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  1. Karl,Walt Betts here aka NVWalt.I'll be moving to south east Tenessee sometime very soon to Tellico Plains near the border.I see you are in northern Alabama.Are you near where I will be moving? If so maybe we could hook up some day soon and call a few critters in.I hope this works like a pm but don't know. Anyways please let me know if you do live within a few hours from where I will be relocating. Thank you, Walt Betts aka NVWalt

    1. Karl


      Walt, That would be great. Calling is a lot different here with the terrain and thick woods during the summer months especially. Looks like we will be 3-1/2 hours away from each other. I think we will be able to get together on occasion. I am working on a contract that will put me in E Alabama and N Georgia from time to time.  I see you will be right next to Cherokee NF. Very nice they have a large variety of game animals.


      Good Luck with the move, I think you will like it in Tenn.

      Thank You, Karl Hagen