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  1. Slowly, But Finally Done With My Bench

    that's really cool but it needs a cup holder lol.
  2. Coyote shotgun pattern testing

    that looks pretty good, think I will give them a try, have been using hornady bb but keep having to shoot them 2 or three times. getting a little expansive.
  3. Yeti Knock Off

    But its not a Yeti lol.
  4. DIY Binge

    very nice.. but needs a cup holder.
  5. Tahoe Mackinaws

    use to fish there a LOT. macks from tahoe make for some good eats.
  6. need your 2 cents.

    Thanks guys, really appreciate the input.
  7. need your 2 cents.

    Only to be used for coyotes. why? probably a good question lol.
  8. need your 2 cents.

    Thinking of putting a sight mark sight on my Benelli m2 any thoughts?
  9. New Obsession

    u have to be a sick son of a , to rid one of those. but it pays off. lookin good!
  10. Yeti 20 oz. tumbler

    funny you should say. just picked my up from a friend who laser cut mine ,the other side has my name on it (keeps my kids from taking it.lol. vā€‹
  11. catch and fillet

    its a wood type I made into a electric.
  12. catch and fillet

    short arms? lol.
  13. catch and fillet

    now this looks better! ā€‹
  14. catch and fillet

    took a e.o. from work Friday. pretty good fight when you use a 5 weight fly pole. 17.28 lb. Smoking some fish for the game on Sunday.ā€‹ V
  15. kids elk

    john it runs in the family.lol