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  1. It's been a lot of work but the results have been worth it.
  2. Congratulations! That is some amazing shooting!
  3. Sounds like you got a good deal to me. Congrats on the new rifle!
  4. My neighbor and I bought the same gun at the same time (really good deal) and we broke one in the way you describe and the other one we just cleaned real well and started shooting. No difference in the accuracy at all.
  5. Karl

    .17 hmr

    Have you tried the Hornady 15.5 ntx? Was there any wind or even a breeze when you were trying 75 yards? It doesn't take very much to push those little pills a few inches. This ^^^ They can be very picky about the ammo. Mine really likes the fmj and gamepoint in 20 grain and the 15.5 ntx, everything else is hit or mostly miss. Flyers are common and to be expected as it is a rimfire and match grade ammo is not available. Some of them also like to be shot dirty. After a thorough cleaning they can take some shooting before they shoot well again. 20-30 rounds is common for mine then I just use a bore snake.
  6. Shoot-it, Do you get many pics of snakes? Does anybody else get snake pics? I have never gotten one and I have some big snakes here.
  7. Nice Pics! I am surprised the serpent triggered the camera.
  8. That is pretty sweet! What an amazing gift for your wife!
  9. You earned that bad boy! Nice fish!
  10. Karl

    Timber Rattlers

    Neighbors dog got bit yesterday on the side of the mouth. He is going through a bad time but should make it.
  11. Karl

    Timber Rattlers

    Like SJ said here in Alabama most weapons and accessories are legal. The g19 is my carry gun when at home. It seems to work well on snakes.
  12. Karl

    Timber Rattlers

    John, I had my Vet order the vaccine. I have to get three dogs done. Lucky for me I get the employee discount so it isn't too bad. They say it really helps the recovery process. Bisley, Good eye. It only had a few buttons and never did rattle. The top one had 8 buttons but I shot it up pretty bad because I could only see part of it in the thick brush and wasn't taking any chances at a couple feet away. Tom, It's your standard yellow axe caliber 220-221 Microtus, I have been looking at snake boots but haven't got anything yet. Going to Cabelas tomorrow to look some more. Shoot-it, Yep they are protected in Tenn. You can't even pick up a dead one from the road. I would rather I didn't have to remove them but I can't have my wife or dogs bit while on the trails. If I do see them below the ridge I let them be.
  13. Karl

    Timber Rattlers

    Too good of a population. Silencer is in the pipe line John. I have one coming for the 17hmr as well.
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