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  1. Can't get there from your link Rommel...not in the group.
  2. Got to taste real good...perhaps with a little red vino to make it just a little better... Congrats for staying with it. If you had a camera or smart phone I bet the picture would have you with a real wide grin on your face.
  3. Wow Bob...very neat...super fun times ahead. Paying it forward I da Man!
  4. Too many oak trees to be San Diego County....Some place else...great video. Keep'em's making my feet jump up and down...I want to get out there too!
  5. How true Bob...this is such a BS deal the state is making hunters go through...Just how many NRA guys were involved in illegal shootings this weekend...If the nut jobs in Chicago are self selecting themselves to be the next statistic let them...But messing around with your rifle handle is going to do WHAT????? Toss the BS Flag....this legislation isn't doing anything to suppress the Moron-Factor of mall shooters and cowards. It just steams me up to see such a GIANT waste of and energy.
  6. Excellent photography Chuck...really nice. Thank you
  7. Good choice Bob...excitement is beginning to build for the squirrel crazed folks like us...
  8. DF...look to your PM for shipping data. PRESTO...that was fun. Ho-ho-ho and a way we go.
  9. Tiss the Season.
  10. OK...just sent to Shooter John $50 via PayPal...the deal is on!
  11. You got a deal Desert Fox...will PM the details if necessary.
  12. Got any pictures
  13. Merry Christmas indeed...a really nice shooting iron. Is it about 12 pounds?
  14. The NTX 2.18 is a winner...chicken dinner.