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  1. Hipshot Percussion

    New Reloader Question

    If you load 9mm / 45APC etc invest in a taper crimp die and all of your feeding problems will go away. I shot in IPSC matches for years and first had feeding problems with my guns it disappeared when I started using a taper crimp. Since that time I've probably loaded a 100,000 rounds or so and it seems to work.
  2. Hipshot Percussion

    proper procedure for loading pistol rounds

    I have relaoding books that go back into the 1960's, max loads for powders were much higher then, I believe that most max loads nowdays are fairly safe too approach, with that being said you should always approach any published max loads with caution. I approach pistol loading a little different than rifle, with shorter barrels and such powder measure is a little less critical. Find an accurate load for your weapon and stick with it. I have used the same load in my 1911 for 30 years and it has always proved to be accurate and functioned well in the gun. I use a powder measure (RCBS) and only check my drops about every 200 rds or so. What was said about consistancy is very important. For the guys that do it my hand without a powder measure, my advice is spend the money and get the best you can afford, it will save you a ton of time. If you load alot of pistol and especially auto-loaders invest in a taper crimp die you will find that your gun will function flawless when you use it.
  3. Hipshot Percussion

    Double barrel 1911

    For all of 1911 guys this is cool!http://www.theblaze.com/stories/have-you-s...it-the-shelves/
  4. Hipshot Percussion

    Brass cleaning recipes

    I use either walnut or corncob with NuFinish from Harbor Freight tools let it polish overnight next day everything shines like a diamond in a goats ass!
  5. Hipshot Percussion

    Accuracy of .308 versus .30-06?

    Accuracy is such a relative term with so many factors envolved that any given rifle/ caliber will shoot depending on all of those factors. The 30-06 and the .308 have proven themselves over the years and to me personal preference and experience would dictate which too choose. I have seen expensive rifles that wouldn't hold a decent group at a 100 yards for no one or load...... I have also seen cheap rifles no one would have, out shoot the most expensive rifles made. There are so many variables to take into account no one rifle or caliber is the answer for everyone. Bottom line here is can you hit your target in the spot you want?
  6. Hipshot Percussion

    Gun Safe

    Lee It's hard to beat costco on anything if you don't like it they will take it back. I got a deal on my Browning safe from the tackle box at the bottom of the hill. They run some pretty good deals at times. For that price you could buy two safes, so you will always have room!
  7. Hipshot Percussion

    Lead Free ammo

    They have these really cool things out there called ammo belts......the cheaper ones are made from canvas and fit real nice under a shirt .......now they may ask you to empty your pockets but I seriously doubt they will make you strip and they are too lazy to get to far from their trucks so you should be able to unload your gun and throw the one's in the brush when they aren't looking. I haven't been in that area in years is there really anything to hunt there? It seems to me it's eaiser to drive to a better area.
  8. Hipshot Percussion

    Lead Free ammo

    Excuse me for not getting it.................why bother with this stuff? If I lived in the zone I would carry the legal stuff if anyone asked..................but I would use what I wanted. And for you guys that say your breaking the law...........so what, if I get caught, I pay the fine. No one in their right mind thinks this stuff works but it looks good on paper in Sacramento. From the same people that pass laws about using a cell phone while driving and everyday I see hundreds of people ignoring the law.
  9. Hipshot Percussion

    cabelas hunting boot

    Over the years I have had very good luck with Cabelas boots. Have not tried this particular model, however have purchased several of their upland bird boots and have been quite satisfied. They are light, especially climbing hills for quail and there great for those all day pheasant hunts.
  10. Hipshot Percussion

    Gardens! Lets see them.

    Have to replant ours--after the weekends hail storm, the tomatoes went bye-bye. That's what we get when you plant up here before memorial day. More weather predicted for the weekend---look's likfe it will be a late year for ours.
  11. Hipshot Percussion

    Air Gun Advice needed.

    I need some advice from you air gun guys. I have a forty year old sheridan that shoots OK and I slay lots of these little buggers, however. I live up here in the mountains with the pines and oaks and these squirrels have smarten up a little. These things chew on the phone lines and cable lines and I'm tired of having the cable company out so often. Here's what I'm looking for and I have no brand prefrence or any precieved idea's about a new air gun. The two most important items to me are, 1. accuracy 2. killing ability --- the ranges I would shoot at 150 feet would probaly be a long shot most would be 50' or less. Cost is always a factor-- so don't suggest a $1000 air rifle. Otherwise I'm open to suggestion even if it's finding someone to accurize my old sheridan. This should be interesting to see what comes along---------THANKS
  12. Hipshot Percussion


    I agree with clampdaddy why would anyone buy a Weatherby in anything that isn't a Weatherby caliber? There are a whole lot cheaper guns that are just as good in other calibers.
  13. Hipshot Percussion

    Electronic Perimeter barriers for dogs

    These barriers work!!! Most of the time they don't is the people factor. Lets face facts here most people are lazy when it comes to dog training they don't want to take the effort or spend the time. My dogs are allowed to run our property line when they have their collars on they are perfect angels and dont roam, no collars they will push the envelope to the limit. Its funny how a jolt makes them angels or just the threat. I've had dogs all my life and until a few years ago thought I knew everything-- but after watching The Dog Whisperer and learning about dog behavior and what signs to look for, I changed the way I did things with my dogs. It's a hard pill to swallow admitting when you have been wrong, however when your dog is well mannered and does what he's suppose to, it's time well spent with the training.
  14. Hipshot Percussion

    opinions of jeep liberty

    Stay away from the Jeep products, nothing but headaches. I down sized a few years ago and bought a Ford Escape, and can tell you it has been trouble free and fun to drive. I made my decision because I can fit my dog kennel lengthwise in the back. When I was with the Fire Dept I took it out on snow days because the traction was so good I didn't have to chain up and could go anywhere with it. When it snows I park my pickups and drive the Escape.
  15. Hipshot Percussion

    Gamey deer

    If you don't want gamey meat get the skin off the deer ASAP. Letting a deer hang in camp is just for guys who want to brag about what they have bagged. Getting the hide off the deer is the difference, that way you don't have to use stuff to mask the taste.