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  1. ShooterJohn

    CVT or gear?

    I like the ability to seat three wide in my Polaris XP. I guess I never really consider the stability issue because mine is so stable. I used to think my tractor with four wheel drive could go allot of places but it doesn't even start to compare with the abilities of my Ranger. Plus it carries so much more.
  2. ShooterJohn

    Went featureless and loving it!

    That looks good Matt. It's California that has changed the beauty contest rules.
  3. ShooterJohn

    Broken brass

    Seems like you already had your own answer.
  4. ShooterJohn

    Broken brass

    Could be a bad die what manufacture is it?
  5. ShooterJohn

    Selling my .25 cal marauder

    I moved this to classifieds where more people will see it. Do you have a price you are asking for this?
  6. ShooterJohn

    The "Fort" is up for sale

    Send Walt a message as he hasn't been on for about a month.
  7. ShooterJohn

    CVT or gear?

    I have a Polaris you can see it here. It is belt driven and I have 3900+ miles on it now without any problems with it yet. I wasn't sure I would like the belt drive but it sure is nice and smooth. It's nice not having to shift. Mine is a 570 EFI and easily does 55mph. I use it daily in the 800+ acre park near my house. I'm the Park Ambassador which is my official city title. It stands for chief trash picker upper, trail maintenance guy and homeless camp remover. I was doing the job before I got the Polaris and occasionally drove my Kubota tractor. But the tractor was hard on my back. There is no where the Polaris can't go really. I did get it stuck once crossing the creek at a place where there wasn't a crossing. But the winch made short work of getting me out. Mostly I use the winch to pull logs and downed trees as well as park workers vehicles out. I couldn't do the job without it. I must do a good job because I'm getting an award next week from the Sacramento Creeks Council for the work I've done. I also oversee several hundred high school kids that are studying the creek. I help them do creek improvement projects.
  8. ShooterJohn

    Lab Radar

    I know someone who has one of these Rommel and they are very please with its performance.
  9. ShooterJohn

    7MM Practical (7MM-300 Win Mag)

    Those are some long bullets! Sort of like an ICBM for your rifle.
  10. ShooterJohn

    Leupold VX6-HD 4X24X52 CDS - L2

    It looks good! It didn't come with those lens caps did it?
  11. ShooterJohn

    Surf Fishing

    I can still see the pictures Tom.
  12. ShooterJohn

    Surf Fishing

    Very nice, there is some good eating.
  13. ShooterJohn

    Felony powder amounts in California...

    Hi Brant, it has been a while. Good to hear from you.
  14. ShooterJohn

    laser cutting

    She is my kind of Assembly woman!
  15. ShooterJohn

    laser cutting

    That looks great!