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  1. I would rather shoot a 22 cal lead free bullet instead of a 20 cal lead free bullet.
  2. http://shop.whittakerguns.com/product/38416 For shooting Lead Free bullets this 1-8" twist 22-250 would be a good way to go.
  3. At least the Foxpro callers are getting less expensive with all of the added features that they are coming up with. My first Foxpro was and FX5 and it cost me $699.00. The CS-24C for $399.00 is a great call for the money. About the only extra features that I use are the pre-set sounds.
  4. Eric does it have any pre-set sounds that you can enter?
  5. That was a great interview and video! Thanks for posting it! In 1985 or 1986 I got to eat dinner with Tom Miranda and Wayne Ervine in Atascadero California. At that time Tom was a very well known trapper. I remember how excited he was when he was telling Wayne and I about all of the video equipment he just bought Wayne Ervine owned a Trapping Supply Store in Atascadero and he had Tom Miranda come to Atascadero to put on a trapping seminar. I went to three different trapping seminars at Ervine's Trapping Supply and Tom Miranda's was the best by far.
  6. That B.C. of .403 does look a little high for a Lead Free 90 gr bullet. Barnes 85 gr Lead Free TSX bullets are .333 Barnes 80 gr Lead Free TTSX bullets are .331 Hornady 80 gr Lead Free GMX bullets are .300 Nosler 95 gr lead bullets are .379 Hornady 100 gr lead BTSP bullets are .405 Sierra 90 gr FMJ lead bullets are .387 Sierra 100 gr SBT lead bullets are .430
  7. When I ordered the Nosler 50 gr Lead Free Varmint bullets I got two boxes for a friend of mine. He called me yesterday and told me he has killed two coyotes with his 22-250AI rifle wit a 1-8" twist with these new Nosler 50 gr Lead Free bullets. Both coyotes were DRT. He is really excited about the accuracy and performance of these bullets.
  8. A while back I shot two shots at paper with these new Nosler Lead Free 50 gr Varmint bullets. The first shot hit in the 1" dot and the second shot hit on the right edge of the 1" dot at 100 yards. Last Saturday I killed three coyotes with these 50 gr Lead Free Nosler Varmint bullets shot out of my 1-8" twist 22-250. They worked good on those three coyotes, no big exit holes.
  9. https://www.natchezss.com/hevi-shot-2-10lb-bulk.html https://www.natchezss.com/hevi-shot-bb-10lb-bulk.html Not to long ago Natchez raised the price on this Hevi-Shot. Now it looks like it is back down to $10.00 per pound. This stuff will work 3 times better on predators than steel shot will. Below is what I replied back to a guy on another forum that was thinking about using Hevi-Metal BB loads on coyotes. I just copied and pasted this stuff that is below. Don't buy Hevi-Metal BB loads for coyotes! The BB shot in these loads are just steel shot. The Hevi-Metal shot in Hevi-Metal loads are just a little denser than steel, they are not as dense as lead and they will be much smaller than the steel BB shot. There is no Hevi-Shot that is denser than lead in Hevi-Metal loads. Steel shot does not even compare to lead shot for penetration and energy. Steel shot slows down way faster than lead shot or denser than lead shot. I just put a bunch of different shot types and speeds into my KPY Shotshell Ballistic program. I am sure this program is not 100% accurate but it is pretty close. All of these loads but the last three have 3.50" of gel penetration. They say you need 1.5" of gel penetration for ducks and 2.5" of gel penetration for geese. My guess is 3.5" of gel penetration is close to what you need for coyotes. Make sure you look at the speeds of the steel loads and the target ranges. The Target ranges tell you the distance of the gel penetration. Tests #1 and #2 show the big difference between steel shot and lead shot, even with the steel shot going 250 fps faster than the lead shot. Tests #7,#8 and #9 shot types will be close to what Hevi-Metal BB load performance would be. Eric look at test #13 that is Federal Heavyweight BB shot!
  10. I reloaded some for my 22-250 but I have not shot them yet.
  11. https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/0011545498/22-caliber-point224-diameter-50-grain-ballistic-tip-lead-free-bullet-100-count Midsouth also has the 22 cal Nosler 50 gr Lead Free Varmint bullets in stock.
  12. A dead steer. That bear hung around there for 3 weeks off and on.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjjsVexrmkY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikGhNEFmw70
  14. ehd, what does the shot charge weigh in those 3-1/2" T shot loads? If they are 1-5/8 oz loads they will only have 4 more T shot pellets than the 3" 1-1/2 oz T shot loads have. If they are 1-5/8 oz T shot loads they will have 7 or 8 pellets less in them than the Federal 3" 1-1/2 oz Heavyweight BB loads have. So the 3" Federal Heavyweight Coyote BB load has 7 or 8 more coyote killing pellets in it than the 3-1/2" 1-5/8 oz T shot load has. Here are a few of my old patterns that I took pictures of when I first tried the Rem HD BB load after using the Federal Premium 1-7/8 oz copper coated lead BB loads for years. The 1-7/8 oz lead BB load with 98 pellets in it put 15 pellets in the 12" circle at 40 yards. The Rem HD BB load with 25 less pellets per shell put twice as many pellets in the 12" circle at 40 yards. It was much easier to hit a running coyote with those big lead BB patterns but I did have to shoot them two or three times way more often than I do now.
  15. Midway USA finally " waited about 2 years" sent me an e-mail saying that the Nosler 224 Cal Lead Free Ballistic Tip Varmint bullets are in stock and they are on sale. Product number 357244 https://www.midwayusa.com/product/357244/nosler-ballistic-tip-varmint-bullets-22-caliber-224-diameter-50-grain-ballistic-tip-lead-free-box-of-100 If these 50 gr Nosler Lead Free Varmint bullets shoot good no more Barnes 55 gr Lead Free MPG bullets for me.