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  1. Fjold

    I bought a new truck

    Bob, Wes told me that you had one of the same color.
  2. Fjold

    I bought a new truck

    Earlier this year Wifezilla decided that we needed a camping trailer so we could take the dogs camping. I bought a small 18', single axle trailer and then fixed up the 2004 GMC Z-71 4x4 (5.3 L engine) with 150,000 miles on it, with new tires, battery, hoses, belts, sparkplugs, etc. Pulling the grade over to the coast the truck wouldn't hold 50 MPH with the <4,000 Lbs trailer but it was OK. Last month the instrument cluster in the GMC went out and it was $500 to fix that, then last week my remote door openers quit working, the shop says that it's a computer problem and could be $1,500, then the A/C compressor decided that it won't turn off, one of the switches is bad but the shop doesn't know which one, one is $250 and the other is $300, then, last Saturday I noticed an oil spot on the driveway and it's right at the transmission/engine joint so it looks like a rear main seal, (my mechanic says $1,500). I was looking at spending between $3,000 and $4,000 in repairs on a 14 year old truck so I decided to trade it in on a new 2019 Ram 1500 4x4 with the 5.7L Hemi. I go from 300 Ft-Lbs of torque to 410 ft-lbs and get better gas mileage to boot.
  3. Fjold

    Aqueduct Stripers a little bigger this year!

    I used to fish downstream of Buena Vista golf course and caught some nice ones there. I need to get out more.
  4. Fjold

    New Project in the works

    Rommel, Why not just taper it along the length? It shouldn't remove that much weight. I was over in Henderson a couple of weeks ago, my company was bidding on a power plant operating contract there and I had to go over there as part of the team.
  5. Fjold

    Ruger No.1 (and other SS's)

    The rim of the ejected round hits the tang safety and you can reach it easily under the scope. I typically tilt the gun to the left while I'm reloading (left handed) so the ejected round just drops right in front of me.
  6. Fjold

    Ruger No.1 (and other SS's)

    I own a Ruger No. 1 but not in a varmint chambering (270 Win). I think that the No.1s are prone to vertical stringing due to the forearm attachment method but if you get a good one they shoot lights out. I like having the longer barrel in the shorter, lightweight package. Mine has taken my last two pronghorns at 440 and 250 yards.
  7. It depends on your definition of hunting. Most of my deer guns have 3-9X scopes on them and they work for 99% of my shooting. My coyote guns run 4-12X or 4.5-14X since I usually shoot them at distance. My long range guns run 5.5-22X, 6.5-20X or 6-24X. My serious hunting rifles run 1.5-6X and 2.5-8X but I only shoot them out to 300 yards or so. I haven't found that one perfect scope yet but the 2.5-8X is pretty close.
  8. Fjold

    Fishing in Texas

    I fly home Friday morning so we got in one more fishing trip yesterday afternoon: I lost a 50" redfish, 10 feet from shore but my buddy Tom got a 45" redfish and and 18" speckled trout. We were out for about 3.5 hours and landed about 30 redfish, a dozen trout and some small croaker and ladyfish
  9. Fjold

    Fishing in Texas

    We spent the weekend fishing and here's some photos of my brother Tom and and my buddy Capt. Tom, who used to fish with us on the long range trips out of San Diego on the old Q105, Polaris Supreme and Royal Polaris: Everything was released. Here's Tom and Capt. Tom with Tom's 27" speckled trout. Tom caught three of these 27"-28" fish this weekend (you're allowed to keep one above 25") Tom's 30" redfish. You're only allowed to keep one fish over 29" and you have to tag it as a trophy fish. Tom with one of many black drum that we landed: My 45" redfish was the biggest of the weekend:
  10. Fjold

    Fishing in Texas

    Fished yesterday and on the first ten casts I got 7 bites and landed 5 fish. All of them were smaller speckled trout, ladyfish and redfish. My brother's flying in tomorrow so we'll spend the whole weekend fishing.
  11. Fjold

    Fishing in Texas

    I'm back in California this weekend but have to fly back to Texas on Monday morning. My brother got so jealous of the photos that I was sending that he booked an airline ticket to come down and fish with me next weekend.
  12. Fjold

    Fishing in Texas

    I'm working in Texas for the next month or so and met up with one of my old long range buddies, Capt. Tom for a little inshore fishing. We fished a little inlet sight casting bait for red drum (called redfish here) fish, black drum and speckled trout. We caught and released a bunch of big redfish I got a 38" and a 40" and Tom landed a 42" monster as well as a bunch of smaller ones. They have a slot limit here so anything over 28" has to be released. We caught a bunch of black drum also and just kept a couple of 18" fish for the pot. We were sight casting with dead shrimp on 12# spinning and bait casting rigs. Next week we're going to try the same spot with flyrods and surface plug and maybe I can get some better photos. It's hard to stop and take pictures when the fishing's hot. Black drum Redfish Tom and I went out yesterday afternoon, Tom used a flyrod and I threw top water plugs. I caught over 20 speckled trout, redfish and ladyfish while Tom was catching black drum and redfish. Here's Tom's big black drum on the fly Tom releasing a good redfish: An 18" speckled trout It was a blast sight fishing with the surface plug and watching them blow up on the lure as close as 5 feet in front of me. We went out this morning in the rain and fishing was real slow until I changed over to a brass spoon fishing the channel between the sand flats. On my first cast I hooked into a monster bull redfish and his first run ran 100' of 12# mono and 100 yards of 20# braid. I got him turned and he made a second run and I couldn't stop him. He turned down the channel and just kept running. As I started getting down to the bottom of the spool, I started thumbing the spool to increase the drag I got him stopped finally but I couldn't get more than 3-4 cranks on the spool at a time. After 10 minutes of this he broke the braid. I got maybe 200 yards braid back but lost 100 yards of it with another 100' of mono. I did land a 24"+ black drum on another spoon fished along the bottom and some smaller redfish and ladyfish all on lures.
  13. Fjold

    How important is this to do?

    On a factory barreled rifle it won't make a lot of difference. On a hand lapped, match barrel you need to do some new barrel break in. When the gunsmith chambers the barrel blank and cuts the throat, his reamer is going to leave microscopic ridges across the bore. The shoot, clean, shoot, clean, shoot, clean, routine helps keep these ridges from filling with copper from the bullets and allows them to get worn smooth by the first few rounds that are shot. If you do the proper break in then the throat will be as smooth as the rest of the barrel and less likely to copper foul for it's lifetime. Krieger Barrels website gives a good explanation of this. What Bob is talking about is something that is commonly seen with factory barrels, the first few rounds in a clean barrel do not hit at the same point of impact or group as well as a barrel with a little fouling in it. I have a 7mm Mag Ruger that will not group consistently after cleaning until it has at least 15-20 rounds through it. It's a stainless barrel but I think that it must have a very rough finish that needs to be fouled thoroughly to shoot well.
  14. I like loads that run close to 100% loading density, if possible so it's hard to argue with the W760 and Big Game data.
  15. Fjold

    Took Mom fishing at Goleta pier

    I'm going back this weekend and taking Mom fishing again. It gives my sister a break who does all the daily care for Mom.