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  1. I feed my .223 Sinterfire and can shoot it darn near anywhere. Roll your own.
  2. Update: Last weekend I found CCI copper .22 for $10 for 50 at the local Big 5. I had checked online and although you could find it cheaper by the time you pay shipping costs it was cheaper to buy at Big 5. Looking forward to trying it out at a bunny spot I found before the drought. Should be loaded.
  3. arrrggghh, photobucket again! Greedy, greedy
  4. Congrats Chuck, Looks like you cured the high and to the left it was shooting. That last target is worth hanging.
  5. Primo's Randy Anderson Lil Dog is now $24. Makes more sounds than anything above. And calls in deer. Been there done that.
  6. Not sure about No. Cal but talk to Switch.
  7. 'drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vic's and his hair was perfect."
  8. With my .223 I use 40 or 45 grain Sinterfire. I have a 1 in 12 barrel. Works for me.
  9. Are supressors legal? For you and the dog get him snake-proofed. My dog has consistently avoided snakes since the training. Saves on iffy vaccines. I use snake shot I bought for .22. Not nearly as much noise and splatters them pretty good.
  10. For those wondering about un-leaded I roll my own. I use Sinterfire 40 grain. Unbelievably cheap and when you work out the powder charge you won't go back to store bought ever again.
  11. I am lost in why anyone would want to buy a rimfire now. With the way the regulations are on ammo, you can't hunt with it. I guess you save it for the range which, to me, defeats the purpose of a cheap gun to plink with.
  12. For scopes look at Redfield, made by Leupold but I think their good glass in going into these products. For varmints I use a single shot HR or Handi-Rifle with a bull barrel in .223. Scary accurate. As an example, once I was sighting it in and got po'd when after shooting four times I only saw one hole in the spotting scope. When I got down range I discovered there was a crease on one side of the hole.
  13. Nylon 66? John, I wonder if I should admit I remember those.
  14. It is nice how something doesn't have to be ghastly expensive to work, isn't it?
  15. I always carry my 9mm strapped to my side when bird hunting. No long tail or other varmint is going to mess with me or my dog.