've come to? The calls are becoming as heavy as the rifles are. I wouldn't know who to bitch slap first, the guy who devised this, or the one who approved it? You would think they would be working to make a more efficient and louder speaker in a smaller, lighter package instead of a call you are going to have to ride on? I sure hope this isn't the new trend Here is a picture of the new caller. Here's also a picture of the new rifle they developed to go with it too lol.
  8. I have plans to cut a piece of plywood into a circle, put foam on it with material, and then stalpe it to the plywood making a padded seat. Then bolt it to the existing metal one. Until then I will just put a pad that is used for a car seat to set on there for now
  9. I made an extra seat just for you. Now you won't have to worry about falling off if it gets wind
  10. It was actually easy since I have the other one as a template. Thanks for reminding me John, I almost forgot about it being ambidextrous. I was going to build another right handed table, but I forgot I have an important left handed shooter in the family, Christopher. Time to rethink........
  11. I decided to use my old top and put it on a new bench I was going to build. Well, I finally built it. I still have a few little bugs to work out, but it should serve just fine for its intended purpose, which was to allow anyone I know that doesn't have one to be able to shoot squirrels (or paper) with me. I'm sure I will end up building a better top for it too, but for now I have only time, and $0 into this one. One of the few perks of my job
  12. I've shot your "pet loads" before, load like a man and not like a p@$$y
  13. A couple of well placed shots would do the trick
  14. When all this country is forced to use lead free only, remember that name on the box of bullets you are using and keep your shut and don't bitch about it. The mere fact that they did keep the name after what they pulled is an absolute slap in the face. There's also a whole new generation of Democrats in office with different names as well, doesn't mean I will buy what they are selling either. To each their own........
  15. I will NEVER forgive the company, NO MATTER WHO OWNS IT, for being the driving force behind the lead ban laws. You can support them all you want, I refuse to, and NEVER will. Especially since other companies make equally as well of a product, and did not screw us. A sell-out I will never be. Just not in my blood. Not to mention the countless number of times you hear about their bullets passing straight through with little to no damage. I have yet to hear of any problems of that nature by Nosler or Hornady, only by THE BULLET COMPANY THAT SCREWED US.