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  1. I like the Hornady puller so much better than those hammer type pullers. I am amazed at how well they pull 45 ACP when there is so little of the flat sizes of the bullets sticking up past the case. https://www.sinclairintl.com/reloading-equipment/case-preparation/bullet-pullers/cam-lock-puller-prod34718.aspx You do need a collet for each size bullet caliber you shoot with that puller.
  2. I hope the plastic case can take extreme temperatures. It is not uncommon with belt fed machines guns to have to twist the belt to jam the gun after prolonged fire because the heat will actually set off the round in the chamber. Without jamming the belt, it will cook off a round ever few seconds. It would sure suck if the round in the chamber melted.
  3. Ballistic products has had a history of hot loads. They have also had some errors in their data. It is one of the reasons they keep tweaking there reloading manual. It is also my understanding that Alliant Steel powder has varied between lots quite a bit. Not to spend any more of your money but if you like to have the best looking most consistent reloads look at the GAEP fold crimp roller. You can use just the tool head in a drill press and you can use the pre crimp star that they make in a MEC reloader. It is very expensive to ship those two small tools from Italy for some reason (I think it cost me about $35.00 for the shipping) but I am glad that I got them. It makes my 3-1/2" waterfowl re-loads look just like factory loads. I do most of the work with the MEC and the GAEP crimp starter. I close the crimp a little further with the final crimp station on the MEC but do not pull the handle all the way. I then put the almost finished shell in the reloading block. When I have 50 or so ready, I go to the drill press and put the factory looking crimp on them. It is nice not to have to fiddle with the final crimp adjustment in the Mec press.
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    They should put a dash in the name of their product for us less learned folk
  5. StoneTower

    Ice House

    My neighbor's family owns a cabin up the road only about 1/8 of a mile from that campground on the right hand side. We were suppose to use the cabin for deer hunting 2 years ago. I told him to be sure that none of his other family members were going to use the cabin the same weekend and he told me he knew for sure it was available. On Friday at 4pm he calls me and tells me that two of his aunts were "redecorating" the cabin that weekend. I ended up driving up a 2am, hunting all day and then driving back home late that night. That was the year I almost got run over by a scared bear...
  6. Is it a Sheridan? I have 2 of those. I also have a Beeman R1 in 20 caliber that is still in the original box and has never been fired. I think with the more powerful PCP air guns we have now, 20 is not as useful as it used to be. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_11?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=20+caliber+pellets&sprefix=.20+caliber%2Caps%2C209&crid=WIEW2TY2M39G
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    Ice House

    Not taking pictures makes the posting of said pictures very difficult....
  8. I am in need of a new headlamp. I have Pelican 2630 that I like is dying a slow death and a Black Diamond Gemini that is about dead also. Many hours of use on both over the years. I am thinking of a Black Diamond Icon Headlamp. Any opinions on it or if there is something better? I like lights that use AA batteries. It is hard to recharge a battery when you are not close to an outlet and it sucks when the charge dies and you still have work to do even if you are at home. Both my main lights (listed above) use 3 AA batteries but the Black Diamond Icon uses 4 AA batteries. I have a nice Petzl that has 4 LEDs and runs off 2 AAA batteries, but the more powerful lights are my first choice. I also have 3 cheaper Energizer headlamps and a few Harbor Freight headlamps that are what I would consider a little above junk. Thanks, David
  9. I dumped about 10 old jars of salmon into my compost bin last year that I had because I was afraid of it. You might get by with eating 9 jars and then the 10th might be the one that kills you. Canned meat and tomatoes are nothing to mess around with. A can or jar of fish is not worth the risk as far as I see it. I am glad it worked out for you but I like to pick my battles and some things are not worth it. That is a funny story about the muskrats John...well 40 years after it happened it is funny...probably not so funny at the time.
  10. What did you pay for the barrel if you don't mind me asking. The last I heard you could buy the gun in another caliber and legally convert it to 50 Auto Eagle by purchasing and 50AE barrel. 50AE shares the same bolt as the 44 mag. 50AE is a rebated case. FYI....there are different generations of the Desert Eagle and not all generations can be converted to 50AE. Unless you need the extra power for something, the 44 mag has so many more bullet choices.
  11. Some people call them LDC (Lead Dust Collectors) when they are used with airguns so that they do not have to use the evil word "silencer". One has to be careful when a they say "if they can take it off of the airgun and fit it to a firearm". A hacksaw can remove just about any metal or plastic accessory and then you would be doing time in the BIG HOUSE with Bubba. It pays to error in the side of caution when you live in an anti-gun state like California.
  12. Good catch John. I need to wear my glasses. Those "8" look like "0" on my tablet. I remembered it wrong and when I looked it up I did not look carefully enough.
  13. I think you meant to say that the sturgeon was ecactly 60 inches long. You must have hit the 3 instead of the 0. Careful with the pictures. I believe the letter of the law is that you are not to take a sturgeon out of the water if it is not of legal size. They say it is to be sure the fish is not injured. DFW can always think of new laws to make fishing and hunting less fun. http://cdfgnews.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/new-sturgeon-regulations-effective-jan-1-2013/
  14. If you are shooting coyotes with the TSS it would not be such a bad deal. A good trip would cost you 2 to 4 shells. With duck and goose hunting you could burn through 10 to 25+ which would get rather expensive.
  15. I wonder if that plastic has tungsten in it? That is what some of the tungsten pellets are made of...plastic and tungsten. If you shot pure tungsten it would probably cut through the wad and score the barrel. It would also be difficult to cast into nice round shot. Yes, wads do make a difference. Check out the flightstopper wads used in black cloud. The wad holds the pellets together until the flaps extend and cause the wad to slip off the shot column. You can also control how the shot column is held together but changing the number and depth of slits when you start with unslit wads. Many people did not believe in shooting lead shot over a certain speed because it deforms on setback because it is much softer than steel and some other types of shot. If the lead deforms too much, it does not reach the target all the same time. When you shoot a pattern, it is a 2D representation of a 3D event. If only half the pattern reaches the target because the shot string is very long when the bird is a at that position in space, you might miss the bird. Many Europeans believe in "square" loads which are an equal height of shot in the wad perportional to the diamater of the wad, They say that those loads pattern better and have less shot string. If you load too much shot in a tube (wad) at some point is unable to move freely the choke without being sparyed out the end of the barrel. There is no such thing as the best load. Some loads pattern very well in some shotguns but do not do well in other guns. One of the old timers on one of the shotgun forums has talked about one of his neighbors who sawed the choke off of his shotgun after damaging the end of the barrel. He says this guy kills just as many birds as everyone else while using his beater shotgun.
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