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  1. Hanging up the recurves and My long bow.

    Tim You did not make that bow.
  2. New toy DROOL

    He proably get one next Sat. or Sunday. Lucky Sucker..
  3. Got eggs

    Well this year I raised up 33 Bard rocks and 2 reds, and 2 geese. and some rabbits (minni rex). I saved the 2 reds and 2 bard rocks hens and 2 bard rocks roosters. Getting eggs about 1 to 3 a day. Put alot of chicken in the freezer along with the geese . When I whant a nice size bunny about cotten tail size I just grab one of my Culls that dont make the cut for showing or breeding and have fresh bunny. Im ready for winter.
  4. Eggs

    I do not think a coon will get them the dogs will handle a coon or opssom . And if thay can't thay will make so much noise ill get up and take a 10-22 to it. My biggest threat is a local hawk and at night there is a big great gray owl around here . not a horned owl but the big gray. For some reason the cats seemed to have disappeared.. . But where they roost will be all plywooded in soon. One of my pullets started to lay. Yay 2 eggs a day.
  5. Eggs

    Rabbits ,chickens and eggs ohmy. Star adopted the chickens as her flock of sheep. The blue eggs are from the hens across the street americaunas. Mine hins are game . and the roosters are americauna and sumatra. My roosters are like puppies happy to see me and come up to be petted. Rabbits are regesterd rex and one english lop doe. The buck is the tricolor one...
  6. Anyone use a cleaning service ???

    If you lived near me I would do it for free. I know how hand problems are.
  7. Reloaded the 44mag

    You have ben around Thumper too long...Good job on the reloads..
  8. Fishing in Sac. Limited on Stripers

    So that what a fish looks like ,its ben almost a year sence I got one . I was beginning to thank thay came on blue foam and already filet. Nice job good eating there . Stripers are my favorite fish to catch and eat..
  9. Lake Amador 2-4-2012

    Nice bunch of fish, Trout dinner sounds good right now. :rolleyes:
  10. Spearfishing in the South Bay

    :rolleyes: But that got to hurt.
  11. Couple new to me shotguns.

    Never get red of that side by side. Its a piece of history. Put it in a safe and worship it...Did you get the original case with it. It would make the price go way up.. That thang is worth some money. And not just hundreds. I would get it appraised...
  12. Roadkill Taxidermy

    OK .If you hit a deer and the hwy patrole comes out and game ranger. Thay do there report and stuff thay can not let you take that deer home or any part of it .Even if you have a tags and it was in season... Most Ca. nuts would take it home get sick from eating rotten meat becouse, unlike us thay no nothing of keeping or cleaning it . The state would be liable to get sued... And there would be peaple hitting animals. And peaple not us .. would be a traffic hazzerd picking up dead things from the middle of the road..... And the only way your house is going to raided most of the time is thay probaly have a good reason.....
  13. Bipod attachment for Weatherby Vangaurd

    The bypod should just snap on and tighten to the front sling swivle stud. and the sling goes onto the by pod .. But sticks are better.. Like the above all said...
  14. Idiot (lying) Husband

    Well I gues Im lucky my wife hunts and fishes. and under stands my need for guns and other toys. And yes she gets her stuff too. if we can aford it its OK. She was brought up with 2 brothers and her father hunted all the time. My 3 step dauters all had hunter safty class and my wife has a hand gun cert. also... My yungest dauter called up last night whanting to go shooting she has a friend that has never ben in the out doors much...I have my man cave with all my hunting and fishing and fly tying and realoading and mounts on the walls and computer. My wife and grand daughter are in there more than me...
  15. my new paintjob

    Nice pant job guys... Yote thumper your near tim (thumper dunker) and I.