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  1. I recently attended Shot Show and had the chance to interview Tom Miranda.
  2. In this video I review the Smith & Wesson 22a .22 cal pistol.
  3. I've gone paintballing and they put the muzzle close to the chrony. So to answer your question I'm not sure. I've shot it close and a few feet away and I had very close or the same readings. On my video I was a bit crowded as I wanted the camera to capture the action and the reading on the chrony. I will try it again soon but I can tell you it's pretty close. I've shot the airgun on other chrony's and the fps was withing 4 or 5 fps. As always thanks for checking out the video and commenting.
  4. This video is part 3 of my chrony testing series of some of my pellet guns. I call this my Crosman 2240 Tactical. The base pellet pistol was purchased from Mac1 with their accuracy prep. I also had a 14 inch barrel installed and a steel breech. The muzzle brake is from TKO and the stock adapter is from Mellon Air. The stock is a Tippman 98 paintball stock. For optics I'm using a BSA Red Dot.
  5. For the money and value I love my .22 cal Disco!
  6. Your right! ?They are great lil gun's. Thanks I'm glad I could take you along.
  7. In this video I showcase the Crosman 1322 and do a chrony test with it.
  8. My buddy Hoss and his son headed up to our little ground squirrel spot to hunt and scout around. I used this trip to showcase the GoPro Gun Camera mount on my Benjamin Discovery.
  9. My buddy Hoss and I test out the Crosman 1377 Air Pistol on my chrony to see how well the claims of it shooting up to 600 fps are. Were shooting Crosman Premiere .177 pellets.
  10. They are great little guns. The one I shot with I was impressed.
  11. I will be checking them out. I want to look at what frame rate it films in and what sort of light or low level light it will go. Thanks for the 411.
  12. Here's a short video of how I installed my GoPro Hero2 on my pellet rifle scope so I can use it as a gun camera.
  13. Are you guys open for going midweek? My weekends off are few and far between.
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