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  1. John getting older helps when it comes to fishing top water baits. Now it is much harder for me to react too quickly! LOL
  2. We tried to catch some Stripers today but all we could catch were little ones. We ended up having a good day catching some Largemouth Bass and a few Smallmouth Bass. I got more than a little excited when this bass hit my Zara Spook.
  3. ehd, I am sending you a PM.
  4. Yesterday I re-loaded thirty 2-3/4" 1-5/8 oz loads of TSS #3 shot, there is 102 pellets in each shell. At 1250 fps TSS #3 shot gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 93.3 yards. Lead BB shot at 1250 fps gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 43.7 yards. Just to give you an idea how how dense TSS shot is, 1-5/8 oz of TSS shot fits into a CSD-078 7/8 oz steel shot wad with room to spare.
  5. One of the big advantages of TSS shot is it has much less wind resistance than lead shot. I just put some shot types and sizes into my KPY Shotshell Ballistic program and came up with some interesting numbers. I had to change the gel penetration set point around to get the distances all to come out to 62.3 yards. The speeds on all of these loads are 1250 fps at the muzzle. I think that 3.70" of gel penetration is a good requirement to reliably kill or breakdown coyotes. Lead BB 1250 fps, time to 62.3 yards is .212 sec, gel penetration 3.11", speed at 62.3 yards 682 fps TSS #4 1250 fps, time to 62.3 yards is .203 sec, gel penetration 4.15", speed at 62.3 yards 737 fps TSS #3 1250 fps, time to 62.3 yards is .199 sec, gel penetration 4.68", speed at 62.3 yards 760 fps TSS #2 1250 fps, time to 62.3 yards is .197 sec, gel penetration 5.20", speed at 62.3 yards 778 fps Lead 4 Buck 1250 fps, time to 62.3 yds .199 sec, gel penetration 5.00", speed at 62.3 yards 772 fps A Number 4 buckshot pellet weighs over twice as much as a TSS #2 shot pellet does but the smaller diameter TSS # 2 pellet retains more speed. A 1-1/2 oz load of TSS #3 shot has 100 pellets per shell. A 1-1/2 oz load of TSS #2 shot has 81 pellets per shell. A 1-7/8 oz load of lead #4 buck has 41 pellets per shell.
  6. TSS shot is almost pure Tungsten, the military uses tungsten in some of the rounds that are made to penetrate into armored tanks. TSS shot is very had and very heavy for it's size. It doesn't slow down nearly as fast as lead shot does. A lead BB pellet weighs just a little more than a TSS #2 pellet weighs. The TSS #2 pellet is much harder than a lead BB pellet and it is smaller so the TSS pellets have less wind resistance and they penetrate and break bones much better than the soft lead pellets do. From KPY Shotshell Ballistic Software. Lead BB shot at 1300 fps gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 46.1 yards. TSS #2 shot at 1300 fps gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 115.5 yards. Comparing these two shot types are about like comparing a golf ball "TSS #2 shot" to a tennis ball "lead BB shot".
  7. https://apex-ammunition.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage Get some before the price goes up!
  8. I just saw on another forum that Barnes was buying out Hornady and Nosler!
  9. I always thought you were suppose to shoot 15 shells or more to get your rifle sighted in?
  10. I will supply the Krylon Camo paint if you want to paint it Bob!
  11. I was really impressed with how Al Morris uses a diaphragm call while he is calling coyotes with his Foxpro callers. He pretty much has the diaphragm call in his mouth at all times. He can make distress coyote or puppy whine sounds in a split second to stop or call in coyotes while the Foxpro is still putting out sounds.
  12. I would rather shoot a 22 cal lead free bullet instead of a 20 cal lead free bullet.
  13. http://shop.whittakerguns.com/product/38416 For shooting Lead Free bullets this 1-8" twist 22-250 would be a good way to go.
  14. At least the Foxpro callers are getting less expensive with all of the added features that they are coming up with. My first Foxpro was and FX5 and it cost me $699.00. The CS-24C for $399.00 is a great call for the money. About the only extra features that I use are the pre-set sounds.