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  1. Very nice, have you ran a box test on it?
  2. Very nice. I did the same thing a couple years ago, was torn between rounds, but ended up going with a 280ai. Shooting 168 VLD's, dropped 2 deer with it and a couple coyotes, nothing has take a step, all bang flop, deer was at 400 and another just under 200. Coyotes ere between 600 and 100 yards. If you havent decided on glass yet, check out the Leupold VX6, Im running the 3-18x44, does great, and very light.
  3. So I bought a AR10 (bare upper and lower) last year to throw together. Form what I have found, there are 3 variations. DPMS Gen 1 (aka high profile), DPMS Gen 2 (aka low profile) and Armalite. Armalite will only work with their receivers, if you go with a 80% lower, I believe you want to go with a DMPS Gen2. Talk to manufactures of what you have before mixing and matching. Mine is Gen1 which sucks, and is limiting me in handguards, as Gen1 stuff is hard to find. To get everything to fit correctly, and lining up, the lower profile Gen2 is the way to go.
  4. Still love this rifle. Had it out past 1000 yards on paper a couple times and it never ceases to amaze me how accurate this rifle is. Absolutely fantastic round, this is one rifle I will never sell.
  5. So if you arent going on trails, all fresh powder, the longer the track the better. I would say a 155 minimum, prolly want a 163 track on it. The newer sleds (fiuel injected) are all pretty reliable, these days you cant really go wrong with Polaris, SkiDoo, or Arctic Cat. Between those 3, I would go with whoever has the nearest dealer to you with a good reputation. In terms of engine size, always go big! 800's are awesome, but the reality of it is, that unless you are doing some big mountain riding a 600 will do everything you need it to do. Most sleds you can retro fit a electric start on, so if you find a used one you really like, dont let that be your determining factor.
  6. Looks good! Do you guys fit metric actions? Thinking about throwing a new barrel on my tikka....
  7. So got most the skin and meat off my deer head, bent a piece of wire and put it in a drill to get a majority of the brain out, then a quick trip to walmart and $20 pot later been bioling (low simmer) for a couple of days on my camp stove. Got most everything off, but at this point there is still some brain matter and other tissue up in the nasal cavity and some little nooks and crannies. Tried a old tooth brush but cant get everything out. I started boiling it harder hoping the agitation would help, but ended up jsut breaking the nose cartlidge off (saved them hoping to glue back on). That being said I don't wanna destroy this skull by continuing to boil it, and advice? Can beetles still go to town on a boiled skull? I have read somewhere to just let it sit in water for a few weeks and the bacteria would break everything down. At this point just looking for some advice, I eventually want to get it hydro dipped... Thanks...
  8. Normally we split days with buddies, 3-4 guys go, each person is responsable for food for 1 day... Works out well... My fav is stopping at a gast station and getting a frozen burrito on the way out of town, wrapping it in foil and throwing it in the valley of the motor, under the turbo, normally is perfectly warm by the time i get to my hunting spot....
  9. Really? That is cool, I wonder if I can get my Rhino plated... Hmmmm.. Would be nice to run to the gas station or liquor store a few miles away in that rather than firing up the diesel truck.... Let us know what you do for a gun rack.. I still havent figured anything out in mine... Debatting between a Kolpin boot, or some type of overhead rack system for in the cab....
  10. Sounds yummy... I always make spaghetti sauce, then freeze it, it keeps the other stuff in the cooler cold and by the last day is thawed out and Im normally craving carbs. Wife makes what she calls "omelets in a bag" for me... Eggs + whatever fixins you like (sausage, mushrooms, onion, bell peppers, cheddar cheese are my usual), then it all goes in one of those big zip lock gallon size freezer bags... When your ready to eat boil a pot of water and stick the whole bag in, boil low for 5-10 minutes or till the eggs firm up and you have a omelet without the cleanup....
  11. Old thread. But I got a Yeti Rambler Colster and just got there lowball glass, absolutely amazing products. Want a ice chest but currently out of my price range. Saw there is a copy cat company called "Rtic", that is about half the price, anyone tried that stuff?
  12. With the thin jacket wonder if the bullet would just grenade at anything up close and not get penetration... With those BC numbers that thing would be rad out fo a 28 nosler doing about 3300fps... Wind, what wind?
  13. 9.5 lbs with glass, bipod, buttstock pack and 4 rnds...
  14. Ya, i was thinking i would need them to be doing about that to make them worth while over the 168... I was debatting playing with it, I swear this barrel shoots hot, Im getting 3040 fps (I was expecting closer to 2900 with the 168), with the 168 and thats about 2 grains under where I was showing pressure.
  15. My 7 mag, I was shooting 72 grains of powder (if mem serves me) over a mag primer and getting around 3070 with a Berger 168 VLD, loud, lots of kick and the barrel was getting tired. Sold it for about what I paid for it, and decided I wanted something that the barrel would last longer on, and was a little more pleasant to shoot (staying in the .284 size bullet). Enter the 280ai, 30-06 brass (lapua), same bullet, same mag primer, 60 grains of powder and going 3040 fps, with less recoil, less noise and all around more pleasant to shoot for, way easier to load for (this thing is not the least bit picky, powder, seating depth or anything else), it just shoots.... Not to mention instead of rebarreling a rifle for $400-500 it was way more economical for me to sell it and spend the dough for a custom.
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