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  1. stephen722

    What happened to this forum?

    it was about 40 yards, head shot, went clear through. Benjamin domed, I think their 27 grains. they come in the box have fun stephen
  2. stephen722

    What happened to this forum?

    mine killed a coyote, all though I would of grabbed a powder burner first, but the marauder is all I had
  3. stephen722

    What happened to this forum?

    you made a fine choice. I tried a few different pellets but never found any much better than the ones in the box! burnt out on air guns, probably never, started wearing out 760's in the seventy's. have fun stephen
  4. stephen722

    Leaded, Unleaded, Doesn't Matter

    around the corner?, we just go behind the shop! have fun stephen
  5. stephen722

    Reloading shotgun shells

    I'm not a fan of long shot, loud, recoil, but very low pressures. when you add buff drop another grain. weigh shot charges, lead Vere's a lot and copper drops very light and I have no clue as to what you are using have fun stephen
  6. stephen722

    Reloading shotgun shells

    five grains sounds like a lot Eric, using blue dot? tapered cases make a big difference as well as fed primers have fun stephen
  7. stephen722

    My New .25 SynRod

    try a better scope, I like the bdc type. pellets drop a lot down range have fun stephen
  8. stephen722


    1 vote for atv with tracks, we use both on trap line and snow mobile is a pain, reverse is engine running back wards, although electric start is nice, have pull start for back up, batteries die at the worst times. we use a plastic boat for a pull behind sled and it works well. have fun stephen
  9. stephen722

    Benjamin Air Rifles

    this one shot with the .25 at about thirty yards
  10. stephen722

    Benjamin Air Rifles

  11. stephen722

    Next rifle...help.

    savage # 25 with thumb hole seam to shoot very well, for squirrels 18x leupold
  12. stephen722

    Ruger 77 Mark II

    one of mine got filed to much, safety works but goes bang when you take it off,
  13. stephen722

    Ruger 77 Mark II

    I think the ones I bought were spec tec, be sure and check the safety!
  14. stephen722

    New Quail Swatter

    some how I thought you would find something that needed tweeked a little! beautiful wood on that one be careful. after bending you just turn off the lamps and the wood takes a set where it is at, or springs back a little?
  15. stephen722

    New Quail Swatter

    nice gun indeed! how long before you take it apart?