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  1. Nice group! Better than what I could do at 50 with an air rifle right now. Out of practice. I thought when I got older I would have all kinds of time to do stuff like this and the money to do it. I am now figuring out that I am not very smart nor never was. LOL
  2. Thank you!!! I still find paper maps a very valuable tool.
  3. Congrats on your score. I know how hard they can be to find.
  4. I have a Nikon on a single shot rifled slug gun. It is one of there inexpensive specialty scopes designed for a rifle. It is a 3x9 BDC scope. This gun will make you say ouch if you take it to the range and shoot it off the bench a few times. I don't care who you are, this thing makes my 300 win mag feel like a baby gun. I would not be afraid to put a Nikon on any thing. The accuracy of this slug gun is amazing. I also own Night Force and Leupold scopes. They all are good and serve their purpose. Some times simple is better. You can get to much scope and two many knobs to turn is what I am trying to say here. For instance you could miss a shot at a deer because you can not tell if he is legal or not because you have the parallax adjusted wrong and your scope is not as clear as it should be. By the time you get your scope adjusted the deer decides to walk or run away. On a tactical rifle where I might be shooting at a bunch of different ranges from close to pretty far out there. I would keep the scope simple is my two cents. I like the simplicity of simple things when hunting and I might have to make a snap shot or be pushed for time. My Nikon scope is clear and I like it. It only has one knob to turn after sight in, the magnification ring. For the price of this scope it amazes me. I really really like it.
  5. Never have used a non lead bullet. Only know one guy that killed a deer last year with one. He did not like what happened. I would like to see field data. Actual killed animals with pictures of wound channels just real data. I would say the deeper drilled bullet would expand more at the same velocity. Might even get it to come apart if it was pushed hard enough.
  6. I am going to second tawnoper's choice on the CZ line of rifles. I am saying this as a tried and true remington 700 guy. But if I was going to go get a .223 in CA with the no lead thing that is coming at us. It would be a CZ. They come with a faster twist barrel (1 in 9) than is available in most other offerings. The ones that I have been around are also very accurate right out the box. They are a nice rifle for the money and the right size to take coyotes way beyond normal calling ranges.
  7. The one I did was on my better half's Buick Park Ave. It has been a long time ago. We sold that car about three years ago. It was a good one. I don't remember how bad it was, and I just asked Susan and she said she did not remember either how bad it was. I replaced the water pump at the same time I do remember that. Susan said she thinks it took me about 3 hours. I really don't remember??? I can remember the timing belt being worse for me to replace. LOL I had to call a friend to help run the floor jack while I was trying to line up a bolt in one of the motor mounts.
  8. I replaced that part on my girl friends buick about three years ago. I replaced the water pump at the same time. Good luck on your hunting trip. Your dad will always be with you.
  9. RCBS is great when it comes to broken stuff.
  10. Go buy the extended mag for it. Gets my hand on the p238 a lot better. You will like it I think. You need an extra one any way. Just a thought.
  11. Nice!!
  12. Looks like it is going to shoot pretty good! Congrats.
  13. Nice!
  14. My grilfriend has one for a ccw. I have shot it quite a bit. Very reliable and accurate for a small pistol. I like it and think it is a good one.