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  1. 270 ft of drop..OMG...my 6mm with an 87 gr bullet would be almost shooting with the barrel straight up
  2. WOW...next you will need a US surplus mule vehicle to drive theat beauty around I bet SJ has one...
  3. 38"...OMG that must be a 18 lb rail gun you are building.
  4. Way out of my league sir...beyond my comprehension to boot! Cool photos... a 352 grain bullet goes how fast to reach out two miles I wonder?
  5. He is a long range shooter and a software designer...no big deal...lots of guys out there I guess. Good luck to you.
  6. Romel...do you shoot with or against a guy named Ben Lucchesi?
  7. Rob

    laser cutting

    Nice...Robin has a very distinctive stock
  8. Goat...caribou....elk...buffalo....bear?
  9. Many thanks Bob for the great review and photos...and the bench time research...and back and forth to the range...back to the bench...etc.
  10. Amen brother...thanks for the machine update...keep up the great progress...LOAD all the brass...The World Series is a great pal to the process.
  11. I'll take the blame Amigo.... I got some IMR 4350 and Varget arriving from the Powder Valley folks to complete my reloading project. Once the case prep is completed, NASCAR is my friend and accomplice during the long sessions, I start to get a little feeling of spring time varmint blasting. I am impressed with your case prep machine...what brand is that? Alternative Motive: By sharing this blabber I hope that the case prep "bug"has spread to many others on the blog. Nice work Bob..even with those corn dog fingers of yours that seem to get banged up with regularity at work.
  12. OK guys...which powder and bullet combo would you select? The asterisks (*) indicate the most accurate load.... 55 gr. lead free Nosler 6mm-243 Lots of considerations...powder..quantity..speed...wear and tear on the barrel..accuracy. What would you pick?
  13. OK...then my minor brag is working it's way up to your bench...and for the "no-fun stuff" brass prepping. OK you saw through me..I was trying to remind shooting pals that you have to get to the reloading bench sooner than later. Sooner is better. Remember please that we all have to abide by the new GovMoonBeam ammo restrictions set for January 2018. Reloading components weren't in the original bill and are still off the radar screen...but not for long knowing the climate of BS found in Sacto. Best figure out now what you want to have on hand for short notice hunting invitations. Bob...get those corn dog fingers on that primer box....you can do it buddy.
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