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  1. cool thanks
  2. bear rug with head and everything
  3. Me and my brother and our buddy all got bears this year and need some places where we can take them to get the rugs done. any ideas let me know.
  4. I think I know where that is to.
  5. How come we always see these pics. Like the big 5x4 you had last year but you haven't killed any? Just sayn
  6. it use to flow like this every year when i was younger
  7. that looks nasty.
  8. Did you try the bowtech destroyer 350 I just picked one up the are smooth
  9. Sure is a nice Rubicon.
  10. Here is a pic of my 97 Sahara still fixing it up. But it has had plenty of blood in the back.
  11. Hey tony a 6' group at 20 yds is good don't listen to those guys. For being with your first bow. Not bad keep praticing.
  12. I will be up on D9 and D8
  13. Cool dude when going to shoot our bows?
  14. Best broadheads for the money.