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  1. lif2fsh


    off a ladder and I can remember when a 10# fish was a really big deal. they have done a great job bring the lake up to a trophy fishery. ps. still would rather kill a coyote lol.
  2. lif2fsh


    Coyote hunting has been wall to wall people. so went fishing and has a day for the books. Caught 3 fish over 10# that's nuts
  3. lif2fsh

    3" BB

    anyone reload nickel plated BB? need every thing but the wads.
  4. lif2fsh

    Well, Happy Birthday to me

    can I shoot it.­čśÇ . Congrats´╗┐ ..
  5. lif2fsh

    Backpack w/cushion

    have tried/bought them all Cabela's FoxPro and hunters HS. this one works the best so far, beard buster www.sophuntinggear.com
  6. lif2fsh

    7MM Practical (7MM-300 Win Mag)

    I have a 7mm 300 APOLLO it will be interesting to see follow your load testing. good luck.
  7. 20180309_061551 by michael volsko, on Flickr
  8. 20180309_060830 by michael volsko, on Flickr I used that heavy duty Velcro from home depot glued the soft stuff on the caller has worked for two years so far.
  9. That looks great, I did almost the same used Velcro the heavy duty one works like a charm!
  10. lif2fsh

    laser cutting

    Bisley I knew you were going to ask that as you know how much I like to write lol. It was her grandfathers 22 I guess he recently passed. she going to hang it in the office I think to piss-off the liberal's in her office. 20180212_143857(0) by michael volsko, on Flickr
  11. lif2fsh

    laser cutting

    A friend of my is doing some laser engraving I thing it looks good. 20180212_144058 by michael volsko, on Flickr
  12. lif2fsh


    yea was standing on a ladder. I use a 5 weight pole that makes for a little better fight.
  13. lif2fsh


    20180127_161222_resized by michael volsko, on Flickr lake is getting better 16# and a little.
  14. lif2fsh

    daughters first deer

    Yea Braz after the second 185 yard warning shot she drilled it but started to freak-out when we couldn't find it.