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  1. Air Rifle Hunter, You know that you can indeed call up deer with a mouth blown call. Over the years I have called in many a deer.If you get tired of sitting and waiting, get on that call and see what you either spook and cause them to take off or call them in. Doesn't work all the time but you will be surprised at what that call will do. Making it more drawn out and like a bleat has worked best for me. And this has worked for whitetail, blacktail and mule deer. Good luck and keep that girl of yours with you.They remember it for a lifetime and as my daughter does,takes me on hunting trips with her as an adult.
  2. NVWalt

    The "Fort" is up for sale

    Yup the Fort is up for sale. 2 1/2 acres with a two story building with 1 two room apt.,1 three room apt., 2 studio apt's and 1 storage room next to a 20x20 cement vault upstairs. Downstairs is a 35x70 great room,1 studio apt. and 2 bedrooms,1 utility rm. and the 20x20 vault . 17 unit RV park and 3 differant storage units. 1 is cement floored and has two garage doors and 30?x 100 the other#2 is 30x 100 with ,if I remember right 6 or 7 single units with wood floors and the last one is 30 x 50 wood floor 2 doors single unit. This is the old Kennicot Copper main office for the Ruth mine that was moved down from Old Ruth down to New Ruth like in the 50's.There is a big hole in the ground where it used to be. It is actually a hysterical,historical, building. Of course it needs money thrown at it and really has potential for making one money if that was the plan. The late wife and I got it because she was an artist and besides painting etc had a good porcelian doll buisness.So it fit what we wanted til she up and died on me. I never did anything with it except let my friends use the storage units, so they would keep an eye on the place while I was working out of town. The RV park was going to be for use by hunters but I never bothered with it so it is in disrepair. It's old and does need money thrown at it to make it profitable but I wasn't interested after the wife died. My hobbies don't include making money,I like the isolation. It is 3 1/2 hours to 4 hours to the closest China-Mart.A little remote. If you do a google earth for it it is the brown roofed building on Main st. between the community center and fire station and the little park on the west side of Main st. The storage units are the white buildings to the west of the building. We want 150,000 for it but that is negotiable. If you like small town,200- people with one remaining bar, and lots of open land to play on and are young enough to be ambitiouse enough to want to make a go of it.This place really does have potential. Ely,itself is like 5 miles east of Ruth with food, gas, brothels, hotels and some pretty nice people in it. It is cold in the winter but never really gets to 100, more like 80's in the summer. Anyways if you are interested look it up on google earth and pm me. Did I mention the hunting? The hunting is pretty good for coyotes, cats,big and small, some red fox, mule deer, Rocky Mtn elk,few badger, sage rats and antelope.Fishing in the nearby resevoirs(ponds) is first class with 16-18 bows and browns being pretty typical. Anyways that's it in a nutshell.The place is just toooo big for Jane and I and the title is clear. There ya go.....Walt
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    A 5 weight is my go to also. Good all around rod for trout and warmwater fish. Only thing I have found in Nevada you need anything bigger was for Northern Pike and I like my 8 for that.I have caught Pike on my 5 but those bigger ones ,30-40 inchers, stress the 5 too much. And they can pull you around if your in a tube.Heck, I have even had them move me around on my pontoon also.That 8 also is good for larger carp which are pretty good fighters . All toooo much fun! We have a so called "trophy" waters here where I am at now in Tennessee but what they think are trophy fish are just decent sized trout for Nevada. You know those 16-18 inchers. Go figure.
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    Used to take that rope sparkies use to pull line with and tie it to my float tube and the bumper of the truck and go out fishing there. The winds can get pretty good out on that pond and I have had to rope myself back to shore a couple of times .I tried that ladder fishing there also but had better luck out on the tube. The boat was good with the downriggers going but not the same as flyfishing for those cuts.
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    Spring Fever

    The weather has been so nice here I went for a wander on the hill and found some winter oyster mushrooms, Now I got the bug and can't seem to be able to wait for actual spring so I can hopefully find some morels. Which raises the question of how many of us here go shrooming or get side tracked out hunting to find some good eating shrooms? Tennessee here reminds me of Washington with the trees and all and what seems to be an abundance of mushrooms. Well eastern Tennessee anyways. Was told I have ginseng on the property also.I have never looked for or seen said plant but maybe I will look and hopefully find some just to say I have. Anyways, My curiosity has me wondering how many here go out and look for mushrooms?
  6. NVWalt

    How important is this to do?

    Do they break in new rebuilt race engines? If it shoots like crud ,clean it,if it still shoots like crud..get rid of it. Never really noticed any differance so called breaking in a barrel on any of my comp guns as opposed to just shooting them.Maybe I have been lucky over the years but good barrels and good gunsmiths negate that type of stuff. And the boxstock guns I use regularly have shot great right from the get go.Even my little 17 Rem.Which has a lot of ammo run through it still shoots better than my ability to shoot it. Heck, some of my guns even shot great fire forming brass and you would never think that would happen. But I am lazy by choice so there ya go.
  7. NVWalt

    Took Mom fishing at Goleta pier

    I was there in 1967, well, that was the year we moved up to Longview, Washington. We lived up in Mission Hills and Dad was working Vandenburg. The coyote and bobcats were pretty easy pickings back then and I called my first mtn lion there also. Went back there many, many years later and the place didn't really look like it changed a whole lot. Some very good memories from that place growing up.
  8. NVWalt

