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  1. microtus


    That's one place I wish I had gone before moving east. You off a ladder, tube or boat?
  2. microtus

    Bought a new to me rifle

    You had the money for it and it's what you wanted. Fair price or not, it was a sweet deal for you. Congrats on the new toy.
  3. microtus

    Hunt OnXMaps

    Whatcha think so far?
  4. microtus

    Ruger No.1 (and other SS's)

    No first hand knowledge on accuracy but a quick read on barrel length. https://rifleshooter.com/2014/04/223-remington5-56-nato-velocity-versus-barrel-length-a-man-his-chop-box-and-his-friends-rifle/
  5. microtus

    Where is Tim hiding

    I talked with the wife and decided to make the move. Test driving as many as possible. Come join, it's only 2,500 miles. https://greatnorthernbowhunting.com/p/expo
  6. microtus

    Hunt OnXMaps

    I'm not sure on the updates but for the most part public v private land doesn't really shift much. Sure there will be change of ownership of private land but the boundries tend to stay the same. I've been in this house since the end of July and it still lists the previous owner. It will be interesting to see when/if it changes. No cell service is needed out in the field. You just download the map onto your phone and use it off line. The gps aspect of the app continues to work regardless of cell coverage. There is a list of different overlays to choose from for an additional charge.
  7. microtus

    Hunt OnXMaps

    I recently subscribed to onxhunt as well. It's the basic membership for my phone and seems to work well. It is showing my location within a few feet based on a survey ginney I found. I searched online to find a promotional code for a 15% discount. No complaints with the app on my phone at all. It is also on my computer but the current location is shown as the local cell tower.
  8. microtus

    Well, Happy Birthday to me

    Congrats on 61 and to both of you for 35.
  9. microtus

    Must Have!

    Liberal heads are going to explode after seeing this
  10. microtus


    Well, failure to extract fired cases seems to be fairly common with this rifle. Mine is no exception. I contacted Ruger this morning and a new extractor is being mailed my way. The extractor on my gun looks really tweaked. I never paid attention to it earlier so I don't know if it came like it is or something else I did caused it. It does extract spent cases, but the failure rate is really high. When it fails to extract, open the bolt, drop the mag and just use a fingernail to pop the case out. It's easy peasy but not right. I'm finding that the extended mag release tends to get bumped enough to partially drop the mag. I would much rather prefer a recessed button like a standard 10/22. Time will tell if I learn how to carry/handle the rifle without doing it. Some online have shown dislike in the bolt being able to open while the rifle safety is on. So far I have had no issues with accidently operating the bolt while carrying the rifle, again, time will tell. With the bull barrel it is kind of a heavy little rascal. The short length seems to make it feel heavier than it really is. I do like the weight and balance though. I def need a sling. Everything else aside, it shoots better than I do, no complaints. Surprising thing about the 22mag, it's pretty darn quiet. I'm not worried about ear protection while shooting it. My 10/22's seem a lot louder.
  11. microtus


    Well, with my back, I can barely pick the thing up but it's ready to sight in. 3x9 Hawke. I don't really care for the rings/mount but I'll run with it for the cost (laying around the garage forever)
  12. microtus

    And so it began

    My shoulder would not like that. In true DF fashion I imagine you will be stacking rounds downrange in no time. Congrats on the new toy.
  13. microtus


    Figured I might as well put it in the right forum. My Ruger American Target in 22 mag is now in jail for the next 10 days. After a lot of on line reviews I finally settled on the Ruger but still had to handle one in person to commit. Sportsmans Warehouse in Fairfield had 1 in stock and after a quick fondle; "sold". It feels nothing like a 10/22, shoulders very well and has just enough heft with good weight distribution. Dark bluing with a black laminate stock, better looking than any gun I own. I've got an extra Hawke scope just waiting for it. They also had a Marlin guide gun in 45-70 on the rack. I've always been intrigued by them but have heard horror stories of the new Remlins. I have no real need for a 45-70 but if I had the money I would have bought that as well. That gun, as little as it is, fit me like a glove. I could close my eyes, shoulder it and open my eyes, perfect. I'd never put a scope on that thing, the ghost rings were awesome. Finish on this one seemed flawless. So much want.
  14. microtus

    which rimfire and...

    NO go-e go-e in Michigan as well Looks like I'm going to try and find a Ruger American Target. My gun fund did take a hit today though, picked up a 1967 Oakland Raiders team autographed football that I'll need to resell.
  15. microtus

    which rimfire and...

    I swung by three different places after work today but only found one 22mag, a Ruger American Compact. There were lots n lots of 17's to choose from but I'll stick to the 22. I'm trying not to have one ordered but may end up going that route. Dixon has a gun show the weekend after next, with low expectations I shouldn't be too disappointed. I prefer a heavier contour barrel (just me) and want a bolt with a flush mag. It doesn't leave a lot of options but preferences can change.