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  1. It appears YouTube is admitting it happened and is a mistake. Most channels are coming back. (I have a tough time believing them) What I really suspect is that the backlash turned out to be much more than expected and they were forced to walk it back. Look at Delta airlines who is now facing millions of dollars in tax penalties for stiffing the NRA. An alternative to YouTube is supposedly here or coming to keep things open since Google bought and controls YouTube. Google censors and filters everything including Searches. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-02-28/youtube-s-new
  2. You too John. How goes it? We live in wild times. A few airgun vendor friends just told me tonight that YouTube is systematically terminating gun and even airgun related channels (vendors and businesses). It started in the last week. Have you guys heard anything like that?
  3. Hey guys - long time no post! This is the first notification I have gotten in many months from an old thread. I see they are trying to hit the gun control again. The Liberals never pass up a crisis. Can you imagine if Hillary had won. Here we just eliminated any permit requirements to carry starting 1/1/2017 in Missouri. Things could change in a moment - you just never know. Our married ex Navy Seal governor may have gotten himself in some trouble with his female hairdresser (in the news). He is probably the best governor I can remember so hopefully he eventually gets cleared.
  4. Brant


    I see them on the Yellow forum occasionally but you have to join there. http://www.network54.com/Forum/79574
  5. Brant


    The compressors have become pretty reasonable and used ones are available. Its sure nice to have unlimited air. I have two SCBA 44 cu ft. tanks. I used to get the fire stations to fill them close by. The same captain ran three near me and any would fill it. I kept them greased with Krispy Kreme donuts back then.
  6. Brant


    Good luck. I fill my SCBA tanks to 4500 psi with my compressor and I have to be careful filling the guns. The dedicated PCP tanks tend to have slower fill valves that are safer. Nitrogen is an inert gas.
  7. Brant


    You can but a lot of PCPs have been damaged because it typically comes in a 6000 psi fill and they overfill it quickly depending on the valve. A few also mixed the nitrogen up with pure O2 (same supplier) and you can guess what happened. http://www.pyramydair.com/blog/2008/01/can-nitrogen-be-used-in-pcps/
  8. I think you made a good choice. I never used the rest on mine.
  9. Well in ND there are many small PD towns so you move a lot.
  10. It is. The top is the 29x29". I got it on sale as well. We have been going to North Dakota prairie dog shooting and I only took it once. I found it a pain to move it around the different spots a lot. I also tried a Caldwell Magnum tripod but it is just not quite steady enough. I ended up with an inexpensive and very light while plastic top utility table. lol I sure hope those Dakota Access protestors are gone in ND because they were occupying the Prairie Knights casino where we stay for doggin'.
  11. I have the same one but sold by Big Game Tree Stands and the Caldwell both on my covered deck as shooting benches. I modded the Caldwell by adding a wood top and a bearing someone was nice enough to give me. I tend to use it more. I guess it depends on how you will use them. Will you haul it around? I have buddies over a lot that shoot high-end airguns - so the need for two.
  12. Nice spot. I wish we had a lot of ground squirrels. They are thinly scattered here. The thirteen stripe variety. I have been quiet on here too. My problem is I am on too many forums and it takes too much time. lol The wife says I have too many hobbies.
  13. Yea - that stinks. We finally got crossbow added to our regular archery seasons for everyone (so I had to pick up a TenPoint :-) ). The airgun use for deer is popular here. We don't have a lot of hogs in the state.
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