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  1. Pogo

    Chevy transfer case problems

    This is one of those things that you never find out about until it is too late, yet is fairly common. 2003-2007's 2500 and 3500's all had this issue, maybe others as well but I know those do... from personal experience. My 04 did that at 170,000 miles. I meant to do the 'fix' ahead of time on my 03, but never got to it. So far it is at 210,000 miles an never had an issue. I just bought another Duramax, an 07 classic that I intend on running for a long time so thanks for the reminder to do this. Merchant Automotive is a great resource for this vintage of Chevy pickups, they have fixes for these common problems that are much better and cheaper than GM replacements. The transfer case pump rub, preventative fix, is only $75. Two other common issues on those are the gauges and the transmission cooler lines. I've order the gauge motors from Ebay and soldered them into the cluster myself, it was $30 or so and an hour to fix the whole cluster, and I'm no electrician. Very easy to do. They also sell hydraulic hoses to replace the cheesy transmission lines that eventually all start to seep if you live where it is cold. Makes replacement a breeze and they'll never leak again.
  2. Pogo

    Gun Safe

    Realistically, your not going to get much better until you get into $5k+ units. Which, to me would only seem cost effective if you have heirloom or collector or otherwise priceless guns. If I did, I'd be storing them somewhere else anyway. Fire is the biggest threat then, and unless you live where they can respond in under 20 minutes (not me) most safes are going to be ineffective anyway unless you have concrete floored/walled room to put it in. Anyway, buy something reasonably priced, like that unit, to keep out the typical smash and grab jobs. More important, take pictures and make sure they are all listed on your insurance policy. Keep this updated, since we all seem to have a bad gun buying habit. Go over this with your agent. Many will only cover a certain amount of firearms unless specifically listed.
  3. Pogo

    Diesel trucks

    Diesel pickups are just more expensive to drive. We run several on the farm here, but only because fairly frequently we are hauling something, and tow trailers that are fairly good sized. My 04 duramax is a dream to drive, and gets impressive mileage for a crewcab longbox pickup. But I just spent $3200 on a set of injectors for it. Second set on this pickup. First set was covered by GM, at 130,000 miles, those ran until 280,000. Which, considering the miles isn't too bad I guess. It seems like they all have something that goes out at some point, that requires some cash to be dumped in it. Sometimes a lot of cash. If your serious about a diesel, I'd look for a 99-03 Ford with 7.3. Pretty bulletproof pickups, automatic tranny is the weak point. I don't really like the way they ride, but I spend a lot of time in one. The Dodges with a 5.9 Cummins are actually pretty good pickups. They won't hold up well if you constantly run them on washboard roads, dirt two tracks, etc. But for highway driving with some off road, they are great. The engine is excellent, the rest of the pickup is built a little light. 05-07 Duramax's are great pickups as well, problem is everyone know it. I've been looking for another 06-07, but so is everyone else. There is quite a premium on them, almost same money as new ones. I've been driving an 09 half ton lately, unless you have a heavy GN trailer, that is what I'd look at. Would tow 4k trailer easy, and is better on fuel when empty. Cheaper to buy and cheaper to operate. Talking to my mechanic the other day when I picked my diesel up, he said he could overhaul the engine in my gas pickup for what the set of injectors for the diesel costs. My wife drives an 08 Chevy 1/2 ton with the 5.3 engine. Runs great, and if she drives (65 mph) it will get close to 19 mpg. If I take it to CA and drive on the freeways... a little faster... 14 or so.
  4. Pogo

    Camo...is It Necessary?

    Camo isn't required. If I go calling a lot of times I wear a brown, faded coat. It blends in better than any camo in this country, brown is much more common than green. Lot of places out on the desert gray would be a better fit with sagebrush and alkali dirt. FWIW, best times to call here are when there is snow on the ground. Not much for white camo out there. I had a pair of white coveralls I wore once, they were faded enough to blend in fairly well. Bright, new white doesn't match snow at all.
  5. Pogo

    Gardens! Lets see them.

    Wow, I'm impressed. You all have some beautiful and neat gardens! I love to garden, but with two young kids, a business and a couple of jobs on the side, and a cow herd, we just don't get the time. I've been planting an orchard over the last few years, and some other permenant crops.We had a low of 25* last night though, I should have had my sprinklers out but didn't. So the cherries and apples that were blooming are probably done for the year. Only thing that is really growing so far in our garden is onions, a little bit of lettuce and carrots. i.e. frost hardy plants, lol. Corn isn't up yet, which is a good thing. Sure is easier to frost protect when they are underground, lol. Driving home this morning I went by some potato fields guys where running frost water on, they looked like ice skating rinks.... brrrrrr.
  6. If your towing a lot can see buying a diesel, but for occasional light towing (ie tent trailer) I'd think a gas rig would be better. The mileage is no better on a diesel one ton, vs a gas 1/2 ton. And the 1/2 T is availible in a short box, easier to park in town, etc. I've got both, and unless I need to tow or haul something big, I'd rather take the gas 1/2 ton on a trip or into town.
  7. Pogo

