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  1. Od pic...LD on CO2 cart....12" HW barrel....some of you "old' hands should recognize the scope....TACO HOLD natch. 12 yards or so...
  2. Go to the forest service office in Alpine (Descanso office) and they can show you maps where you can hunt in Cleveland...lots of places.
  3. https://www.cabelas.com/product/BENJAMIN-MARAUDER-SYNTHETIC/2520786.uts?slotId=1 I have one with the wood stock and have taken squirrels out to 105 yards...best to get out early before wind kicks up for the 100 yard shots...although, the .25 cal does well in wind.
  4. Use to post here a lot...but wife got ill and I have been her caregiver for past three years...she is doing fine now, but her physical therapy is on-going. She goes three times/week and soon I may renew my hunting license to get out again. My favorite air rifles are two RWS 850's both converted to HPA in .177 and .22. I also have a Marauder .25 which has been just super. So you have made a great choice in the Marauder.
  5. Northern Az? Did some pdogs in Seligman. What's the best place to live there?  Thanks. 

  6. I only have two break barrel air rifles...Beeman R9 .20 cal and a Stoeger X20 Suppressor. The R9 cost $560 in 2008. Has been very reliable and accurate with no issues. The X20 I got last year for $129....other than a funky 5 lb trigger, it has been accurate and reliable with no issues... I would recommend reading up on air rifle reviews. There is good info on break barrels at Straight Shooters site...they provide in depth data on how various pellets perform in all their air rifles.. Check out the R7 and RWS 34 for starters...
  7. A friend of mine has a similar rifle from Crosman...still shooting good. I believe yours was sold through Big Five with a Centerpoint mounted.., As scopes go, I would get a cheap Leapers but make sure to use the stop pin into your scope rail.provided with your scope rings...Another tip is before you junk that original scope out check the adjustment at the "eye" end (Ocular lens),...you may have that out of focus...... Diopter adjustment provides additional focus adjustment to adapt the scope to your eyesight. ..there usually is a + - adjustment to compensate for your eyesight. Some have a locking ring...??? http://www.pyramydair.com/s/a/Leapers_UTG_3_9x32_AO_Rifle_Scope_Mil_Dot_Reticle_1_4_MOA_1_Tube_3_8_Rings/4627
  8. Thanks...got one but I'll be throwing it on largemouths....although if I ever get to the Colorado might see some stripers there. Our local lakes kick out some nice fish...
  9. Anyone here use this top water lure ???? I've thrown spooks on largemouth bass but was wondering about the Whopper Plopper how well it works..
  10. Some friends were golfing once when a guy stepped out of the brush a said to empty their pockets...one of my friends told another when the jerk gets close he will hit him with his nine iron....then another robber stepped out of the brush with a gun a said he heard that and told them to hand over wallets etc...the robbers left,and my friends finished their round ,then called police...the police were not happy that they did not report the crime right away...
  11. Have you tried a paint ball shop.??? They can fill your small tank with air ,but do not do scuba, I believe...I fill both my small tanks at velocity Paintball in San Diego.
  12. Might be exciting.....knowing you might get attacked.....but $450/day is a bit much including PCP rental... I spent nine days fishing for peacock bass in Brazil for $444/day including air fare/meals , accomodations, fishing gear, guide & boat..
  13. I found this on amazon...(just don't use the Winchester brand at Walmart, they break) https://www.amazon.com/ShootingTargets7-Metal-Targets/dp/B00DXG3FFK ..
  14. Think there is a guy in South Carolina that makes some for bigger caliber's...I'll look it up and post if I can find a link.
  15. You really get excellent feedback from where your hits impact this target. I use it all the time and particularly before going hunting so I know what my rifles are doing before getting out in the field.
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