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    Cannon EX20 decent safe?

    Finally they are on sale again, the wide body gun safe reg. 999 on sale 699. http://www.tractorsupply.com/tools/safes/c...un-safe-3910204And of course im broke now lol! Anyone wanna great deal on a 19ft boat?
  2. justin_502

    Cherokee questions

    I got a 6.5 inch lift locked front and rear on 35s on the freeway I went to Laughlin avg. 18mpg. Freeway only. For the motor mount problem... simple fix will not break again http://browndogindustries.com/cherokee-xj-1987-1990-40l.aspx . If you are going to buy one its a lot cheaper to get one all ready lifted. Check out NAXJA some decent jeeps for sale in the classifides right now.
  3. justin_502

    Cannon EX20 decent safe?

    Mabey grab this one and mount it in my closet in the bedroom, where it is not tempting anyone, and just bolt the Heck out of it. If I want to upgrade later could prolly sell it for 3-400 used. I got some guns stashed in my attic so no one will find them but its getting rather hot up there and im not sure how good that is for the guns.
  4. justin_502

    Cannon EX20 decent safe?

    Mabey I will try to find a nicer used one, I have around 12-13 rifles and shotguns, Not worth too much money but being handed down to me by my grandfather they are priceless and would never want to part with them.
  5. justin_502

    Cannon EX20 decent safe?

    On sale at Costco for 579. http://reviews.costco.com/2070/11498662/reviews.htm was thinking about grabbing one, if you guys think it is a decent safe.
  6. justin_502

    Deer Rifle

    Hey thanks for the responce, that is exactly what I needed to know. On the scope Cabaels and bass pro shop are a lot more money then the same scopes on ebay, Is it a bad idea to get one from ebay and to spend the extra money and get it from a store?
  7. justin_502

    Deer Rifle

    I hunt usally with a remington 1917 30-06 its a bolt action gun kinda heavy after hiking a while. It is however a very accurate gun. I also have a 30-06 that is a lot smaller but I only have 10 round mags. for it, and its semi auto. Are you allowed to hunt with a 10 round simi auto for deer? Not sayen that I need 10 rounds but that is the only mags I got. I would assume that the rifle would not be as accurate for the long shots because it is a lot shorter. I am going to pick up a new scope and I was thinking about the nikon buckmaster 3x9 bdc, would that be a good choice?
  8. justin_502

    Late season archery hunt

    Im putting in for a late eather sex tag. Im going for A32. The zones for this are confusing. I usally hunt up by frazier mt. alamo area and in the angles crest. I am covered in this zone for an eather sex hunt right? I also got a d11 tag for rifle season. Are there any tags for a eather sex rifle season?
  9. justin_502

    Lead Free Ammo

    Hey guys I got to dial in my rifle on the lead free bullets, was wondering what brand have you been having luck with? So far at the Bass Pro Shop I just found some Winchestor supreme I think it was called. 42 bucks a box. Im shooting a 30-06 usally use 165 grain. Is there a big difference in how the lead bullets shoot compared to the non lead?
  10. justin_502

    Need some help... fishing the Central CA this week

    Dont forget to pick some oranges! just kidding, I hear good things about htat spot there. I been there a few times but to kill rabbits, bring a shotgun for if you see any!
  11. justin_502

    Lake Piru

    Actually we did not, forgot that the boat reg. expired in 07. got to go dmv, Hit some trails in the 4x4 up in frazier and shot a lil
  12. justin_502

    Ruger 10/22 scope

    I got a old ruger 10/22, fun lil gun. But it has a really old tiny scope that I can hardley see out of. What would be a good scope for this gun? They got some knock off brands for the ruger on ebay like 45 bucks. Dont want to spend too much mabey under 100 bux. Cabelas make a decent scope?
  13. justin_502

    Rhino Owners READ THIS!

    So I was hard at work today ( reading a hunting magazine) And in it they had a article on the 08 rihnos, They were talking about some of the new features, and then saying that it comes with a new design passenger grab bar and new doors. The good part is that is says that if you own any rihno they will put the 08 grab bar and doors in for free! I wanted to make sure, called Yamaha dealer and asked about it and they said it is a free upgrade because it is a saftey issue,Now the catch is there is a $20.00 finders fee. You would prolly spend 300 bux for the doors if you didnt know you can get for free! Ok scratch that, just send me the secret hunting spots . Call your dealer and ask.
  14. justin_502

    First Compound Bow

    Wow great advice, thanks much on that. I wish I was closer to your shop, I would come down and pay you guys and buy from you. The closest shop to me was one in Simi Valley. They are ok but do not really have much info, just want to pick a number and sell an arrow
  15. Anyone heard of this bow? I have a left hand PSE, I wanted to try out a right hand bow as well. There was a ebay auction at 40 bucks I put max bid 73. I won the auction for 51 dollars and 20 for shipping.This auction is for a used Jennings Carbon Extreme compound hunting bow. It is used and has been used for a few years but it is very good condition. It has a 30" draw and is 41" axle to axle. Draw weight is 50#. It has a peep sight and a one pin adjustable sight. It also has a standard rest and 7 arrow quiver. It has two limb savers on it. Small stabilizer and two arrows are also included. Need to sell. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Does that seem like a decent deal? Are these bows any good? Mostly I will have it for a loaner bow, my friends are cheap