    Took Mom fishing at Goleta pier

    Grew up sorta in Lompoc. Went to high school there anyways. Remember days fishing off the pier in both Gaviota and Goleta. Just had to say it brought back some fond memories.And good for your mom.Best enjoy her while she is still with you.Those memories are lasting.
  9. NVWalt

    She does better than me

    That's way cool. That fish is almost as big as she is. Had to have been a classic Hemmingway struggle to get it to shore.
  10. NVWalt

    daughters first deer

    Beautiful animal and kudos to your daughter. I know a lot of grown up (?) men and women that have tried for years to score on something that nice. And she gets one right off the get go. Makes ya just bubble with pride doesn't it dad.
  11. NVWalt

    new rod

    Good luck with the "minimal" cost hobbies. LOL
  12. NVWalt

    New to me rifle

    Be careful where you drop that jar of honey.LOL.I can't believe I just posted that. Bad me.
  13. NVWalt

    New to me rifle

    You will like that 260. I have one in a mod 7 rem and it has served me well on antelope and mule deer. Easy shooting and works just fine in the 300-500 yard shots on antelope the mule deer are close in shooting but seemed to kill each one it shot. Good round.
  14. NVWalt

    45 acp carbine

    Got to love your state and how they can take a perfectly good gun and trash it with all those stupid laws to make it feel good safe.
  15. NVWalt

    Lead Free 22 LR - Not looking good

    In your feel good state I bet you money ,marbles or chalk that it won't be long til they tell you not to shoot lead out of those airguns. If it has to do with any kind of gun or hunting your state seems to think that it is evil and civilised people don't do those things. afterall, you can go buy your meat in stores where no animal was harmed.LOL. But just wait.As screwed up and brainwashed as people are in Commifornia it won't be long.
  16. NVWalt

    Pulled pork and mac and cheese

    I hear what you are saying. Gimping around just ain't much fun. Glad to hear you usually do make your own. Really adds to a well qued pork butt. Got the daughter flying in today and guess what will be started on the Q tomorrow morning. Yep..Do love to tend the smoker. Since moving here to Tennessee I have a lot of hickory on the property and BBQ is a fairly popular thing here.Can't imagine why lol. Looking forwards to Memphis in May if I am lucky enough to go.
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    Pulled pork and mac and cheese

    Looks great but have you ever considered making your own buns? Easy and sooo much better than anything out of a store..Walt
  18. NVWalt

    AR 500 Steel Target

    Ive still got a set of sillywet targets from years ago and they are still a ball to blast. The rams are a bit "work" hardened and have some chips on the edge and are warped from umpteen thousands of rounds hitting them .3/8 inch but the turkeys3/8 and the pigs and chickens,1/2 are still in great shape and this really is after untold thousands of rounds over the course of many years. Love reactive targets. I think that was one reason sillywet shooting was so popular in the 80's.Both rifle and pistol....Walt
  19. NVWalt

    The "Fort" is up for sale

    The best is just a google earth to see what it is. Ruth NV.
  20. Karl,Walt Betts here aka NVWalt.I'll be moving to south east Tenessee sometime very soon to Tellico Plains near the border.I see you are in northern Alabama.Are you near where I will be moving? If so maybe we could hook up some day soon and call a few critters in.I hope this works like a pm but don't know. Anyways please let me know if you do live within a few hours from where I will be relocating. Thank you, Walt Betts aka NVWalt

    1. Karl


      Walt, That would be great. Calling is a lot different here with the terrain and thick woods during the summer months especially. Looks like we will be 3-1/2 hours away from each other. I think we will be able to get together on occasion. I am working on a contract that will put me in E Alabama and N Georgia from time to time.  I see you will be right next to Cherokee NF. Very nice they have a large variety of game animals.


      Good Luck with the move, I think you will like it in Tenn.

      Thank You, Karl Hagen

  21. NVWalt

    6.5 factory seconds

    I have shot thousands of rounds of both Hornady and Nosler 2nds. And truth be known there have been a number of Sillywet championships won using seconds. They all worked for my family and I when we used to shoot comp.I have also killed more than a handful of deer and elk with them. All 7mm and 30 cal. Used to get them in bulk drop shipped.
  22. NVWalt

    On the wild side.

    Very cool.
  23. NVWalt

    Living in oregon has some benefits.

    Nevada is going the same route. Nothing but know it all libtards in Lost wages and Reno/Sparks/Carson. I'm glad that I am isolated out here. The nearest ChinaMart is 4 hours away. The libtards have a rough time dealing with that. Thank God for little favors.
  24. NVWalt

    Pistol lock box

    I was having fun "but it's true." to quote Gru
  25. NVWalt

    Pistol lock box

    Your right John those are long barreled guns. Used one years ago shooting sillywet matches.Good gun and accurate enough to place well in matches. Kids? Sorry, my only time around kids was back when they could play with the guns and all their friends played with them as well. They were all competitive shooters back then.But I do get your point. And Federal buildings look like prime hunting grounds for those looking for gun free zones to wreak havoc. Just hope you can get outside when it happens,and it will, to get into your trunk and hopefully remembered to bring your lock key with you. You could be a hero just like the cops that arrive after the fact. Am I still being nice?