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  1. 5150Marcelo

    air gun in los angeles

    Doesnt say anything about ICBMs, so you should be good there.
  2. 5150Marcelo

    Bratwurst summer sausage and chorizo

    Chorizo tamales?????????? Damn... ok. Now youve got my attention. LOL
  3. 5150Marcelo

    Lions Trail Cam Video

    Great footage bob. Keep at it!
  4. 5150Marcelo

    A new set

    You wanna just hand them over to me now or ?....... Bwahahahaha!!!
  5. 5150Marcelo

    dumascus knife

    Looks even better in person. Thanks for my shank too, Ron!
  6. 5150Marcelo

    Made a few knives

    Yes sir... I need SOMETHING to shave with. Hey, I hooped it just fine untill I sneezed. That hurt like a sumbich!
  7. 5150Marcelo

    Made a few knives

    WTF!! No sheath????????? Dont expect me to carry that thing around without a cool sheath, Ron. I NEED A SHEATH!!!!!!!No mames guey. I was just kidding. Looks bitchin! Thanks!
  8. 5150Marcelo

    Foxpro TX 500 Remote HELP!

    Back from AZ. Didnt hunt. I was out there for a party. It was on the outskirts of town and I KNOW theryre coyotes there. I just wanted to fool with the caller a bit and see if I cant get them to sing. Anyway, yea. I tried pulling the batteries already, but no cigar. I'll give Foxpro a call manana.
  9. 5150Marcelo

    Foxpro TX 500 Remote HELP!

    Why Braz, are you telling me to scram????? LOL! JKYea, I went there and there was a guy with a similar problem, but a FP member said to call him direct. Doesnt say if/how he got it resolved.
  10. 5150Marcelo

    Foxpro TX 500 Remote HELP!

    I remember. I fixed it for you. Luckily you brought your mexican that day. I would, but theyre closed till monday. Im headed out to AZ tomorrow and wanted to fool around with it a bit.
  11. 5150Marcelo

    Foxpro TX 500 Remote HELP!

    I did that. Stays the same.
  12. I bought a Foxpro Fury GX7 from a hunting and fishing supply store. Its about a month old. Now the TX-500 remote shows my sound list all scrambled no words show up and nothing plays. The remote is displaying everything else fine except the sound list and won't play anything. The menu on the remote works fine, I did the sound list upload and it says it uploads it but still the sound list is scrambled and won't play anything. Is there any way to reset the remote or what?The caller works great when using it by itself, but the remote is acting funky.
  13. 5150Marcelo

    New to me jeep

    I frikkin told you, WILLIS!!!!!!!! NOW its on!!!! (ya know what I mean, sucka!)
  14. 5150Marcelo

    New to me jeep

    Theres a jeep in those pix??????? I dont see one.
  15. Ron, are the top 2 the ones I asked you for (for a guy I know).