    My New Toy

    I always wanted to drive up to the turbines and get a close up look at them. Should be easy for you to do one your new ride.
  8. Pogo

    My New Toy

    You did good! Those Polaris sportsmen are a good unit. That is amazing finding one with so few miles.I'll second the Stabil. We also have pumps at some of our cardlocks that have pure gas, for offroad engines only. No ethanol. The ethanol that has replaced MTBE in gas is why it causes so many problems these day. Might be Oregon only, but it is worth it if you can find it. Congrats on your purchase, you'll have a lot of fun with those things. How far is your cabin from the wind turbines up on the ridge?
  9. Sounds like everyone has thier own opinion! Guess that is why we are not all driving the same thing. So, I'll throw my $0.02 in as well.If your not going to be towing a lot we LOVE our 1/2 ton Chevy crew cabs. I actually liked the 03 better than the 08, but it is a great pickup as well. They ride like a car, but are a very capable full size pickup. The V-8 is peppy and with the wife driving hwy is close to 20 mpg... when I drive that goes down signifigantly... Lots of room for the family. Since my wife needs a pickup for the farm, her's double duties as the family car. Works great for both. Unless you need a diesel, that is what I'd buy.As far as heavier duty pickups go, there is nothing at all wrong with a 7.3 Powerstroke powered Ford. Those as durable as they come. Low mile clean 7.3's are getting hard to find, and pricey however, because everyone wants one. I put a lot of miles on them without an issue, my old 6.9 ford (ancient ancestor to the 7.3) is still going strong in the second pickup, the first pickup fell apart at 270,000 ish hard miles. No one I know had had good luck with anything newer from Ford. I'm currently on my second Duramax powered Chevy, I like the older ones, 2002-2006. You cannot beat the ride and drivability of the Chevy's. I feel the Duramax's are a good engine, all I've ever done is a water pump and change oil. Probably not as durable as a 7.3 Ford or a Cummins engine, but the rest of the pickups make up for it. People dog the IFS, the lower ground clearance, etc, but we use the heck out of them farming and they hold up better than anything else and are comfortable enough to do it in all day.
  10. Pogo


    Oh sure, blame it on the squeeze guy, lol. Just kidding you, but I've heard it said that us squeeze guys navigate by braille. You ought to see some of the rat hole barns I load out of, almost impossible to not brush poles or rafters. Guess that is why they pay me the big bucks.
  11. Pogo


    I had a friend give me some primers a while back. Winchester and Remington vs the CCI 400 I normally use. I backed the charge down and then back up to make sure everything was fine, it was but the groups were bigger like you said. The CCI 400 must be more consitent than others. Guess what, they still killed squirrels just fine. I used them all up one day when we were shooting in the wind, one of those days when it didn't matter, we still missed most of them anyway. ;)Is little Huff still keeping your cows in hay?
  12. Pogo

    sliceing some wood

    Is that bois d arc? If so that is some hard, heavy stuff when (if) it ever dries. Supposed to make the best fence posts on earth, although I don't know who you going to get to set them. Maybe use a crane or something... Should make a neat gun stock. I've got a couple of madrone burls up in the loft to have something made out of some day.
  13. Pogo

    Beginner kits?

    Buy used. Craigslist, etc. Lot of stuff out there right now. Trust me, your not going to wear out a good name brand press unless your loading everything for say, the U.S. Army.
  14. Pogo

    crimped pimer socket

    I've got a CH4D swagger that works well with some brass, so so or not so great with others. The Dillion tool works well if your going to buy something, I found one I can borrow. What I did most of mine with though was a deburring tool. Chuck it up in you drill press, set about 500 rpm and you can do a coffee can full in an hour. Light touch on each one is all it takes.
  15. Pogo

    ruger 10/22 barrel upgrade

    Green Mountain makes a good 10/22 barrel, and they are not that expensive. The stinger advice is good, don't shoot them or the Aguila's (the hypervelocity ones). I think Yellowjackets (if they still make those) are a no no in the tight chamber barrels as well. I've never heard of it causing accidental discharge, I've just heard the case is longer and they will not eject. Regardless, the whole point of a .22 LR is to shoot a lot and have fun, those expensive .22 LR shells don't really fit in that catergory, you might as well shoot a .17 HMR for that price.I shoot a lot of Federal bulk .22 through my Green Mountain barrels and it shoots as good as a 10/22 will. I've spent a lot of time and money on one of them tweaking it... and it still shoots about like a 10/22... albiet an accurate one, but its still a good thing they are semi automatic. Guy brought me a Marlin bolt action .22 today, that thing is a squirrel killer for a .22!