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  1. It has to be expense. Most people don't reload so making it cheaper means more sales.
  2. That looked like a fun stroll Rommel.
  3. If you want the most accurate out there you need a Prometheus. https://www.6mmbr.com/prometheus.html
  4. RCBS Chargemaster is the one to get. Midsouth has them on sale now.
  5. That is a great series of pictures Bob!
  6. Well good luck, you have some targets to take.
  7. Your work is sure paying off Karl! Now just to harvest a couple of them.
  8. ShooterJohn

    Handi Rifle

    I'm pretty sure they have been out of production since 2015.
  9. Very nice mount, it came out great!
  10. Bushnell Banners are good scopes just make sure the scope is airgun rated. Break action airguns have a violent reverse recoil and can destroy a normal scope. http://www.straightshooters.com/choosing-an-airgun-scope.html
  11. You'll shoot your eye out! LOL Hey Tom, have fun with that thing. Once you get a taste for airguns we'll get you hooked on some PCP airguns. Have fun with it.
  12. Very nice shooting and using some good old Kentucky windage and elevation to get it done.
  13. It depends on the taxidermist. Do you know anyone who has used this person previously? Have you done an online search to see what other might be saying? I've had a taxidermist take more than a year and a half. I wasn't happy about the length of time but the work was fabulous when I got it. If you are sure he is just dragging his heels I would retrieve your trophy before it is lost.
  14. Rommel, very impressive load performance and that scope mount is really something.
  15. I'm sure that the news media will be there as we had a college student in Sacramento killed by an airgun yesterday. You know the media, any news is bad news.
  16. That is an awesome looking rifle. I hope it shoots as good as it looks.
  17. Your new light sabre Rommel! It looks very cool.
  18. Great looking gun and yes the full stock makes it!
  19. Hi Robert,

    Tom logged on the 11th of February.  Here is his email if you want to try and contact him.


    Best regards,


  20. That light is a nice addition.
  21. I like the three arms to keep the pressing action straight.
  22. That's a very impressive piece of hardware. It looks like it is well thought out and very sturdy.
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