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  1. OMG What a bunch of junk. I feed all kinds of birds in my back yard, and the only time I feel close to nature is when I'm out in the woods hunting where I am part of the wild world. Longboard
  2. I just got one and wanted to know if any of you have one, and do you find the bolt very stiff when cocking the rifle. I just put a scope on it but have not shot it yet. Thanks for any info. Longboard
  3. Great story, Nine hours is a looooong hunt to be sure, but you did very well. Longboard
  4. longboard

    M1 Garand

    Yes 4rhunts you NEED one. Anytime I open the safe my M-1 comes out just so I can feel the history. Darn thing shoots like a dream too. Yes you NEED one! Longboard
  5. Thanks for the replies! The rifle is a Gamo Expo 28 with a Simmons 4x32 scope. The trigger is not target grade at all. YILKES! I have to do the "just right hold" to make the shot, but it is sure is a killer when I do my part. Longboard
  6. Thanks Fjold! Longboard
  7. Howdy all, I have a number 1 in .243 and just bought a number 3 in .223. Do any of you know what rifle was first , or if they came out at the same time? Longboard p.s. My new [used] number three is not as light as the #1
  8. I love mine. Super quality and very very accuate. I had a Stag M-4 that was quite a good shooter, sold it and missed having a AR in the house. Went to a gun show and just had to have the DD, could not be more happy with it. Have a great time with it. Longboard
  9. Last night [early evening] my wife calls to me "the gopher is standing up in his hole". Having missed said gopher last Sunday I was out for blood. Went to the closet loaded my gamo with a .177 hollow point and one cock of the barrel and I was out the glass door. He was still there looking around, lined him up in the cross hairs, safety off, squeze..........SNAP! Where did he go? Shot looked good, Honey bring me the flash light. Head shot, fell right back in his tunnel. The Gamo is virgin no more. Love back yard hunting. Longboard
  10. Howdy, Well I took my CZ out today with some 110gn. hollow points and a load of 2400. It is a light load and shoots like a dream. The really cool part is it [the CZ] shot the crappy wolf hollow points almost as well when the HARD primers would go off. Surf in the morning range time in the afternoon.All in all a great day, can't wait to introduce some song dogs to my rifle. Good Hunting Longboard
  11. Thanks RobT2K,I just bought a Daniel Defense and could not be more happy with the rifle. It is very accurate and a well made AR. Longboard
  12. longboard

    first 12 ga.

    Good job Tony, I have a 500 that my Father in law gave me and just love it. I also bought a 870 Wingmaster that has a plain barrel and was made in the 50's, it's almost as old as me. You do not need the most expensive, or the hardest kicking killer shotgun made, to hunt with.Shotguns are fun, my Ruger red label is a very good looking gun, and shoots like a dream, but my Mossberg and 870 get the nod in the field most of the time. Good luck on the hunting.Longboard
  13. Thanks to all of you. I bought a M-4 Daniel Defense 5.56 and will pick it up on Saturday the 17th. Ya-hoo. Longboard
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