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  1. Inside a 40 gr Nosler Lead Free

    At my age everything I read I think is new and I have never seen it before.
  2. 175 Grains Barnes LRX BT

    This last Monday a good friend of mine used a 300 Win mag with the Barnes 175 gr LRX BT bullet to drop a very nice 24" wide 4 point buck at 520 yards away. The buck only moved about 40 yards after being hit. The exit hole looked small but there was a 6" diameter ring of blood shot meat that we could see around the exit hole when we skinned the buck. It was very impressive to see a guy range the buck at 520 yards and then dial the scope up to 520 yards and then make a perfect shot on the buck.
  3. New to me rifle

    On Saturday I shot a nice 3 point buck at just over 200 yards away with my Rem 260 shooting Barnes TTSX 120 gr bullets. The buck only went about 20 to 30 yards down hill after it was shot.
  4. Barns my butt

    It sounds like those loads had very high pressure for some reason. Were the primers all flattened out? My Barnes Reloading Manual Number 4 shows the Max load for IMR 4064 to be 52.0 gr for 30-06 with a 150 gr TSX BT bullet.
  5. 6mm Lead Free - Molly coating next

    Are you molly coating the Nosler BT Varmint Lead Free bullets in the picture?
  6. New to me rifle

    I have a Rem 700 in 260 Rem with a 4 X 12 Leupold scope on it. I really like the 12 power for sighting rifles in. 1" dots don't look very big at 100 yards with my old eyes looking through 9 power scope. Braz , I reload the Barnes 120 gr TTSX bullets for my 260 Rem. Hornady makes 120 gr Lead Free GMX bullets and Nosler makes a 120 gr E-Tip lead free bullets. Barnes also makes a 100 gr TTSX bullet.
  7. Eric it looks like the Hevi-Shot 1-3/4 ox "B" shot load should have right at 84 pellets per shell, at 1350 fps it gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 54.2yards. 1-1/2 oz of TSS #3 shot has 94 pellets per load at 1250 fps it gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 93.3 yards. 1-1/2 oz of TSS #2 shot has 84 pellets per load at 1250 fps it gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 111.8 yards.
  8. Remington versamax tactical review

    Thanks Eric, I just made an investment to try to keep up with you! I just ordered a Remington Versa Max Waterfowl Pro. The magazine tube fell out of my Rem 11-87 that is right at 25 years old so I needed another shotgun.
  9. .223 with 30gr bullet

    We have had good results on squirrels with the Hornady 35 gr NTX bullets. You can load the 35gr NTX up to 3800 fps so I wouldn't want to try any lighter than 35gr lead free bullets. If I could still shoot lead bullets I would be shooting 50 gr bullets at squirrels.
  10. DAA on Predator Masters patterned a 1-5/8 oz load of TSS #2 shot at 70 yards and it put 24 pellets in a 10" circle. That is pretty impressive!
  11. I never have had my plug removed while hunting coyotes because I wasn't 100% sure that it was legal. Not very many times have I needed more than 3 shells but it has happened. The extra shots could come in handy to drop a coyote that wasn't hit solid with the first three shots. Now when I am hunting just coyotes with a shotgun I will have the plug out, if that is an option on the shotgun I am using.
  12. Remington versamax tactical review

    Eric, I apologize for helping hijack your thread about the Remington Versa Max. I do think we learned something good out of it though. Yesterday the magazine tube on my Rem 11-87 popped out so I may end up buying a Rem Versa Max waterfowl camo shotgun in the near future. I never really thought I needed a 3-1/2" shotgun but it would be nice to have a shotgun that is rated for handling more pressure than my 3" shotguns.
  13. I made copies of the above to keep in my truck to show a game warden if I get checked while hunting coyotes. Most of the time when I have asked a game warden a question about a fish and wildlife regulation that I can't find, they don't know the answer or the answer they give me is wrong.
  14. Are target shooters limited to the 3-round max shell capacity? Question: My friends and I were arguing over whether or not recreational shotgun shooters (skeet/trap) are bound in the same way as game hunters by the 3-round maximum shell capacity restriction. I also cannot find any Fish and Game regulations as to whether this holds true for nongame species (such as coyotes). Only game mammals and birds are listed specifically. (Ken) Answer: Regulations regarding magazine capacity only apply when “taking” game birds and/or mammals (California Code of Regulations Title 14, sections 311, 353 and 507). The 3-round shell restriction does not apply when using a shotgun to take furbearing or nongame species, or when shooting targets, skeet/trap, sporting clays, etc. (CCR Title 14, sections 465 and 475). Fish and Game Code section 2010 does limit shotguns to no more than six shells when taking “any bird or mammal” and there are Penal Code sections restricting large capacity firearms. Additional information regarding large capacity firearms is available from the Bureau of Firearms Web site at http://ag.ca.gov/firearms/. Thank you for taking time to ask the question before going into the field hunting. Fish and Game Code Section 2010 will address the plug question you have, see below. If you comply with FG 2010 and the provisions of CCR T-14 section 475, then you may use an unplugged shotgun to take non game mammals. Good luck and happy hunting. Kind Regards, Central District Law Enforcement Staff Fish and Game Code - FGC DIVISION 3. FISH AND GAME GENERALLY [2000 - 2948] ( Division 3 enacted by Stats. 1957, Ch. 456. ) CHAPTER 1. Taking and Possessing in General [2000 - 2022] ( Chapter 1 enacted by Stats. 1957, Ch. 456. ) 2010. (a) It is unlawful to use or possess a shotgun larger than 10-gauge, or to use or possess a shotgun capable of holding more than six cartridges at one time, to take a mammal or bird. (b) A shotgun that has been modified with the insertion of a plug is deemed, for the purpose of this section, to have a cartridge capacity equal to the number of cartridges that can be loaded into the weapon as modified. (c) After a public hearing, the commission may adopt regulations relative to the ammunition capacity of shotguns for taking mammals or birds that are more restrictive than the limits provided in subdivision (a), or that it determines may be needed to conform to federal law. §475. Methods of Take for Nongame Birds and Nongame Mammals. Nongame birds and nongame mammals may be taken in any manner except as follows: (a) Poison may not be used. (b) Recorded or electrically amplified bird or mammal calls or sounds or recorded or electrically amplified imitations of bird or mammal calls or sounds may not be used to take any nongame bird or nongame mammal except coyotes, bobcats, American crows and starlings. (c) Fallow deer, sambar deer, axis deer, sika deer, aoudad, mouflon, tahr and feral goats may be taken only with the equipment and ammunition specified in Section 353 of these regulations. (d) Traps may be used to take nongame birds and nongame mammals only in accordance with the provisions of Section 465.5 of these regulations and sections 3003.1 and 4004 of the Fish and Game Code. (e) No feed, bait or other material capable of attracting a nongame mammal may be placed or used in conjunction with dogs for the purpose of taking any nongame mammals. Nothing in this section shall prohibit an individual operating in accordance with the provisions of Section 465.5 from using a dog to follow a trap drag and taking the nongame mammal caught in that trap. (f) The take or attempted take of any nongame bird or nongame mammal with a firearm shall be in accordance with the use of nonlead projectiles and ammunition pursuant to Section 250.1 of these regulations.
  15. Remington versamax tactical review

    Thanks for posting that Bennie!