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  1. Wow that's an impressive increase Bob!
  2. ShooterJohn

    I bought a new truck

    Great minds think alike!
  3. ShooterJohn

    I bought a new truck

    It sounds like you made the right choice Frank. Happy motoring in your new ride.
  4. ShooterJohn

    Load Development For a 2 Mile Cartridge

    Very impressive Rommel!
  5. ShooterJohn

    Aqueduct Stripers a little bigger this year!

    Nice catch Bob!
  6. ShooterJohn


    Those fish are fun. I had an old acquaintance from the college that did the work of bringing that fish population back. I fished with him several times for population and fish quality studies. I had a couple 50 plus fish days as he knew all of the spots.
  7. ShooterJohn

    First Appearance at Southwest ULR Match

    Way to go Rommel, good shooting. You'll get them next time.
  8. ShooterJohn

    Pattern test

    Those pellets sure look like new. A red dot scope might be the way to go for what you want it for. The third plate down has nice coverage.
  9. ShooterJohn

    Well, Happy Birthday to me

    Happy birthday to you!
  10. ShooterJohn

    Light 223

    Sure there are some really good loads there that shoot great.
  11. ShooterJohn

    Light 223

    I started using these loads here first to many years ago to count. Both Unique and Blue Dot work very well. Check out Calhoon's webpage here for more info. http://www.jamescalhoon.com/tobee2.php
  12. ShooterJohn

    Making the dive into reloading for coyotes

    It's always fun loading your own!
  13. Just to show you how bad the regulations are to understand or to find this is a pet peeve of mine. I have been trying to get this regulation rewritten for decades. Read the bold section regarding Interstate 880. This section of highway was renamed Interstate 80 way back in 1983! I think 35 years is long enough to have such a glaring error in the regulations.
  14. ShooterJohn

    Making the dive into reloading for coyotes

    It is always satisfying when you take an animal using your own ammo.
  15. ShooterJohn

    Fishing in Texas

    That is a tough spot to land fish that size. Fun fishing for sure!
  16. ShooterJohn

    Fishing in Texas

    Great time and some beautiful fish!
  17. ShooterJohn


    I fished there as a teenager on a trip but that was so many years ago. Here is something worth reading about Salton Sea fishing. https://www.saltwatersportsman.com/species/fish-species/salton-secret
  18. ShooterJohn

    Fishing in Texas

    I think a plane ticket would be more than worth fishing like that Frank!
  19. ShooterJohn

    Fishing in Texas

    That is some great fishing Frank! Fishing with an old friend, it doesn't get much better.
  20. ShooterJohn

    New Project in the works

    No SJ doesn't have one!
  21. ShooterJohn

    Henry Shoots the Sumatra

    What type of scope camera setup is he using on the Sumatra? Nice grouping!
  22. That's a simple way to accomplish weighing out your shot Bob.
  23. ShooterJohn

    New Project in the works

    That should be a very nice rifle. That is a very long way to shoot.
  24. ShooterJohn

    New Project in the works

    We need some words to go with the pictures Rommel.
  25. ShooterJohn

    The Epitome of Handloading

    Interesting project Bob. I never S--A--W that coming.